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Wailords would destroy all sea-based attacks. I like how a 877.4 lbs. creature can fit in a ball that fits in my hand...

Also, the Pokemon kamikaze that blows up everything(which you would never need to use on a Roselia)

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"Clark, where were you during the Superman battle that just happened all over Metropolis? It's strange how your always gone during those things..."

"Ugh... I was... Umm" -Scratches head-

"Oh my! Clark! What happened to your hair?!". The end.

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"Genghis Carnage, come on." I like how easily he comes up with names, haha

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Thank you Malonius for bringing up mutants and the government, I mean they seriously have screwed up in the past there, just leave the non-threatening mutants alone. Think of the M.R.D and Weapon X (they lost their most successful test subject). Another thing, I agree with SHIELD being extremely annoying. I love the new Venom, but if I was a hero I seriously would hate them. I understand why the helicarrier gets taken down so often. However, I feel SHIELD, at some point, helps out heroes, so they can call in a favor later on. They aren't as secretive as the DC govt. agencies but the Marvel ones seem much more powerful.

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"Hey Penguin, here's ten thousand dollars for all the times I've hurt you with one of my batarangs." if Penguin checks where the money is from, he learns about a relationship between Batman and Wayne Enterprise. So no.

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DC: the classic Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman are still icons, but I think Wonder Woman and Green Lantern almost are tied. This could be because the lack of a modern Wonder Woman movie, compared to the (awful) Green Lantern movie, which brought more popularity to Green Lantern.

Marvel: Wolverine, Spiderman, and Iron Man. Not Thor or Hulk anymore, despite their importance to the Avengers because the public can't relate to the almost flawless Captain America and can't relate to the unattractive and identity conflicted Hulk. I think the big reasons for my choices are the popularity from movies(despite quality), TV shows, apparel, and overall publicity. The majority of people love Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and Spiderman has a song, an insignia, a hand gesture, and catch phrases, as well as multiple movies. Definitely not Deadpool. He's not in any movie (accurately), is only about 21 years old, and not known by a large majority of people.

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Sodam Yat wins easily. I couldn't believe he lost in the comics. He has Prime's powers plus one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. If it's yellow lantern Prime, then it's vs. Ion-powered Yat, who still wins.

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I think it comes down to the two previously Ion-powered corps members Kyle Rayner and Sodam Yat. As a Daxamite, he has Superman-like abilities as well as the infinite Ion powers. Kyle has the Ion powers plus the Starheart powers at one point. These powers are not necessarily due their minds, so I think Sodam is the strongest-minded and has been prophesied as the greatest lantern ever.

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Save the people of the world(who need it).Persuade or force the world leaders to let me be allowed everywhere and have the armies/law enforcement off my back.Become extremely wealthy by obtaining proof of other life in the universe. I would have Ion entity so I wouldn't age or need a lantern so I could create a central battery on earth to power the world. After that I'd make weaker rings and send them to find worthy people to work with/for me.

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I like Zero G and Spiderman's costumes. I think Iceman would be a cool addition to the team, due to him, Spiderman, and Human Torch living together in the past.

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