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@entropy_aegis said:
" Team 2 wins handily logan is the omly threat here. "
have u actually seen deadpool  fight he once single handily took on captain america , hercules , falcon, daredevil and goliath at the same time. not menton the fact hes beat logan a couple of times as well
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@DEGRAAF said:
" @FadeToBlackBolt said:

    Batman is an "ineffectual" vigilante because he exists in a world where the Legal System is completely ineffectual. It's not Batman's duty to kill criminals, the only reason he captures and stops them is because the police are so incompetent the entire city would be totally FUBAR without him.    Batman brings them in, the courts let them go. Simple as that. Just like the real world.  "
yea but he doesn't do anything when he is being Bruce Wayne, He could easily pay the the construction of a new penitentiary with state of the art security and surveillance and hire all the people himself. (could even be other superheroes) to keep them away as well as become part of the judicial system or part of government. At least Oliver Queen became mayor to try to clean up his town.
This is how it would go down 

 Batman's most advanced suit to fight superman

 one punch and the suit comes off and batman is out

 makes sure he is still alive so he can torture him again later.

actually that suit beat the crap out of superman
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um bruce wayne isnt dead and hes coming back so thats not him

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@bob agent of agency x said:

Has he got a contingency plan for HIMSELF!
Considering that out of all the JLA members hes the one who would most likely go rouge. 

actually hes the least likely to go rogue
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@homeslice said:
" @Korg said:

" Yet he has no comparable contingency plans for keeping his own rogues from escaping every week and going on killing sprees... Batman has some strange priorities. "

same thing i was thinking. he treats joker better than he does the members in the jla. i think he's overrated and he should have more respect for superman.
 don't kill me i am a huge batman fan myself. i just think they make him too cold and HAVE to make him beat everyone just to PROVE how great he is which is annoying. "
actually batman hates the joker with every fibre of his being , he just knows that if he kills the joker he would be no better than him
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@Sha said:
" Sha better not ever become a comic, because the first time we do a DC crossover i'm killing that damn bat! "
i doubt it
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@Korg:  name 5 people hes murdered
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@Razealim said:

" fesak said:

"The real Sabretooth had an adamantium skeleton at that time, which he regained in the Weapon X series, so it can't have been the real one.Not because of the beheading, because it would still be possible to cut between the ligaments, however it would be impossible to cut his forearms in half, so it can't have been the real deal."

if your talking about when wolverine cut sabertooths hand of shortly before he finally killed him he didnt cut through his forearm, he cut through the connective tissue of his wrist 
dude his arm was  cut off at the elbow
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@johnny spam said:
" Here were the plans from Tower of Babel.  

  • J'onn J'onzz is covered with nanites that convert the outer layer of his skin into magnesium, causing him to burst into fire- his greatest weakness- upon exposure to air. He later survives by wearing an airtight water-filled suit provided by Aquaman, then waiting until he can shed enough skin cells to function normally. Batman didn't anticipate this strategy because he never expected J'onn to survive so long.
  • Aquaman is rendered hydrophobic due to an altered form of the Scarecrow's fear toxin; without water, he would die in a matter of hours. J'onn uses his telepathy to help him overcome the effects of the toxin.
  • Plastic Man is frozen solid, then shattered by a hammer by one of Ra's' henchmen. Afterward, Flash reassembles him, allowing Plastic Man to recover.
  • Green Lantern is rendered blind by his own power ring from a post-hypnotic suggestion introduced in his sleep; as an artist, Kyle is unable to function without his vision to guide the ring's power, but he is able to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion after his ring is temporarily removed and the methods behind the attack are explained to him.
  • Thanks to a nanite injected into her ear, Wonder Woman is trapped in a virtual reality battle against an opponent who she cannot defeat and is her equal in every way; her refusal to surrender under any circumstance would eventually cause her heart to fail. The nanite is removed after her teammates recover.
  • A specially designed "vibra-bullet" strikes Flash in the back of the neck, causing him to experience seizures at light speed before it is removed; although only exposed to the weapon for 22 minutes, Wally's relativistic speed makes the experience feel like months.
  • Superman's skin becomes transparent after exposure to red Kryptonite, an artificial creation of Batman's made by exposing a green kryptonite sample to radiation. As Superman is powered by solar energy, his skin's transparency causes a sensory overload by his internal organs' direct exposure to sunlight without his skin as a proper solar filter.    
um have u read the dark knight returns cause he uses gloves made out of  kryptonite to pound the crap out of superman
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um just a quick question arent the green lanterns rings powerless against yellow or was that removed when parallax escaped