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LOL X-Men losing to BATMAN?! Just proves that this is POINTLESS. LOL

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Yes! Rogue should be the New offical Leader of the X-Men. (Not Havok) Only because of some of the following reasons: She's worked along side with most of all the other X-Men. (when absord) She can control others powers better than those she got them from and inadditon become a One Man Army, powerful enough to lead any team and know how to work with them an powers. She has history and proven her self many times in battels that she is a great asset. She has a way of getting through folks. Honestly I can keep going on and on... but Know She should be the next Offical Leader considering the Mday curse is over and new mutants are coming to. Going to need someone who can get her hands on them and know how or what to do. GO ROGUE!

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"We see her in #`1 of Uncanny Avengers facing off against Scarlet Witch; while it was great to see these two share words with one another, I felt it painted Rogue far too aggressively. Sure, I'd understand why she felt the way she does, and yes, Scarlet's "no more Phoenix" doesn't change what the X-Men and mutants in general have had to endure because of her actions; nevertheless, Rogue (who, on behalf of the X-Men, is the one to bring the two teams together in #11 of AvX) came off a bit juvenile, almost like her rip-off Hope."

Just so you know even during the Avengers The Childeren's Crusade #9 the X-men Confront Scarlet Witch and a number of X-Men want her to be held accountable in one way or another for what she did with "No More Mutants". Rogue being, "rogue" was the only X-Men who came off sympathic towards Scarlet Witch by leaving her with : (R: talking about Cyke and the others) "He'll come around. They all will." (Cyke) "ROGUE!" (R:ending with) "See Ya." I think in Rogue (Uncanny Avengers) Came off way out in the out in the left field from what was experssed in A:TCC comic. Rogue knows what its like and is always willling to understand others past. Which was already expressed. and with UA1 it was all turned around? left a bad taste in my mouth. Knowing thats not the type of relationship she has with Scarlet Whitch. That aggression should of been used on Magik.

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Hey if Rogue had the Phoenix force she would be AWESOME one yet... She's already use to adapting to other peoples mind and powers. In addition, she's well know in using others peoples powers better than the original host themselves. Honestly I think Rogue is meant for WAY more bigger things than being just one of the host of the Phoenix force. Theres a reason why she can hold other peoples mind and powers. :) She a legacy on her own.

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ITS ABOUT TIME!!! THESE TWO Have been FLIRTING off an on for a long whiles! An NO Rogue should never be with Logan their to close to family ties involving Mystique... STORM and Wolverine would have a GREAT relationship. Both Strong willed and Know what they want! THAT IS AWESOME! 90s X-Men Cartoon has an episode where they are a couple in the future and Iv always felt that they made a Better couple than any other! I can see Storm letting her guard down around Wolverine and letting him Take Control. REALLY AWESOME I just hope Marvel is Smart enough to keep them together for the long run! and not a just for show thing... If anything I really Like this idea!

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NOT INTERESTED.... Theres NO Need To Re-invent the Wheel! The X-Men already have Wolvie covering every aspect as it is... NO need to make him the First X-Men... Thats kind of over doing it. Mean why not just cancel all the title's of "X-Men" and replace it with "Wolverine" in that case. PROFESSOR X: Created the X-Men thats all I need to know to get by. Thanks but No thanks.

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NO! They better not... Mean they already killed her foster brother (Nightcrawler)... and who knows whats goin on with her foster mother (Mystique)... talk about weedin out a family tree... If anything I think its time for another Summer's member to die... An no (Cable) hasnt offically died yet... So as for ROGUE, I say NO!

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I dont think that Rogue's looks/outfits should be in any consideration on her growth as a character... Mean her actions Yes (relationships, mistakes, conflicts. ect) If you want to get into her costume choices that would be a different matter all together. Her appearance is key to her personality but not her growth as a character. I think Rogue looks good in anything, the only issue I have is that they keep her with her color (GREEN). If anything, Rogue's been rather consistant in comparison to others LOL (hints Kitty: Shadowcat) :)

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I Hope So, Considerin the way things are goin with her Fellow X- Leaders, Cyke and Wolvie doggin her all the time... Why Not make her a ONE MAN ARMY! and see what happens and the reactions and how it impacts the Mutant community. Mean Hope isnt the only one who as the potential of being Powerful in the Mutant community. Just saying the Possablities would be AWESOME! I HOPE ROGUE FINDS A WAY TO USE HER POWERS TO THE MAX and KEEP IT! :D

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The Only one I Do Not Like on this team is Wolverine... Mean Common writers? He doesnt have to be in every X-Men team or all about him. I really like the fact that they are putting the spot light on minor X-characters... But as for Wolverine being a leader again? mean doesnt he have a school to run and the Avengers? I just know that there are other character who (writers) can explore in the X-world to where they can develope them as leadership material. Sorry Marvel but Im So Over Wolverine already.