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@mtuske: It was the main reason Fury didn't want him in the Avengers period. Stark jumped into battle against Whiplash and got whooped, went against the Chitauri alone without a plan.

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Wolverine solos, Cap's being way overrated here. He has nothing in his arsenal to put Logan down or stop him from coming. Shield throw, nope. His enhanced stats, not like Logan is some normal dude with no skill. Nolan Batman is a waste here and will quickly be killed by Logan.

Nolan Bats without backup and prep... :(

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@mtuske: It actually is, though. Stark's going to charge into battle without analyzing first, and over rely upon Jarvis (who I think will find a way to help somehow). If Stark had prep and time to analyze the ships like humans did in ID4, then sure.

Do they have that much brute force, though? Remains to be seen. And how is Hulk getting up to the ships?

@shawnbaby: While true, it doesn't automatically mean he could do it. Goldblum's character was experienced with it. Nobody else on the planet (I would imagine people as smart or just as) didn't find out about it.

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@joshmightbe: Your guess is as good as mine. lol

Either way the Heroes win

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@mtuske: And how are they going to get the shields down? Also to get up to the mothership they'd need one of the alien crafts plus have to replicate Goldblum's plan. Easy said than done as Stark is way cockier.

@joshmightbe: I don't disagree.

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@joshmightbe said:

They never specify his distance in the movie but in the comics at base level Hulk has been a range of about 3 to 5 miles without a running start so if that holds for the MCU then if they get him good and pissed Hulk could probably reach any ship within Earth's atmosphere.

There's no proof of that, Hulk being pissed in the movies didn't allow him to jump that distance so we can't say for sure that that speculation will hold true.

Also there's no proof that their shields could take the force Hulk is capable of producing. Sure they blocked a nuke but that could have been energy repelling.

There's also no proof that Hulk hits harder than a nuke, nor that the shields are only energy repelling, nor that the shields couldn't take the Hulk's hits. Plus I seriously doubt Hulk can jump that high anyway, so unless they're dropping him out of a plane, he's not getting there.

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Poor Widow :(

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I think the Avengers have this. No, they wouldn't be able to break through the shields, but eventually Stark or Thor would figure out to attack them when they're about to fire. The smaller fighters wouldn't be a problem at all, but clearly the team does have some useless members (Hawkeye, Natasha, maybe even Cap and Hulk) so it might just be Tony and Thor against them all. The numbers might be enough to tire out Tony and make it a one man fight.

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