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@jashro44 said:

@strider92: I'm super tired and hungry right now so I could be reading things wrong but did she catch a bullet in that second scan in the speed/stealth section? If not than what did she catch?

She caught a bullet fired from behind without even looking. Now go get some food and sleep bro=)

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@strider92: She did take out a good chunk of Cyberforce, and has her stealth tech. I think this would be a good fight, I just don't know who I would back as the winner, though it would be a close one. I kind of want to back Killjoy though, as Riplclaw barely survived against her without her having stealth tech.

I think only you and I even know much about Killjoy here...

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@lowlaville said:

Kaguya was an interdimensional being who could create and destroy pocket dimensions (planets). She considered the main naruto planet her nursery and kept jumping around multiple other planets she had dominion over. She could even fuse with the plane itself and control elements like weather and the physical aspects of the planet or plane in doing so.

This is the level Naruto fought at. By hype, Shinju could create continents and oceans so Kaguya's feats are actually explained easily. Naruto is moon level at least, or multi continent level at peak power, since he is the current living incarnation of the so6p with the exception of Rinnesharingan and the rinnegan and sharingan powers that goes along with it. Naruto right now possess the ability to create anything, as he possess all chakra natures and senjutsu and can create whatever he wants.

Naruto has already displayed this by returning Kakashi's long dead eye, and preventing Gai's death. so6p originally had two abilities primarily. The power to turn illusion to reality, and the power to create stuff out of nothing. Sasuke possess the illusion to reality power, Naruto possess the other.

Darkness at full power would be abstract level. As for all of that you stated, certainly impressive.

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@lowlaville said:

@nyas: and, from what I read, he also took away Darkness's only possible weakness, making him effectively unbeatable.

I think he was going off what others had told him about Naruto, so I don't think spite was intended, but there are versions of the Darkness in the comics that are not weak to light. To me, this seemed to be more about figuring out where Naruto ranked in all of this.

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Wow, close match here.

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@lowlaville said:

@jmarshmallow: which Superman would be my question. Pre crisis? Post crisis? New 52? if its new 52 then stalemating him gives Naruto about a 30-40% chance of victory. The percentage drops to around 10% post crisis and below 5% in pre crisis.....

Again though, the problem is, Naruto has no means of taking Jackie out. The version of Jackie that faced a version of the pre-52 Superman was nowhere near the power level of the current or a full power Jackie. That was still around volume 1, Jackie got a lot more powerful since then. At that point in time, Superman's heat vision (light based) and the sun coming up were what made the difference for their fight, but that was prior to Jackie gaining a resistance to light (and of course the light immunity as stipulated for this thread).

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The Darkness destroys him.

Pretty much brother man.

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@lowlaville said:

@wyldsong: by OP I meant one piece.

Gotcha. I missed that part of the convo, my bad=)

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@lowlaville said:

What are the feats for Darkness?

Far too many to list...basically the Darkness is a force of creation, and with it, Jackie is the equivalent of molecular manipulator with the darkness. He can create pretty much whatever he wants, and can manipulate the darkness wherever it is, even inside people/objects. Jackie has regrown himself from a jawbone, can fly, shapeshift, teleport, hang out in the darkness, summon an army of darklings, tanked bomb blasts/reentry, high level tonner strength, and a lot more. Best part is, he doesn't even have to see Naruto to attack him. Jackie can sense things in the darkness, which is again in everyone and everything. All Jackie has to do is telefrag Naruto. Unless Naruto is carrying a Witchblade in his pocket, is sporting a planet busting light based attack (even then, the OP removed the light weakness, so that won't work), or Naruto has very specified magical prep, then he can't do much here.

@lowlaville said:
@roronuffy said:

@nelomaxwell: Naruto is above OP characters like Luffy was above his block during the colliseum. They could make it a fight but if Naruto gets serious then it's over immediately.

Idk if that's leagues above but it's far enough that no OP character is going to ever match him.

Also it sounds like the darkness is too much for Naruto

Naruto casually busts an area the size of a small country, say India or Malaysia. I don't see anyone in OP take on Naruto in a bad mood....

Jackie can telefrag Naruto, can BFR, can infect Naruto, so forth and so on, and there isn't anything Naruto can do to defend against it. Naruto is not equipped to deal with Jackie.