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I think that u could have an R rated wolverine movie as long as it is all about the violence and swearing. The last video game was one of the most bloody and violent games that I have played. I seen kids under the age of 10 play it. As long as it is bloody but not over the top gory it will be hit. Probably could do with out a whole lot of racy sex scenes and nudity. I think as long as it is just more violent and intense it will be ok. I also agree that they could release an unrated version on DVD.

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@TheAvenger802: I agree. Hulk is way too short and looks fat.
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Almost everybody who dies in comics comes back sooner or later.  Examples: Superman, Jean Gray ( a few times), Cable(reborn), Captain America (reborn), Batman (Bruce Wayne).  Not to mention we got an Avengers movie out next year, and Heimsworth, is signed on to do a couple of Thor movies.  This is probably just a way to introduce a new character and tell a really good story down the road. Everyone calm down.

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looks good. Although I am not in the mood to see the whole bitten by the spider and have to learn how to use my powers thing again.

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Did see the first movie. I liked it ok. Loved Eva Mendez. I think this new one will be better. I hope. Ghost Rider is one of the first comics I ever had. One of my fav. characters. I like the dark evil cool stuff. I guess I am excited.

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Favorite was Calero. Smack and sweep u up with a broom.

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@Dark Cell: I noticed that right away too.  Wonder how that's gonna play out. Maybe they will change the image by that time.
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Watched the movie like many of u did this weekend. Thought it was a great movie and a great story. Probably better than Thor and Iron -man 2. It reminded me a little of Indiana Jones.

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I think that Domino would make a great character for a movie.  She is lesser known for one.  That might spark interest. Her skills are very military/assassin like and her mutant power is not over the top, out of this world, or hard to wrap your head around. Her personality is very much made for the big screen.  She does not follow orders well when with team mates, she is sarcastic, and though she is brave she can show emotions of fear and anxiety.  Oh, and she would have a hot unzipped leather outfit like Selen in Underworld.  I also have to agree  like Ms. Marvel too.  

Domino and her sniper