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The thing that makes me believe Wally would have reappeared is in the manner in which he disappeared. I mean he wasn't straight away vaporized by the energy. He became more and more translucent and then simply faded away. Why would he have become translucent before dying? And the way his death was phrased that he had 'ceased' make me think that he vanished to a different dimension and a had ceased to exist in this world.

Anyways, as a big Wally fan, what pains me is the lack of reaction to his death. The scene with Artemis and Wally's parents was moving. But barring Artemis, Bart, Nightwing, and Barry and Kaldur to an extent, we didn't get to see the emotional reaction from the rest of his team mates. Not even from Megan and Connor who were his original team mates. It seems like his death was just as significant as Tula's within the context of this show which shouldn't be the case since Wally is an original founding member of the team.

I agree with the first part.

And I can see your point, though I believe the reason for the lack of emotinal reaction was the short time they had to end the last episode. There were too many things to happen, so they had to give more importance to the facts, the story, not isolated characters.

As there was a third season planned, I'm sure they'd explore Wally's death with more details and with more characters. Even because there'd be the possibility of having him back.

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I don't care if there's not a third season. In my mind, Wally will come back somehow because they'll discover the energy didn't cause his death, it just transported him to some other place or anything like that.

Same with Aya.

And period.

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The last episode was just beautiful...the blue ring coming to Razer, the way things were solved....ok, I wish Aya didn't have to die again, but it was kind of fair. Besides, we all got the feeling that she's still alive somewhere.

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You know why I didn't like that last episode that much...because it felt incomplete. There was definately a third season planned...without it, it was just like... "ok, stay tunned"

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@CrimsonCake said:

What surprised me was the Tim and Cassy relationship thing. That fast?

I really wanted to see Static in the Costume.

I knew it, no one believed me ¬¬


Sad about Wally. Really...auch. Though both his death and Tim and Cassie thing remind me of the New 52...

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The thing is....they killed the coolest kid of comic books.

Just that.

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True, they stole the best stuff of all former Robins and created her.

Though I have to say I have nothing against the character, I'm just sad that she kind of took way too much of Tim's personality and relationship with Bruce, so that means Tim can never be the was he was pre-reboot again.

The writers said she won't be the next Robin. Glad to hear that.

To me, it should end with Damian, the coolest Robin ever. Period.

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@Oscars94 said:

I will miss it :'(
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Curious about all of them...though I'm pretty sure James Jr. won't die in Batgirl#19

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Cool...seems a good idea