My X-Men Part.1

Team Alpha :

  • Rogue - Dazzler - Gambit - Psylocke - Northstar - Risque - Warpath - Husk - Anole - Loa .




Posted by Scoobypuff

i don't know who risque is,but cool team. Only thing i would say is you don't have a flyer on your team, could come in handy. Unless i'm wrong.

Posted by xboy79

Sorry it was not over yet ... now tell me how you feel .........

Posted by Diva85

Posted by xboy79


Posted by jordama

I like, and I'm pretty sure Northstar can fly
Posted by eldestrisk

I loved the Warpath and Risque inclusion. That is a relation complicated team, Rogue and Gambit, Warpath and Risque, Northstar and Anole (he may be too young for him though). I think it's a pretty solid group. And it's about time they develop more Husk as a character.

Posted by xboy79

 I love these characters, especially Husk and Loa, which I had used more..... :))  

Posted by BuddyBulson

I think you should take out warpath and have Angel b/c husk and psylocke are both there, then us have another flyer with the darker end still, other then that AWESOME team, husk and loa are two favs of mine

Posted by xboy79
@BuddyBulson: Thanks Man :)