Gods, Goddesses & Titians.

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Posted by GTG12

wheres jesus christ
Posted by BOPFAN#3

You have the wrong Artemis at your number 9 spot. The Artemis you have is an amazon of Themyscira and a supporting character in the Wonder Woman series, but you mean the goddess.

Posted by Xavier St. Cloud
Yeah I know who she is, I just used the pictures I liked... Same name, spelled the same way, not a big deal.
Posted by PowerHerc

Cool list.   
I really like all the god/mythology/religion/immortal based stuff.  That's probably why this list appeals to me.  I like thw fact that you headed it up with "God."  It seems this list has only beings from former or current religions; hence no Eternals, New Gods or made up ones like Leir from Marvel's Celtic pantheon.  Is this the case?  Anyway, nice list.
Posted by Florkiss

You collect all gods or what that defined?    

Posted by Mr.Q
correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Kali is a Goddess of destruction. noticed it was blank.
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Thanks for filling me in on the whole "fanboy" thing. this is a great list. do you think maybe Horus, Atum, Hela, Bor, and/or Chronos(Zeus' father) would be worth adding? take it easy.

Posted by doomsilver

nice list always liked myths