What characters it'd be nice to be friends with if they really existed

No, I'm not a loner without friends, I just decided to make a list about something that I think any kind of reader has already thought about.

It's not exactly in order of preference.

List items

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Posted by B'Town

I actually laughed when I saw Damian on here. ;D But I wholeheartedly agree. Plus I think he'd be lots of fun.

You have some good friend choices here.

Posted by X9

Haha, actually it made me laugh too, even because he's only 10 so he'd be more like a little brother/cousin to me but... it'd be really nice to have someone like him around. He's not that complicated actually, he's just stuck in a family full of complicated people :P

I think helping someone like Damian would make me grow as a person. Also, I'd have a lot of fun. The boy says the best things!

About my choices, thanks ^^

Posted by CrimsonCake

Good thing you didn't put Guy Gardner on here.