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@jashro44: Sorry for the long delay on this one, but I had to play through portions of the game to get the vids I wanted, then there was the issue of sorting out the recording software, and so on...long story short, I should be good to go for a post or two. This will be a unique experience for me, as this will be my first time debating with a character that is primarily featured in video games, but I do have a few feats and scans to be brought forth from her short lived comic series. Needless to say, I will try and do her justice, and we will see if I can make a feasible argument for her.

The first post here will primarily feature Rayne as she is portrayed in the first game and the comics. Future posts will get into her upgrades from Bloodrayne 2 and Bloodrayne Betrayal. The movies will be ignored completely. Without further ado...

Agent Rayne

Rayne is a Dhampir (a half vampire), who was fathered by an ancient Nazi vampire by the name of Kagan around the year of 1915. She works for the Brimstone Society, eliminating supernatural threats to the world, and has spent some time hunting down her father and his various offspring.

Now that the short and sweet intro is out of the way, let's get into the important stuff here...I am going to start with her basic physical attributes, get into some of her training, and then close out with a few of her weapons. Her other powers, abilities, notable battles/opponents and weapons will be brought up in the future posts as needed.

Agility, Speed, and Reaction:

To deal with the likes of Black Panther, someone who for all intents and purposes can keep up with the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Fist, this is really a crucial point that has to be brought up, dissected, and broken down. You’ll see her agility and such in the videos I will show, but let’s start with some comic showings. Here we have her performing some flips and acrobatic maneuvers around a serpentine beast that is materializing:

Dodging some close range gunfire:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099865-2.jpg">

And out reacting a human who has a shotgun leveled at her:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099871-3.jpg">

But let’s be honest, what was shown, any competent street leveler should be able to accomplish. Let’s break things down a bit further with some game footage. Obviously things you see in the game are scaled down from what they would be in real life. Building sizes, speed, so forth and so on. To illustrate this point, here we have Rayne getting shot at in the game’s normal time:

Note that you can actually track the bullets fairly easily with your eyes, and that the bullets are travelling a lot slower than a real bullet would be. Bear in mind that in the game literature, Rayne is credited as having superhuman levels of speed. This is reflected in the game by the fact that most creatures, bullets, and so on, actually move slower than she does. So what may not seem all that fast gameplay wise on Rayne’s part, is actually superhuman levels of speed when you take the time scaling into consideration. With that in mind, any foe that can match her in speed is actually playing in the enhanced arena.

With this speed though, Rayne can also slow her perception of time, allowing her to pull the Captain America trick of being able to see faster than a bullet with her Dilated Perception ability:

Now, let’s talk a bit about her preternatural balance:

She can effortlessly run, jump, leap and flip on narrow surfaces, and has better balance than most experienced tightrope walkers as you can see. Now we will tie this section up with a cutscene that involves some quality bullet timing/dodging, leaps, flips, general agility, an instance of moving faster than the eyes can track (from the chandelier to the rafters), and of course some general brutality and bloodshed:


My girl here is definitely no weakling. She sports superhuman levels of strength, and I would hesitantly put her between 4-6 tons. Some basic examples from the comics, here she is slicing through the head of a giant serpent:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099883-24.jpg">

Ripping open some elevator doors from the inside:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099886-25.jpg">

And demolishing some stone doors on a temple:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099889-26.jpg">

Her strength also allows her to pull some pretty high leaps. Remember the size scaling for the next few video links. The structures are scaled down from real life. She can leap onto the top of a church in a single bound:

Now church sizes vary, so it may be difficult to judge just how high she can actually leap from that. Here she is leaping to the top of a utility pole:

Utility poles range in various sizes, but using a fairly conservative estimate, the average utility pole is about 20 feet above the ground. So she can definitely pull some superhuman leaps. We will close this out with a cutscene of her leaping from the street below to the top of a building. This cutscene shows buildings closer to actual scale, so hopefully this will also reinforce the idea of size scaling as discussed earlier:

We will get into some more strength feats in a bit, but hopefully that helps to paint a nice little picture of her levels of strength.


We are facing a guy here that has the tech and ability to harm some heavy hitters. So we definitely need to explore the durability aspect. It takes a ton of bullets to take her down, and I don’t have a video prepared for that, though I will provide one later. That being said, she takes the leap from multistory buildings without worry:

That is a vampire jumping with her for the record.

Here she is diving from a high tech plane, her parachute gets taken out, and she makes a landing hard enough to cause a portion of the roof to crack and cave in, but seems none the worse for wear:

And while in a building wired with c4, she is able to walk out relatively unscathed after setting it off:

For the record, she might be able to tank a few explosions, but they still take their toll on her. While durable, she can still be hurt, but it does take quite a bit to put her down.

Training and Skill:

Rayne is exceedingly experienced in the art of combat and fighting superhuman opponents. She has been running around the world for nearly 99 years and has fought trained soldiers, experimentally enhanced nazis, and a various assortment of supernatural foes, including ancient vampires and demon lords. She was trained by Mynce, another Dhampir, who, while we do not know her exact age, is older than Rayne. Mynce trained Rayne in the arts of combat and assassination, and as you will see, it was quite often on the job training (bear in mind, this is not the experienced Rayne as seen in the games and later comics):

While we don’t know the exact combat forms she was trained in, Rayne uses a combination of martial arts, her blades, her grappling hook, and firearms. She is exceedingly proficient in mixing and matching between all of them in combat without missing a step. And before we close this section out and move on, I just wanted to give an example of her running and gunning to show that she has no issues with running and shooting a target while dual wielding firearms:

So it goes without saying that she is also trained and proficient in a variety of firearms.


