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@lvenger said:

That's a good plan, a fair way of introducing this idea into an actual group for assisting the Hall of Fame voting process. This thread should be getting more posts, it certainly needs more traction for those who post on the battle forums to be aware of it.

EDIT: But who'd run the actual HOF voting process each year? It couldn't be someone on the Quality Assurance committee.

I told GR, I would be willing to help. As long as I wouldn't have to be on the QA team, and since I am running the HoF thread, I don't mind hosting the actual voting thread. If it becomes it's own thing, I still don't mind helping in that capacity if needed, though GR may want to run it.

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@lvenger said:

I keep missing all the interesting stuff that the Viners make on here. I'd second @wyldsong's motion that the community should get to vote on the Quality Assurance team and whether it comes to pass, we don't want to turn it into an elitist debater clique that passes biased judgement on who gets in and not. Still, eliminating favouritism, prioritising debating style, arguments and knowledge along with other qualities of the Vine's debaters and providing a more accurate list of debaters users can vote into the Hall of Fame does have its perks. Since I've been out of the loop a while, is this an effective immediate decision?

It is an idea that if it gained traction, @ghostravage wanted to bring it to a vote and see what the community decides. While I haven't seen him say much about it here, the idea might be moved into becoming it's own thing, which I think would work. If that is the case, then I will run the next round as it has been run in the past. If more people comment that they like the idea, and would like to see it go ahead and replace the old format, then we can do a vote, and GR can run with it if the vote swings that way.

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@tparks said:

@nickzambuto: Dang, you didn't get in this year??? I demand a recount!!!

I was shocked too lol.

He wasn't too far off vote wise. Between 3-4 votes shy.

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@sirfizzwhizz: I think I have done more CaVs with you than I have had with anyone else. We have too many similar ideas on what would make a good debate=)

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@jestersmiles: @higorm: Thanks to you both for taking the time to read and drop some thoughts my friends, it is greatly appreciated.

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I can post a respect thread worth of feats for Snake, but I'd assume you've seen the stuff by now.

I have, and there are several issues with over-hyping a few feats in it. Ugh, since I have talked about what I have issue with, then I will bring up one glaring example. The hypersonic reaction feat? Not so much of a hypersonic reaction feat/attack. Just so we are all on the same page here:

Loading Video...

To break this down, the shooter spots Snake, and looking through the scope from a supported position, is unable to get Snake in the cross hairs in each of the instances they showed us his point of view. Very shaky, and a lot of movement. So he shoots, we hear the blast, we see a scene of Snake looking directly towards him, and then making a jump with a speed most street levelers could achieve. We hear another blast as Snake goes for his gun, he rolls over, and the tree falls, and with the same amount of speed, he rolls out of the way, narrowly avoiding the tree.

Hypersonic reaction speeds as the respect thread claims? There are a few things to call into question (like the shooter's aim), and the attack itself didn't even appear to be hypersonic. I guess if we can accept that lasers probably aren't really lightspeed, then we can accept that we are not looking at a hypersonic attack.

The reality is, I can find feats of Cap himself performing at similar levels (if not higher). Does that make Snake impressive? Sure it does, but it doesn't lead me to believe he is stomping Iron Fist, much less the people you listed earlier.

It's the cutscenes and challenges in the story that I base my opinion off of. I don't think I've ever really seen a game play mechanic feat posted for Snake even.

Everything I have seen in a cut-scene doesn't put him beyond the likes of Cap and other street levelers. He definitely plays in the superhuman/metahuman arena, but he isn't as high up the ladder as various people are painting him to be.

I don't think I'm low balling. I think that term is used too often on here. I don't see anything wrong with looking at characters as a whole. We can't say it's impossible for characters to bypass Danny's senses, when characters have done it, and I don't think we can substitute feats like fighting blind as feats for stealth detection. It's just not the same at all.

When you bring up scenes to try and prove a point, but add the preface of what amounts to "I don't believe this to be the norm", and then take other scenes and add context and story to them that is not even there, then that is lowballing. I can go point out the specific instances this has all be done in this thread, but they should be easy and plain to see. Are you doing it on purpose? Maybe, maybe not, but you are doing it. In fact, you are doing in this very statement I am responding to.

