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I tagged you guys because you also tagged me before, even though your answers didn't have much to do with what I wrote. I it felt the right thing to do.

About the sexism: @nathaniel_christopher said that heros don't have so many meaningful relationships and he used Dinah and Oliver as example (1x1). The thing is, when they broke up, while Oliver was seeing other women (well, he was doing that even when he was with Dinah, but ok), Dinah's romantic life stalled.Ok, everyone feels sad and takes a while to move on after a break up, but analyzing how it's done to female and male characters, to female ones it's like romance is over till she's back with the same dude again. Some cases are so extreme that the character pretty much loses her essence/role after the break up, like when Dick and Kori split up. No wonder her fans wanted them together so much, the character only came back to life when Grayson was around and there was the possibility of reconciliation. Not only is this unrealistic, but it helps strengthen the view of dependency of women towards men, even as characters, which is not helpful.

There's no point in making this any longer cause there's plenty of literature about it already.

Moving on...instead of guessing what Barbara fans think of it, why don't you go to her Forums and check? Or look for the "JayBabs" hashtag on Tumblr or Twitter, see what shows up. What I saw was Babs fans excited about it, and that's for a simple reason: unless you're a Jason/ Dick fan as well, you don't care about them, you care about Barbara. If she's getting all the attention and has 1, 2, 50 guys falling for her, you'll like it, cause you're her fan.

@youknowwhattodo: I ship JayBabs as well as I shipped RickBabs, cause I like how Barbara works with so called bad boys. I said DickBabs doesn't exist in the New 52 cause they've never been together in the New 52. I meant DickBabs as a relationship status. The DickBabs moments, yeah, they were there...kind of disconnected and pretty disappointing at the end of every issue, but still there. I didn't see the JayBabs thing as forced, it was a ride: disapproval, anger, empathy, complicity, crush. Happens more than you think ;)

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@jayaaerow, @vitacura and @nathaniel_christopher: Dear fellas, what I got from your comments is that:

1) Comics are still very sexist

2) As well as comic book readers

When JayAaerow asked me how many meaningful realtionships Babs has been in, apart from the one she had with Dick, I couldn't think of one. And this happens with Dinah, Selina Kyle, Lois Lane...in fact, it's easier to list female characters who HAD more than a important relationship (in the same universe; technically Kori had Dick and Roy, but, in the New 52, she only had Roy, her thing with Dick was barely a relationship).

The sexism of fans comes in when they think that equality is to make them sleep with random guys the same way...when, in fact, what we see with Bruce, Dick, etc are developed relationships with multiple women. There's a difference, you see. So Babs could make out with how many random dudes she wants, she'll still be emotionally attached to a single male character: Dick.

This sexism also shows when they think that any intervention on this scenario is a waste. Like: she's only had a significant relationship once, WHY sould we give a chance to a new romance?

Even though you said you aren't big DickBabs shippers, your main point is her previous (and New 52 nonexistent) relationship with Richard :P

In Batgirl forums, I was surprise with the number of people supporting JayBabs. It's not even a matter of "oh, they'll get married and have babies", but gosh, they work together, they're fun to watch and angry Batgirl fits (or at least used to fit...damn new book) the Outlaws vibe.

What annoys me is that the critics are mostly about how the JayBabs thing is an ofense to Grayson, but we don't see that level of revolt when he's the one who's experiecing new things and meeting new girls (even falling in love). If Selina and Grayson flirted, for example, it'd be an ofense to BRUCE, not Barbara. So, in the end, if doesn't matter if it's Bard, Ricky, now Jason and it'll be like this forever: Babs character is suck to Dick, as well as Selina is to Bruce.

P.S: No, you don't need to be a girl to think like that.

P.S 2: Nops, it wasn't a speech TOWARDS you guys, it's a conclusion I've reached.

P.S 3: It'll help me with college...so thanks!

@vitacura: I agree, Jason and Dick never acted like brothers, this whole 'bro thing' fans talk about is forced....and I'll be pretty honest, it's soooo common for brothers to have a crush on the same person. Makes total sense.

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Nha, so much drama...I'll be honest: the DickBabs thing gets on my nerves. It's like Babs is forbidden to have a decent relationship with anyone but Dick, while he gets to date and sleep with several girls and then she's just like "Oh, ok, no big deal".

Plus, that timing thing is stupid. When you truly like someone, you make it happen. Their romance seems pretty forced in the New 52, as we barely see any interaction. I'm not saying I dind't like to see them working together, but Jason and Babs, in the New 52, were funnier to see. Even if it turns out being nothing, just the obvious sexual tension between them is worth it.

I'm all for what works in the present, what has enough chemistry. So far, DickBabs seems embromation.

Last but not least, anyone complaining of Jason's poor growth as character clearly isn't reading his title or the issues he shows up in. He's a cool character, who knows who he is (read Batman Eternal #35, you'll get it) and I see plenty of reasons why Babs, or anyone, could be attracted for him. Not to mention he isn't Dick's true brother, especially in the New 52, they've barely been together before Jason was killed.

@hushofthewind: Dick and Barbara are 21. As far as I know, Jason is 19 or 20.

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In everyone's face xD

I have to say, I like the way these two work together in the New 52. They're as similar as completely different.

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@illyanarasputin: I agree with you. I think this issue pretty much killed everything Babs have of so unique. I don't even think it'd fit Stephanie cause Steph is cheerful and positive...not retarded and imature.

I really hope they change it or at least give more of a mature tone. I also didn't like the art, it makes the comic looks childish, especially if you compare it to other Bat Titles.

I already miss Simone :(

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@midnightdragon18: True, but that last issue pretty much screwed it. Or not. Perhaps it's a tip that we'll get to see themm working togwther soon. Out of Gotham.

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I hated that issue. Those stupid friends, the boring story-arch, getting drunk and making out with a weirdo...come on, guys! It's a hero comic book, not a retarted teenager's diary! She's 21, not 14!!

Plus, with everything that's going on in her life, that 'happiness' simply doesn't make sense. Babs had her own way of dealing with her problems without turning into Bruce or even Jason. And she was never that kind of party girl, not even in Batgirl: Year One. If it was a story that took place BEFORE the latest events, I could buy it - not enthusiastically, though. But no, she's been through so many things, so many (amazing) twists...to end up in the lowest rated Bat title :(

At least she's still badass, smart, hot and nice in Batman Eternal. Poor Babs, always taken for granted...

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I'm here to express my total disgust over this new Batgirl book. I'm dropping it.

Babs had her own way of being fun, smart and caring...this issue came and made her as ordinary as any girl in the world would be. I couldn't see the character there. For me, it wasn't fun as Batgirl: Year One. It was a boring story, staring superficial characters.

Crossovers with the Bat-Family? With this new title, forget them.

Seriously, I hated everything. And for the ones who say she's more 'believable' this way....it's a damn comic book. It doesn't NEED to be believable. Plus, I'm 21 and even when I was 19 I wasn't so retarted as this new Babs and her roomies, who have NOTHING to do with the character.

I just hope they change that crap soon. It's not fair for such an amazing character to have the ONLY title from the Bat-Family members that is childish.

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Babs and Jason became my official shipping. The DickBabs thing is nice, but let's be honest there's something missing and they only get together in alternative universes (Earth 2: World's End and Batman Beyond). Jay and Babs, however, they work so well together, it doesn't feel pointless or forced at all. Plus, they're dealing with similar issues.

The bad part? The new Batgirl book is coming, along with a new style for the character, so I'm not sure where Jason would fit there.

@captain_batman_ftw Thanks for the tip, I'm definetely getting Batman Eternal #25!