So we will start out with Rayne’s primary weapons from the first game. I’ll get into the Corynthian Dragons and the Super Guns in later posts…Rayne’s favorite weapon of choice are her twin blades. These blades are forged from demonic brimstone:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099943-28.jpg">

They are magic, and as such can harm and kill foes that normal weapons cannot do much against:

There are also hellish runes inscribed on the blades as you will see mentioned in the following scan, which adds to their strength and power:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099946-27.jpg">

The above scan also discusses Rayne’s wrist mounted “harpoon”. Also forged from a bit of brimstone and steel, she can use it for transport:

Or can drag a foe to her and fling them around:

And the grenades are self-explanatory, but here is an example of her being able to use them proficiently in combat:

In Conclusion:

I do have more to bring to the table and I am a long ways from being able to prove she can give Panther a run for his money, but I don’t want to oversaturate the first post...besides, what fun is there in laying all of may cards on the table at once? This is just meant to be a very basic intro into Rayne, and I will get further into her powers and her guns as we get further along.

Obligatory hawtness incoming:

<img src="http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_super/4/45351/4099953-bloodrayne-2-imagen-i286594-i.jpg">

Alright, your move brother man.

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Team 1 should be able to take the majority on this one. Pete can take Kaine, and Norman carries superior firepower to Kraven, not to mention everyone has better modes of mobility than Kraven as well. All in all, a good battle.

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@nighthunder: His physical stats far outclass hers, even before Spider Island he was keeping up with the likes of Iron Fist by virtue of his spider-sense and physical stats alone, his Spider-Fu allowed him to keep up with a full blown precog that also had spider powers when he did not have spider-sense, he can predict a foes movements with his spider-sense, he is fully proficient in pressure points, so forth and so on. She really has very little recourse in a hand to hand battle with the likes of Pete here.

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@jashro44: FYI, I tagged you because I know there were a few threads where we were discussing Dragon. I can't speak for Larsen's other works, and some of his political views I could do without, but all in all, I have grown quite fond of Savage Dragon. It is quirky with an odd sense of humor, and is just different than most other books on the market today.

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@jashro44: Alright, I thought I would revisit this, but I am now around 17 issues out from being completely caught up on Savage Dragon. Since the question has been asked and tossed around, I can state with some confidence that Dragon is quite a bit stronger than a 34 tonner. The best way to describe him is to mix in a bit of Bullseye, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and then *insert name of durable brick character here*.

He was able to shoot the Killer's bullets out of the air with his own bullets in a Wanted crossover if that gives you any indication of his aim (the Killer was actively trying to take out Dragon in a dimension hopping adventure), and it is exceedingly consistent with his showings (he once killed a foe by chewing on a dime and spitting it at him for a perfect shot dead center in his forehead while crawling up the side of a building). He is shown sporting Spidey like agility (Larsen did some Spidey work in his time and it seems he is fond of having Dragon pull similar moves), dodging automatic gunfire and energy attacks, tagging speedsters, making insane leaps, so forth and so on. His healing factor is not entirely on Wolvie's level, but he isn't far off and has come back from the dead a few times, regenerated from losing his lower half, so forth and so on. Beyond that, his durability and pain tolerance are pretty beastly. He can hang fairly consistently with class 100s (though he is not quite a class 100 himself), and seems to have a striking force above his strength level. He is also exceedingly adaptable to different environments, and is used to fighting multiple superpowered foes at the same time.

All in all, I honestly feel he could probably beat Kaine.

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Lol, the one and only main protagonist of the video game series Kingdom Hearts, I think he would be more than a match for The Darkness, he has faced universal threats before and bested them, The Darkness included unless you can prove me or @jmarshmallow wrong :)

Let me get my Bloodrayne CaV up and running, then the Savage Dragon one, and then we will see if this is a challenge anyone wants to undertake=)

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@strider92 said:

@wyldsong said:

@jashro44: She has been portrayed as being pretty darn fast, and you are right about the level of ease with which she did it. Killjoy is being built up as being a bit of a team effort to take down.

While I agree she is a team effort lets remember that the Cyberforce only have two what I would call serious threats and they are Aphrodite V and Velocity. Panther could arguably take down the rest of the group alone too. Ripclaw while impressive lacks skill so isn't a severe threat to T'Challa and while I think Aphrodite would give T'Challa a good run for his money I don't believe she could win. Velocity is the only one of the group that could and Velocity hasn't yet encountered Killjoy yet. When she does maybe this battle could seriously shift in Killjoy's favor if she does well with good showings. However short of that I would see Panther and Joy on the same level currently. Currently being the key word here.

V would be a good fight, however, IX could take him. As for the rest of Cyberforce, current continuity wise, you are probably right, as they also have not had enough time to really do much and the showings are lacking as of the moment.