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@sheenlantern said:

@xanni15: Wut?

Why wouldn't he be able to do it again?

And how doesn't it factor into this fight? If he's so fast not even bullets can penetrate his defenses, what hope do punches and kicks have?

Huh, why would you assume he could do it again? Just... because? I thought an actual feat had to be replicated or at least done in a similar way.

Again, he did it once, the bullet did harm him.

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@frozen: Ozy did it once, doesn't mean his reaction tie is 760mph.

@saren said:

@xanni15 said:

There isn't really any hatred against Batroc. There's a good deal of incredulity to the point where you have to wonder if we watched the same movie with the same Batroc, but that's about it. We aren't agreeing on the fact that Comedian was past his prime. I never said anything of the sort, in fact what I said careens in the opposite direction regarding the physicality of what you'd expect from someone past their prime. You chose to just sidestep the meaning of that post with an attempt at a pithy response --- primarily because you don't have a response to the fact that Ozy, without a great deal of exertion, evidently hits several times harder than a speeding car, something that matters a great deal in a fight. The bullet-catching feat is a display of combat reflexes, something that, again, matters a great deal in a fight, but if you keep saying "X attribute doesn't matter" enough times, you might eventually stumble upon a case where that's true.

When the ability to pull off a fancy flip and then get curbstomped so badly the whole of France actually felt a tinge of shame matters, I'll agree that Batroc wins. Batroc's performance is most notable for the fact that it is actually somewhat difficult for France to feel shame anymore. So kudos to him, I suppose.

Based off your previous comment it did seem like you were annoyed about Batroc being in battles period.

Yeah, we were agreeing that he's past his prime because it's painfully obvious he was past his prime. He was still strong for his current age, and with adrenaline pumping he wasn't feeling the pain from his punches. Not mentioned in the movie (so I guess it actually doesn't matter) but didn't Ozy get his butt handed to him by Comedian in his younger days? You can't be in your prime for 30 years, at some point you have to slow down. There's no way Comedian was still in his prime. If you want to think he was then we'll just agree to disagree.

I didn't side step anything. Ozy through him through the window, we both know he did that. Ozy caught one bullet, that doesn't make him a bullet timer. You disagree, because one scene>one scene. He beat up on three people (one of which had openly admitted he was out of shape, Dan) who were nowhere near his physical equal.

See? You have some weird obsession with trashing Batroc, but you say there's no hatred. lol Keep the jokes coming, jokes that add nothing.

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@xanni15: during the joker fight he had already fought a whole swat team without hurting them and saving the civilians not to mention everything thing that he had done before in the previous days batman is nothing more than a average man his body was fatigued during the joker and don't forget he had knife wound and he still won

Batman in his prime took out a featless SWAT team, big whoop. Joker displayed very little fighting ability, and for someone of Bruce's supposed skill should have been easy to take out.

Batman lost the first fight against bane because he was tired ,worn out and not in his prime and he fought a man who is like a chemically induced brick house head on batman one the second fight against bane straight on with strength and his wit I don't understand how u can say he lost both fights the only thing that happened in the second fight was his betrayal from Talia al ghul but aside from that batman beat bane.

Batman lost his first fight against Bane because Bane was simply a better fighter, don't give me Batman was tired (nobody made him go out there). Watch the second fight against Bane, Bruce wasn't doing much better, and it was only after a lucky strike against the mask that allowed him to gain a slight advantage against an opponent who was panicking.

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@frozen: LOL

Every single fight Ozy is in, you can count on someone mentioning he caught a bullet. Big deal, there's nothing to say he could do it again, and even HE was surprised he did it.

It'll help him when Batroc unloads with his pistol, that he doesn't have.

@delphic said:

Ozymandias. Batroc lost to cap. Ozy caught a bullet and outsmarted Dr. Manhattan (an omnipotent being)

Ozy had sooooooo much prep time and info on Dr. M, and he still didn't "defeat" him, but use those feats all you want. And who cares about catching a bullet, that doesn't factor into this fight.

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@saren said:

@xanni15 said:
@fallschirmjager said:

Ozy stomps.

Not only does he have feats, but he has good feats.

What good feats does Ozy have?

I don't even get what the fascination with Batroc is --- he pulls off one fancy flip and then gets pulverized like violence is going out of style.

Regarding Comedian being "past his prime", the detectives who examine his body state that he was in terrific shape and still built like a linebacker despite his age; in his fight with Ozy he was smashing his fists through concrete walls like they were made of paper. Quite frankly his display against Ozy was a lot more impressive than Batroc's display against Steve, and Ozy demolished the Comedian and then shattered a sheet of plate glass by flinging Blake's body through it ---- to put that into perspective, the detectives also state that if you stepped on the pedal and drove a car into a sheet of plate glass, you might put a crack in it.

Fascination? All I asked from the other person was what Ozy's good feats were? And you wrote what you did. -shrugs- I don't get the hatred towards Batroc.

So we agree that 'median was past his prime.

When strength is the only attribute that matters I'll agree that Ozy wins.


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Ozy stomps.

Not only does he have feats, but he has good feats.

What good feats does Ozy have?

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if it is hand of god ion, he is more powerful than anyone on this list. imperiex is more powerful than galactus at normal levels, superman can hang with Odin at least for a while. this is a more even fight than I thought

Not really.

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@sparnage: Because physical strength doesn't seem the way to put down Sandman .

p.s. Peter was faster and more agile but still got tagged.

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I have no clue how they'd defeat Sandman.

Explosives from Stark? Nah. Hulk? Please. Thor with lightning or just bfr him with hammer twirl? Maybe.