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He is a good writer, but his spider-man run has been okay at best.

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She is not quite as iconic as wonder woman, but she is pretty damn close in the eyes of the public in terms of popularity, particular with the female audience.

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I thought the ending was fine

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@DarkxSeraph said:

" I dont care what marvel says their is no way scott would ever cheat on jean."

I'd go back and read those stories again. Scott was having some severe issues at the time. Damaged people, struggling people make mistakes. They happen. I hate to break this to everyone, but Scott isn't perfect.

"Also its wierd that scott doesnt pine after jean any more since bhe started being with emma."

For one, he was given a telepathic nudge from Jean to go forward with his relationship with Emma, IIRC. For two, people do this thing called "moving on." It's been years since Scott was with Jean. Years. Additionally, he DID still think about her. Read Whedon's Astonishing run. Emma flat-out tells him she knows he still thinks about her a lot. Not to sound too much of a jerk--but do you people actually read the books? Or skirt over them and make snap judgments?

I think it is very apparent that they don't read the books and are just looking up some scans online.

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@time said:

@x_29 said:

@Ellie_Knightfall said:

Why is this still a thing?

Because Time cannot stop hating on Emma.

Why are you on my thread, you don't agree with me and it looks like you don't like me very much either. Why waste your time and mine by posting on my thread seriously ?

There is real issue here, those people who are fans of Jean, Storm, Psylocke, Rogue, kitty and Jubilee. I'm suprised you don't see it. Marvel went out of there way to destroy the X-Ladies and they only did this so Emma Frost could benefit.

Just 4 the record, if I hated her I wouldn't of given her 9 points in my other thread. There is real issue here. Emma Frost fans can ignore it or debate it, its up to them but other fans. You should hear what I have to say on the topic, I will post soon.

LOL! This is only a real issue to you, darling.

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@Ellie_Knightfall said:

Why is this still a thing?

Because Time cannot stop hating on Emma.

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I feel like we have already had this discussion in her own thread.

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@dangallant984 said:

@cattlebattle said:

@AgeofHurricane said:

Eh, overrated.

I actually don't like that word....but I heavily agree. People praise it like its the bible when its really a Joss Whedon X-Men fan fiction that got published

@AgeofHurricane said:

@dangallant984: Lol soz, but this is what i'm talking. I get that the OP's a strong supporter of the run, clearly never hesitates to admit how much he loves it, but i personally don't see the reason for the creation of a thread in appreciation for a specific run, which wasn't all that good, and then there's the content, which blows things out of proportions.

And I don't see why you comment on threads about things that you seem to not like. If you don't have a "Favorite moment from Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men", why enter the thread in the first place? Are your feelings of it being overrated really that strong?

I know not everything's for everyone, and I have no problem seeing the things I like being put up to genuine criticism, but if it "wasn't all that good" then what wasn't good about it? Is it that it simply gets more recognition than you think it deserves, or do you actually see it as creatively lacking?

Because I've read it, and most other X-men comics, and I think it does stand out as one of the most well-crafted and accessible periods of X-men lore. Is it for everyone? no; Does it get more credit than it deserves? well, I suppose that's debatable, but just saying point blank that it was "overrated" and, in your opinion, "wasn't all that good" does nothing to explain your point. And that's on top of having nothing to do with the theme of the thread.

So, just where are you going with this, anyway?

Age of hurricane just does that alot. Just ignore her.

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