Dark Tower Quotes

  1. "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."
  2. "Now I think that all of us are born with a hole in our hearts, and we go around looking for the person who can fill it."-Susannah Dean, Wolves of the Calla
  3. "First comes betrayal, then lies. Last comes gunfire." -Roland Deschain, Wolves of the Calla
  4. "Anger is the most useless emotion," Henchick intoned, "destructive to the mind and hurtful of the heart." -Song of Susannah
  5. "We are going to go, Eddie. We are going to fight. We are going to be hurt. And in the end we will stand."- Roland Deschain, The Drawing of the Three
  6. "What neither understood was that, when you're dealing with the gunslinger, it was usually better to leave bad enough alone."- The Drawing of the Three
  7. “I looked at what he built, and to me it explained the stars.”- The Drawing of the Three
  8. “We all die in time.’ the gunslinger said. ‘It’s not just the world that moves on.’ He looked squarely at Eddie, his faded blue eyes almost the color of slate in this light. ‘But we will be magnificent.”-The Drawing of the Three
  9. "Go then, there are other worlds than these."- The Gunslinger
  10. "Only enemies speak the truth. Friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty." -The Gunslinger
  11. "Suppose that all worlds, all universes, met at a single nexus, a single pylon, a Tower. And within it, a stairway, perhaps rising to the Godhead itself. Would you dare climb to the top, gunslinger? Could it be that somewhere above all of endless reality, there exists a room?..."- Walter O'Dim, The Gunslinger
  12. "Had he come this far just to die, then? He would not. And if he were to die in spite of his determination, he would die on his way to the Tower."- The Drawing of the Three
  13. "Who are you?” Eddie screams at him. “Your destiny, Eddie,” the gunslinger whispers.- The Drawing of the Three
  14. "Fault always lies in the same place, my fine babies: with him weak enough to lay blame." - Cort, The Drawing of the Three
  15. "Later, with strange galaxies turning in slow gavotte overhead, neither thought the act of love had ever been so sweet, so full."- The Drawing of the Three
  16. "Control the things you can control, maggot. Let everything else take a flying f!ck at you, and if you must go down, go down with your guns blazing."- Cort, The Drawing of the Three
  17. "Blaine is a pain, and that is the truth."- The Waste Lands
  18. ""All is silent in the halls of the dead."Eddie heard himself in a falling, fainting voice. "All is forgotten in the stone halls of the dead. Behold the stairways which stand in darkness; behold the rooms of ruin. These are the halls of the dead where spiders spin and the great circuits fall quiet, one by one."- Eddie Dean, The Waste Lands
  19. ""Death for you, life for my crop."- Wizard and Glass
  20. "It seemed to him that the most horrible fact of human existence was that broken hearts mended."- Wizard and Glass
  21. "Might I recline briefly at your feet miss? Your beauty has loosened my knees. I am sure a few moments looking up at your profile from below with the back of my head on these cool tiles will put me right."- Cuthbert Allgood, Wizard and Glass
  22. "True love, like any other strong and addicting drug, is boring -- once the tale of encounter and discovery is told, kisses quickly grow stale and caresses tiresome... except, of course, to those who share the kisses, who give and take the caresses while every sound and color of the world seems to deepen and brighten around them. As with any other strong drug, true first love is really only interesting to those who have become its prisoners."- Wizard and Glass
  23. "“What terrifies you more? That a girl might be worthy of the title gunslinger or that she might be even more worthy than you.”- Aileen Ritter
  24. "“Let them judge me solely by the cunning of my mind, the strength of my spirit, and the accuracy of my eye and hand. And let that be my legacy!”- Aileen Ritter
  25. “Remember... hawks are God's gunslingers.”- Cort
  26. “May your first day in hell last ten thousand years, and may that one be the shortest.”
  27. “What if I fall?", Tim cried. Maerlyn laughed. "Sooner or later, we all do.”
  28. “Hile! Hile! To me, gunslingers! To me!”-Roland Deschain, Wolves of the Calla
  29. “Perhaps I am simply a madman who dreamt of being sane for a little while.”- Roland Deschain
  30. “A man who can't afford to share his habits should quit them.”- Roland Deschain
  31. “A person’s never too old for stories. Man and boy, girl and woman, we live for them.”- Roland Deschain
  32. “Pleasant dreams die; the unpleasant ones live forever.”- Roland Deschain
  33. “You have forgotten the face of your father.”
  34. "The scariest, most terrifying thing that I fear?"
    "My Imagination."
    "I thought you were going to say "Fear, itself."
    "Then you have a small imagination."- Roland Deschain and Eddie Dean, Wizard and Glass
  35. "Oh, Christ. I left the world I knew to watch a kid try to put booties on a fucked-up weasel. Shoot me, Roland, before I breed." -Eddie Dean, Wizard and Glass
  36. “See the turtle of enormous girth
    On his shell he holds the earth.”
  37. "Because often, silence is best."- Pat Delgado, Wizard and Glass
  38. “Then Eddie's eyes closed... His work was finished. He had left the path, stepped into the clearing. They sat around him a-circle, but ka-tet no more.”- The Dark Tower
  39. “...Never's the word God listens for when he needs a laugh.”
  40. “Thus fell Lord Perth, and the earth did shake with that thunder”- Randall Flagg
  41. "I have no opinion. No, none at all. Opinion is politics, and politics is an evil which has caused many a fellow to be hung while he's still young and pretty."-Cuthbert Allgood, Wizard and Glass
  42. "Fools are the only folk on the earth who can absolutely count on getting what they deserve."- Cort, Wizard and Glass
  43. "Do'ee say the world will end in fire or in ice, gunslinger?" Roland considered this. "Neither",he said at last. "I think in darkness"- Wolves of the Calla
  44. "No one ever does live happily ever after, but we leave the children to find that out for themselves." Roland Deschain, Wolves of the Calla
  45. "Water if God wills it", he reminded himself. "About the great matters, Roland, you have no say"- Wolves of the Calla
  46. "Do you know you come to the line of Eld?" Roland asked in that same curiously gentle voice. He stretched a hand towards Eddie, Susannah, and Jake. Even toward Oy. "For these are mine, sure. As I am theirs. We are round, and roll as we do. And you know what we are."- Wolves of the Calla
  47. "Eddie had known who they were since River Crossing, when the old people had knelt in the street to Roland. Hell, he'd known since the woods (what he still thought of as Shardik's woods), where Roland had taught them to aim with the eye, shoot with the mind, kill with the heart. Not three, not four. One. That Roland should finish them so, complete them so, was horrible. He was filled with poison and had kissed them with his poisoned lips. He had made them gunslingers, and had Eddie really thought there was no work left for the line of Arthur Eld in the mostly empty and husked-out world? That they would simply be allowed to toddle along the Path of the Beam until they got to Roland's Dark Tower and fixed whatever was wrong there? Well, guess again."- Eddie Dean, Wolves of the Calla
  48. "We deal in lead."- Roland Deschain, Wolves of the Calla
  49. "It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright." -Susannah Dean, Wolves of the Calla
  50. "When it came to pulling coals out of a hot fire, he'd put two dollars on Roland of Gilead for every one he put on God and the Man Jesus, those heavenly gunslingers."- Eddie Dean, Wolves of the Calla
  51. "When the shooting starts, we kill what moves."- Roland Deschain, Wolves of the Calla
  52. "Roland was as much a prisoner of his rules and traditions as Eddie had ever been of heroin."- Wolves of the Calla
  53. "When everything's a surprise, experience takes on a dreamlike quality."- Wolves of the Calla
  54. "Definition of a wanderer: a guy who's always looking beyond."- Eddie Dean, Wolves of the Calla
  55. "We spread the time as we can, but in the end the world takes it all back."- Roland Deschain, Song of Susannah
  56. "Food and palaver don't mix."- Roland Deschain, Song of Susannah
  57. “‘Kill if you will, but command me nothing!’ the gunslinger roared. ‘You have forgotten the faces of those who made you! Now either kill us or be silent and listen to me, Roland of Gilead, son of Steven, gunslinger, and lord of the ancient lands! I have not come across all the miles and all the years to listen to your childish prating! Do you understand? Now you will listen to ME!’”- The Waste Lands
  58. "You must never draw until you know how many are against you, or you've satisfied yourself that you can never know, or you've decided it's your day to die."- The Dark Tower
  59. "The bumbler did not bite, but said a single word. "Olan," said he. Then he lowered his head, uttered a single sigh, and died."- The Dark Tower
  60. "So much you did; So much you did and so much more you would have done, aye, and all without a check or qualm, and so will the world end, I think, a victim of love rather than hate. For love's ever been the more destructive weapon, sure."- Roland Deschain, The Dark Tower
  61. "Gunfire makes close relations."- Roland Deschain, The Dark Tower
  62. "Sometimes I think we'd all be better off if the people who mean well would just creep away and die."- Eddie Dean, The Dark Tower
  63. "Any statement beginning with the words 'In truth' is almost always a lie."- Mordred, The Dark Tower
  64. "You are the grim, goal-oriented ones who will not believe that the joy is in the journey rather than the destination no matter how many times it has been proven to you."- The Dark Tower
  65. "I do not aim with my hand;
    He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
    I aim with my eye.

