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I personally love the relationship between Clark and Diana! I think it was a bold move and speaks volumes to the creative team. I don't really know how long they plan to let the relationship last, but I hope it is for a while and that they explore different aspects to their relationship and them as a whole. I think it was a great choice on DC's part and to me it just makes sense, given their past and who they are as superheroes. They are both outsiders and can relate to each other in a lot of ways. Overall I love the relationship and totally ship them!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY :)

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@SmoothJammin: Well I certainly wasn't trying to come across as cool or anything remotely close to that. I was simply stating the information that I read on one of the comic book sites, as in regard to the topic at hand. I did not say that it was factual information, just a "here's what I think may happen as well as what another site thinks". You on the other hand seem to be trying to impress others by coming across as condescending and lets just be honest... a straight a**hole. I didn't post any spoilers or any big revealing secrets about the episode, just my opinion and what I saw on another site, which you could probably go find for yourself. So I would really appreciate if you would get off of my case, so that I can enjoy "my viewing experience", as I do have the right to post things, since I do have an account. :) Peace and Blessings

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I've read rumors on different sites, that there is a possibility that Artemis dies in this episode! I really hope not!

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My favorite comic right now is Wonder Woman. Brian Azzarello has truly brought something new to the table with this book and take on Wonder Woman and I love it! A lot of people were upset about her origin and history being changed but to me it just opened up so many doors for the team to use in the future. I especially love how there is so much Greek Mythology brought into the storyline as well. I can't forget the artwork.... Which is stunning! This book definitely leaves me at the edge of my seat at the end of every issue and I can't wait to see what's in store next!

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So I'm following the new 52 comics but I am puzzled by something? Can Batgirl actually walk now or is she using some type of technology to walk?

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What exactly is the conflict involving Schism and what is the imposing threat that the X-Men are talking about that is coming?

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@thewidowsbite:   I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!!   :)
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So I'm obviously a Jean Grey/ Phoenix fanatic!   We all know that she has been gone for quite some time now, but I'm honestly ready for them to bring her back, but not like she used to be.  I want them to bring Jean back but different.  I think when she does return, which we all know will eventually happen, she should be in complete control of her powers and the Phoenix.  We all know that the Phoenix and Jean are one and the same and meant to be together ( it was established in Phoenix Endsong).  At the end of Endsong, Jean did not die, but went off into the White Hot Room to find herself and collect all the pieces of the Phoenix (we see this when the Phoenix left Rachel and left the Cuckoos).  So I think that she should once and for all have complete control over it and her powers and stop spasing out and loosing control!  It's been done and it's time to let that dead dog lie!  Secondly when she comes back she does not need to interfere with Scott and Emma (who are perfect for each other!).  I have fallen in love with Emma since Jean has left.  Plus it was resolved at the end of "Here Comes Tomorrow" that Jean was happy for Scott and Emma and wanted them to be together and move on.  I personally think she should return and get involved with someone else (maybe give the whole wolverine thing a chance, god knows they've flirted enough throughout the years or someone else).  Lastly, when she returns, she should have a new role in the X-Men...... Scott and Emma are running things, so lets see Jean be a leader like the rest of the older X-Men, but still under Scott and Emma.  Maybe a role like Rogue was doing...... in helping the younger mutants understand their powers or be like an overseer of one of the younger X-Men teams like the New X-Men or something like that.  I'm ready for Jean to come back but I think things have to change and be different.  People are sick of the same crap happening over and over again when she returns...... I think she needs a new direction involving the X-Men.

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Okay so this is for sure who we know:  Magneto, Reaper - Rogue, Gambit, Hellion, Cannonball. 
And this is who I think some of the others are: Nightmare - Pixie, and Revenant - Jean Grey( the meaning of Revenant is one who has come back from the dead) 
Not sure who Berserker, Basilisk, and Frenzy are?
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where is this from?