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The series overall isn't bad, I am enjoying it, I just have minor gripes with the artwork. I feel like Ernie looks like more of a bad arse on the covers, and while I get where they are going with the red stuff on the face, it just ends up looking like a kool aid mustache at times, and those red pants really need to go...

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Makes since shredder a beast@wyldsong: . @lvenger: shredder would beat cap or Dare

For now, I won't comment on who he could or could not beat beyond Ozy in this thread, though I may have to gather some thoughts and scans, and see if I can put forth a good coherent argument for Shredder at some point on another thread. We will see how I feel about doing such when I finish a few other projects=)

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@serrure said:

@jacthripper: Bullet Dodgers? i stand by Gambit and Peter winning

I would have to reread the actual books, but he does have feats against speedy types, and they are painted as being superhuman in speed (sorry, I don't remember how fast they actually are). I really need to reread the series from the beginning (want to use Harry CaV wise someday), but I am left with the thought that I don't think he would be easily blitzed. He has enough destructive firepower as it were, and AoE ability to keep the likes of Spidey and Gambit on their toes.

If given prep time, I'd give it to Harry without a doubt, but as is...like I said, I need to reread things and refresh my memory, but he shouldn't be overwhelmed I don't think.

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@lvenger said:

@wyldsong said:

I wouldn't say he would be less than amiable, but I didn't want the results tainted by characters he may or may not be all that familiar with. As for how he came to that number, no clue, but it is what it is, and seems a fair enough answer to me, especially based on the multiple lifetimes bit. As for the showings justifying the claim...we can get into that conversation later, as I really need some sleep. I contacted him via twitter for that one.

But you did give the 120 martial arts styles figures beforehand so that in itself might have tainted Curnow's final answer unfortunately And I'm afraid that I don't agree with that estimate, given that for one, Shredder himself hasn't made this statement, for two there haven't been biographical or previous mentions before and most importantly, Shredder hasn't fought like he knows 170 martial arts styles before. Granted he's clearly an elite fighter in the TMNT universe and a pretty good fighter by general standards but when the editor claims he knows more fighting styles than Batman, I don't jump to take that conclusion too seriously.

Anyway hope you got a good night's sleep :)

Since in the end for this thread, it is really neither here nor there, let's just I say highly disagree for a variety of reasons and leave it at that my friend=)

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@serrure said:

@cosmicallyaware1: unfortunately it is believed that MM21 is no longer doing CaVs

If we can get everyone back, I am game.

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This thread is unintentionally hilarious.

It has it's moments=)

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Hand to hand would be another story...but with powers involved, Cyke.

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