Blind fighting shows a reliance on all of the senses but sight. In the Sabretooth instance, Danny was blinded, and ST was using that to his advantage, trying to get the sneak attack on Danny, as he obviously wasn't raging, screaming, berserking, and charging in. Fighting without sight and the ability to attack a foe you can't see, and relying on all of your other senses to find and track your foe is the perfect feat for stealth detection, especially when the fight is starting with the two of them facing each other, knowing they are going to fight. Snake isn't getting a free pass to try and sneak up on Danny unawares here, as IF full well knows there is an opponent he is facing and needs to fight.

I could say the same thing about you and Jash, that you are simply taking feats that don't show detecting stealth at Snakes level, and applying it to him. That's "High-Balling" I guess. Or I could say your low-balling Snake, because of feats against characters like White Tiger, Hydra Soldiers, War Machine, or Sabretooth are at a level high enough to say it works the same for Snake, when Snake is leaps and bounds above them in stealth.

So, let's play a little devil's advocate since you want to question those Danny has detected...

So, Snake's level of stealth? The best feats for Snake are him sneaking up on people with enhanced senses? Where are their detection feats besides this notion of them having enhanced senses? People that can hear conversations from a mile out? I can give you Danny detecting the portal to KunLun from the middle of a bridge in a snowstorm that is at the bottom of a canyon while they are high above it on a bridge...plus every other detection feat we have brought to the table.

Out of all of these guys and their detection abilities, I have heard tell of one feat of one them detecting a bunch of featless but supposedly sneaky special ops soldiers trying to surround him. Snake's stealth level isn't all that high from what I have seen. Not to mention, you are again, downplaying and lowballing all of Danny's feats. Snake is not leaps and bounds above any street leveler that I have seen. Is he good at stealth? Sure. Is he better than anyone you just lowballed on Danny's list? Not that I have seen.

I hate to downplay Snake's level of stealth, but since I am playing devil's advocate to the ideas you have presented...I haven't seen a shred of evidence that paints him as being above anyone in Marvel street tiers. So maybe instead of finding ways to downplay what Danny has accomplished, you should focus on just what Snake can and has done to say that he can beat Danny.

You calling me out for low-balling, is saying that I'm intentionally trying to make Danny less then he is.

Again, I am not going to rehash every instance, but I have had to correct several of your assessments of scans. Whether it is on purpose or not, it is plainly happening.

So ya, I get called for low-balling a lot now, but I hope Comicvine gets used to it, because I want to look at every character as a whole.

But you aren't looking at Danny as a whole. We have several instances of you picking the lowest end feats you can find, then proclaiming "That's starting to sound more like consistency". If you are looking at the lowest end feats, downplaying feats presented, and adding your own narrative to feats presented, then I can't think of anything else to say other than you are clearly downplaying and not looking at the character as a whole. If you were looking at the character as a whole, then you would objectively look at the evidence presented, which you aren't. You have tried to find fault in each and every feat presented, then you have looked through Iron Fist appearances specifically to find low showings, and aren't even balancing them against successful showings (the ants as opposed to when he detects Aman at the end of the issue).

You aren't being objective in this thread, at all.

Also, if this reads as frustrated or angry, please ignore that. I have no issues with you. This is just made up characters fighting, bro, and nothing you say to me here could possibly change my opinion of you in the battle forums, based on a single thread just because we disagree. :)

And T, I am not mad at you either bro, and I know that you are an exceedingly intelligent guy. You have made great debates for many characters across these forums, but it is frustrating that you aren't seeing what you are doing here. I am trying to point this out to you to open your eyes to it, as I don't want to see you head down this route. You are better than that. At this point, I am dropping it, regardless of the response to this diatribe. I can't think of any other way to say it to you, and point it out to you. I am not even asking you to admit to anything, or even apologize, I just want to see you doing what you best, without all of the above actions I have seen in this thread.

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@wyldsong: just one question

you said that Solar's powers come from energy. Do you think you could elaborate? Like, does he store energy and expend it when necessary, like Superman? Does he channel another dimension's power, like the Flash?

It depends on the rendition. Out of the two I am using, one seems to never need to recharge on his energy, though it is never directly stated he has unlimited energy, and one version constantly takes in ambient energy from all around him.

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@higorm: Drop me a reminder tomorrow.