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@shonen3: That's only in certain incarnations of Superman. It is unconfirmed if this is so in the New 52. Though even if it is, his body has general durability enough to prevent creation of dimensions in his brain from damaging him.

The Flash can resist absolute zero cold fields... I seriously doubt Kryptonian couldn't.

H'El has high class telepathy, teleportation, far superior reflexes, matter manipulation, innate sadism displayed in his outright contempt for humans, and durability enough to take planet cracker strikes... He'd solo with ease if he's determined to do so.

Highly doubt He'l can solo considering that he's facing a superior psionic that has all of his psychic abilities (to a higher degree) and then some.

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X-Man is the most MVPindeed. People are mentioning that he is a formidable telepath. However, they are disregarding that he is a multiversal telepath, and his other abilities. His tk is more than enough to tussle with the kryptonians. He's also taken planet busting shots. He's one shotted moon. he's sent ripples across the astral plane by just flexing his psi muscles. He can operate from planck length ( operating in between moments of time). He essentially steps out of time, and can strike at any given moment. Moreover physical force is nothing to him, As Shaman X-Man his body was made out of pure psionic, physical punches or cuts or blows won't do anything to him. They would essentially pass through him as if were a ghost. He can also body jump.The kryptonians can punch and kick all they want, it's not going to affect him. He can also drain the mental energy from an opponent leaving them as nothing more than an empty husk. Some of his other hax abilities include time manipulation, and confirmed reality warping.

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and then we have the Celestials tanking alternate IG's, as well as UN's, not to mention creating the multiverse? nah, Cytottorak goes down.

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bump, I have my bets on MoD. He did after all control Galactus, control him. He also used Eternity, and other abstracts as foot soldiers when battling his younger counterpart. I actually see him obliterating her.

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I think the issue was fantastic four 569. But in essence he conquered all of space, and time in every reality. He even destroyed a few along the way, and here's the scan. Look at the right panel, you will see eternity circled. Mind you he also mind controlled Galactus. Yeah man, these mutant powers are all over the place in terms of power.

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@x_insignia1: most of the time thats PIS right? and plus sometimes the abstracts weren't even involved plots involving the reality altering mutants. MoD?

Mad jim jaspers was considered an ominiversal threat by LT, thats pretty uber, and Marquis of death summoned eternity as his foot solder when he fought his younger counterpart. I think both instances were shown to display how much power they actually had, which was mad uber. I think it was an obvious display of power ranking.

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we shouldn't compare human mutants to the personification of the universe

some of those human mutants could still trump the personification of the Universe though. Mad jim jaspers for one, MoD being another.