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@jayc1324: Watch the fight again, Thor's not going all out, he tries multiple times to restrain Hulk and pleads to Banner to think and remember they're not enemies. I mean Thor was fighting without Mjolnir for a lot of it.

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Batroc, his showing against Cap was cool, and no I wasn't impressed by Ozy beating up a past his prime threesome of Dan, Rors, and Comedian.

"But he caught a bullet!"

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@jayc1324 said:

Thor was getting thrown around by hulk. He can possibly put his hammer on the two monsters and stomp their face but it's more likely team 2 wins. Tony is a non factor

Let's just ignore the fact that Thor was holding back and trying to calm Hulk down.

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Cap's too strong, and Anakin is too emotional.

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@xanni15: u forget that in his fight against bane Bruce is now older and tired he was injured very badly at the end of the dark knight he is missing cartilage in almost every joint which would make it hard to fight

During the first fight bats has not trained for a long time even tho he was still in decent shape and he did put up a good fight even tho he lost and don't forget banes mask gives him doses of pain meds and other drugs which allows him to take a lot more abuse then others but don't forget batman defeated him during there second battle which he fought by himself and one until he was betrayed by Miranda Tate / Talia al ghul.

Bruce in his prime was overwhelmed by dogs, couldn't put down Joker, and only defeated Ra's through running away and his suit.

Bane beat Batman both times, rather easily. An in prime Batman wouldn't have fared much better to be honest. His "skill" involved a lucky strike to bust up Bane's mask.

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@dextersinister: You made a point in addressing how often Doom loses, I was just wondering why even mention that when it should be obvious why he is losing.

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He could bfr him and end it that way.

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The Batman bias has gotten a bit ridiculous. Who is the better fighter, it's Cap by far, it's not who is the better fighter when they're both equal (they're not equal and Cap would murder him easily). It's not who is the better fighter against a group of feat-less ninjas in the mountains, or who needed help to defeat Bane.

Batman didn't even beat anyone of merit in the trilogy. If you want to get all specific, without his suit Ra's would have killed him on the train. Without help from numerous people Bane would have and should have killed him, and in their second fight needed a lucky (hence no skill involved, but try to spin it) punch to bust Bane's mask up, and still didn't put him down (thanks Catwoman!), and actually didn't have the greatest showing against Joker.

Bat's did make a fool of numerous feat-less cops, ninjas, thugs, and other people.

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Link destroys him.

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@comicsrulebutdbzdoes2: It's not that the site is DC orientated it's just that most of the sensible people on this board find it amusing that people think that Doom would somehow solo DC Earth despite the fact that he losses all the time and actually talks like a stereoypical villain.

Lol at the idea of DC Earth being awed by a time machine.

He's a villain, as such he has to lose a lot more than he wins. Do the villains on DC Earth repeatedly beat heroes, I must have missed all those victories.

He's also taken over the world more than once (not that greatest accomplishment but still) and grown bored with it, he's had to help beings above him power wise and heroes before. Doom isn't a chump, nor would he solo DC Earth, but he'd be a threat in time.