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@laflux said:

@xiix: In fairness he's also Teleported himself and another person to Mars, changed the atmosphere so she could breath, and said he walked on the surface of the sun.

That being said, I hate him because just because of the asinine stuff people have said about him on CV.

Just to be clear on that, he created an almost atmospheric bubble around her, he didn't change the entire atmosphere=P

Beyond that, QFT on your closing there bro=)

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@beware_my_power: He was really powerful compared to a lot of the Valiant U (he was the only one ever shown with planet busting power), but once you get into other companies, it becomes a little more common place.

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@beware_my_power said:

@wyldsong: @tparks: I should make a surfer vs solar thread. Once the solar fans start flocking in, you guys start debunking feats left and right!

The bait will be strong...

Lol...I have to be honest though, I kind of want to use Solar in a CaV at some point. I really enjoyed everything I have read. That being said, energy manipulators and absorbers were kind of Solar's bane throughout the series. Surfer would take him in a good fight honestly=)

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@nelomaxwell said:

@wyldsong: Did you just verbally out box him?

Well, I used some scans too, that is if we are talking about the post I first broke it all down in as well=)

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@higorm: Bump me tomorrow, and I will give it a read through.

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@welldone: I did not magically leave those out, as I discussed at least the Deathmate scan in great detail. The Gayle scan, doesn't really prove anything, but we can talk about that right now if you like, but you won't like what I will have to say. That scan with Gayle is from the Birthquake Solar run, issue 59 to be exact, the issue right before he gives his life to reignite a sun and is not the original Valiant Solar. And regardless, he never once displayed reality destroying power in his run. I flat out gave you his best feats. You are taking a turn of phrase made by a version of Gayle and are making a mountain out of a mole hill with that one.

Scan 2 you are showing is from Deathmate, which I even gave it's own section in my post. I already discussed that one at great length and detail, and it was in my breakdown, with it's own section even. It definitely was not magically left out, as I discussed the problems and issues inherent with the instance itself, and even show you the very next page after your scan, wherein we see that Solar did not survive that feat. Considering he has never once performed at a universal level, and his baseline in the Valiant run of comics requires him to amp to even perform at a level to bust planets, that instance is nowhere near the norm, and just full of PIS.

If the scans of Solar having to drain suns to bust a planet nor being able to hold together his energy form after being hit by a simple bullet isn't proof enough for you of this, then I am more than happy to provide you with more intel on just what his baseline is.

My whole post broke down Valiant Solar, his baseline, and just what it is that he has done while amped and not amped. Valiant Solar does not have one single feat at the multiversal level.

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@tparks said:

@wyldsong: Nice post by the way. I think the people that have actually read all of what Solar has to offer, actually understand that Solar is not what some ridiculous respect threads have made him into: some Galactus level character.

Sadly though, I don't think the people that blow characters like Solar out of proportion after finding a respect thread, are going to accept that a character they thought was some hidden battle forums gem, with multiversal level feats, are going to give up this idea, regardless if they have ever actually read the comics.

T my friend, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink sadly=)

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