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Cause she's a comic book redhead who is defined by her brains, not her look ;)

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@rd189 Let's be honest, if we look close to Digimon - from character's development to the action itself - it's not "wow, how great". In fact, it's pretty ok, just like most things that were part of our childhood. Take a look at Pokemon, Batman the Animated Series, Dexter Laboratory, Dragon Ball, The Flintstones...people love all of them for what they represent (and for what they did at the time), not exactly because of their quality. That's why reboots are important, to update these classics and introduce them to new fans - who will end up knowing the older versions of the cartoons. I watched What's New Scooby-Doo when I was little and that drove me to the old Scooby-Doo...which was painfully slow and bad, but I understood that it was the base to all the stuff that came after it.

I was watching a few episodes these days and they were 6 out of 10 hahaha. So, yeah, I'm still excited :D

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I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post it, but I'm too excited. Digimon Adventures is coming back in 2015, with the old crew a little bit older. Taichi, for example, is 17 :)

Here's the teaser. If anyone knows something else, please, write back. Feels!


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As you guys might know, Digimon will return to celebrate its 15th anniversary \o/

Thai is now 17 and we'll get to see the old crew older as well.....I'm curious to see how the relationship between Kari and T.K will be developed, as they get married in the end of the series - they DO, at least in Japan, where the full final episode aired, with the proper subtitles :P



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@jayc1324 @sync1 Thanks guys! Just found out they've been in my country hauha. How unexpected hahaha! - ok, fan thing. My bad :P

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As far as I now, Jason and Babs will be meeting soon - and I really thought it was a pitty how their relationship wasn't explored during the New 52 cause the few moments they had were kind of "wait, there's something there". Anyway... will it be in an issue of Batgirl or from another book?

Could anyone send any info?


P.S: If I'm late on that, sorry. I'm not having much time to look for comics and I'm not even from USA :P

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No religion commands its faithful to declare war against a nation, as well as no command of hate can be read in any Holy book. Unfortunately, what lies behind any war is nothing more than the greed and arrogance of an elite, which culminates in the misery of an entire population.

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@youknowwhattodo I don't think it was mediocre (Gail made an effort to develop the character and her personality), but I agree about the grim part. It felt like Babs couldn't catch a break haha - though it's kind of an obligation to Bat Universe characters.

I liked the idea of writting lighter stories, however, it looks like a retcon. It doesn't fit the changes and all the story created by Gail Simone at all. Plus, she looks younger, like a teenager. The fact that she was 21- but serious and mature as a 30 year-old woman, while struggling with her own lack of skills to do "what normal people usually do"- was pretty interesting. I mean...we don't need another happy, smart and beautiful young girl. We've got thousands of them in comics already.

Anyway...I hope she gets more decent interaction with other characters. So far, too little.

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. However, it makes me feel younger, as I'm the same age as Babs but she always feels so much more.... ahead(?).

I still think it should be an alternative book, like "before the current series". It's like a regression to the character :P

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I'm not sure how I feel about it....if it was a series based on Babs earlier days as Batgirl, then ok. But that sad fire story they came up with and that manga style...she is so mature and tense in the current book, it'll be weird to see a lighter tone, even though i feel like this character deserves it.

Plus, will all Bat-title have changes that will combine with that choice (cause otherwise it'll be just weird)?

Here where I first read about it. Enjoy (or not)!