    I do not shoot with my hand;
    He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
    I shoot with my mind.

    I do not kill with my gun;
    He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
    I kill with my heart."

  66. “He asked if he were dead. I told him if he were so, so were we all.”- Henchick

  67. “What terrifies you more? That a girl might be worthy of the title gunslinger or that she might be even more worthy than you.”- Aileen Ritter

  68. “Let them judge me solely by the cunning of my mind, the strength of my spirit, and the accuracy of my eye and hand. And let that be my legacy!”- Aileen Ritter

  69. “They have killed our brother who arose from the Prim with us. He was strong once, and beautiful But now he is dead, and we are weakening.”- The Beams

  70. “Even if the torture stops, I'll die. And you'll die too, for when love leaves the world, all hearts are still. Tell them of my love and tell them of my pain and tell them of my hope, which still lives. For this is all I have and all I am and all I ask.”- The Beam

  71. “You don't seem armed, missus, but with women, one can never tell.”- Bix

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can you help me? I´m searching for No. 37 ("Because often, silence is best."- Roland Deschain, Wizard and Glas) I have finished the book today, I was searching for this Quote. But I only found it on Page 351. There is Susans Da, who said it. Can you tell me, where you found this quote from Roland? Is it in the Comic?

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@caro87: You're right, it's not Roland who said, but Susan's father. To be honest, I'm re-reading the books now and adding or correcting quotes, but I haven't gotten to Wizard and Glass yet. When I started the list I just went on wiki's and pull my favorites from there, I guess they're not very reliable. lol Thanks for the correction. :]