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You know, the reason why she (seems to be dropping) drops the mantle is much sweeter than I though...even though I'm worried someone's gonna die... and I hope it's not who I think it is :(

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@vernierhawk001 Me neither but I'm afraid Barbara gets all "oh, there's still a chance" and doesn't open up to anyone anymore ¬¬

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@dernman: Hey, thanks for the nice words haha :)

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@jinx17 said:


If you're talking about Bruce and Babs, no, it was just a white lie for April 1st (kind of fail if you ask me, but people have already bought worse things). ^^

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I have to say I'm falling for Ricky...he's a good guy who's trying to be on the right track...plus, I liked the way they worked together in KightFall's arc. He truly likes and admires Batgirl and I trust Simone to give him a bigger role in her crime fighting life.

Let's see how things are gonna go. According to issue #20 they'd have a date...hehe

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The arm may be behind her back.

It is, but back then I couldn't be sure hehe ^^

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It'll be so unfair if he remains dead cause EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER who dies is brought back to life somehow.

Plus, he was always a pleasure to read.

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I think he will be back. If he doesn't, he will be the first who doesn't. The new cover release of Batman and Robin #22 (Batman and Nightwing) looks like his return may be sooner than some of us think. http://www.dccomics.com/comics/batman-and-2011/batman-and-nightwing-23

His death really upset me because of the great character development and evolution over the years. He had come a long way. So far, I'm not liking the short-timer replacements for Robin either. I'd be very happy to hear that Damian was coming back somehow.

I hope this isn't any DC trolling cause I'll be really pissed...

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@ravager4: You've just spoiled the fun ¬¬

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It seems there will be a romance between these characters...that will, possibly, make them start a family of their own. It's said to start on July.

Honestly...I'm excited to see how it's gonna go. I believe it'll be well written (better than Bruce and Babs relationship to Selina and Dick in the New 52 for sure ¬¬)