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  • Real Name: Alexander Achilles Wallace
  • Aliases: Xander, X
  • Affiliations: Wallace Family, Gryffindor, Billionaire's Club
  • Place of Birth: London
  • D.O.B: April 3rd 2002
  • Occupation: Student, Billionaire
  • Citizenship: All
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 205 lbs 
  • Family:
       Father: Scott Wallace
Gemma Wallace
       Sisters: Hermione and Gabrielle
       Brothers: Cole, Aaron(Half-brothers) and William
       Wives: Kiara Lockhart(deceased), Angelina Stewart(deceased), Lois Levain
       Children: Annabelle, Anastasia, Seth, Sebastian, Gabrielle and Harrison 

Early Life

Alexander 'Xander' Achilles Wallace is the fourth (fifth, counting Aaron) and youngest child of Scott and Gemma Wallace, a globally famous billionaire couple. He was born into a world of bliss, with all the money in the world and the care of his family, Xander could have whatever he wanted, but thanks to his parent's hard upbringings they never spoiled him and he learned the true values of life. Xander grew up with his older siblings William and Gabrielle, whilst his eldest sister and brother had already moved out, Hermione was already nationally famous, like her father, and living in a house with friends before X was born, whilst Aaron had left to go traveling when Xander was only five. He often saw his older sister Hermione, at family gatherings (three times a year) and through most of the year when she wasn't working, because her and Ron would come round and play with her family.
When Xander was three his sisters visits hindered, for she had become pregnant with a baby girl, later on to be named Rose, though halfway through the pregnancy Hermione went from not seeing them at all to almost moving in, she spent days upon days getting care and advice from their mother, trying to deal with her first pregnancy, whilst their father was off on some voluptuous mission and Ron either had Auror business or hung with his little siblings-in-law. During this time Ron first started to show Xander how to play wizard chess, something he came quite attached to. Eventually Hermione gave birth to Rose in 2005 and then again in early 2007 she gave birth to baby Hugo, and in late 2009 she had her's and Ron's third child, baby Scott, whom was named after his grandfather. With each pregnancy X gained more skill of playing wizard chess. He came quite close to Hermione and her family, and when he was slightly older he loved to play with his nephews and niece. After Scott Weasley's birth the Weasley family (Hermione's) moved in to the Wallace Manor house, so they could have all the help they want and be closer to the family whilst able to get away from them if wanted. In late 2009 Scott gave up crime fighting, for reasons unknown to a young X, but in 2010 Xander's father won his election and took on a knew form of fighting crime, as he became the Prime Minister of Britain. In 2012, Hermione climbed the success ladder and was now working for magical law enforcement, once she'd improved the regulation and control of magical creatures department, by this time she had left the Manor House. 2013 finally brought the end of an era, as Xander grew up, he had a great childhood, during which he grew close to his parents with a bond stronger than his other siblings.


Xander was the most excited out of all his siblings to go to the school of witchcraft and wizardry, being the youngest and last to go (excluding Aaron who held no magical ability, this was a predicted factor to his return) he had heard all the wonderful stories and could not wait to experience it himself. On his eleventh birthday, when he received the letter from Hogwarts, he and his family went out to London, into Diagon Alley to grab all he needed for school. Grabbing him some new robes, getting a size that was a little larger in case he grew anymore, a new wand, Holly, 12", Unicorn Hair and all the books he needed for school along with several other miscellaneous items from DA. Accompanied by that were many gifts from his parents, family and friends, he got an iPod touch from mum and dad, as well as the fastest broom around (Nimbus 3003), and tickets to the next world cup final, he also got a sweater from Molly Weasley, old habits die hard. On the first of September 2013 he, his brother and his sister, waved goodbye to their family and got on the train. The families quickly dispersed, brothers left brothers and sisters left sisters, it was every man for themselves on here. This was Will's fourth year and he quickly left to find his friends, his best bud being James Melby, Gabrielle walked half the coach with Xander trying to find somewhere he'd be comfortable but she was intercepted by her best friends Emily and Oliver. Xander was on his own from then on.