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@jashro44: Alright, good deal. Like we agreed, slow roll on this one, I'll try and have something within a week, but if you get the time, feel free to beat me to it=)

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@jashro44: Alright, I went ahead and made the thread. Let me know if anything needs to be changed. I didn't know how many grenades you wanted, but if the number or anything in the OP needs to be changed, please let me know brother man. As well, feel free to start with your intro whenever, I should have something up in a few days or so.

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In this corner we have...

King of the Dead Black Panther (defended by @jashro44)


  • Gauntlets used against Namor
  • Grenades used against Namor x4
  • Energy Daggers
  • Insulated Suit
  • Force Field Projector
  • Cloaking Device
  • Short Range Teleporter

And in this corner we have...

Rayne (defended by @wyldsong)


  • Brimstone Blades
  • Brimstone Harpoon
  • Dhampir Gun (Full Reservoir)
  • Uzis x2 (x10 Clips)
  • Grenades x4


  • In character
  • Random encounter
  • No knowledge of opponent
  • Win by Death or Knockout
  • Rayne cannot possess Black Panther
  • Actual game mechanics are not to be taken into consideration (such as the health bar or when Rayne get's hit due to a piss poor player in the referenced videos)


  • Both combatants start on opposite sides of the temple
  • The location is unpopulated
  • Neutral location unknown to both
  • Battle is at night

Challenge a Viner Rules:

  • For your vote to be counted at least one reason must be provided and it must not be based off the character, only the debater.
  • Regular posting, or making comments is perfectly fine. However, you are not permitted to interfere in the debate, post scans, nor start any separate debates with another user.
  • If you must correct either of us on a point or ask us a question regarding the debate, it would be appreciated if you would resort to asking us in a P.M.
  • As always, may the best debater win.
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Turtles should take this one.

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Awesome series so far. Personally I found it well worth the read.

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From what I have seen, stops at 6. He most definitely clears 1-5.

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@robertloucksjr said:

Winchesters if you are going by the TV shows. Buffy gets tagged a lot. I see no reason she would be able to dodge two sharpshooters. She was reduced to being pinned down behind a bar once Darla started shooting dual pistols (with little seeming skill) in "Angel" is the seventh episode of the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not sure what she would do versus a shotgun.

First season Buffy does not equate to final season Buffy, who was dodging automatic gunfire and dealing with armed soldiers without issue in later seasons. She increased in reflexes, speed, physical stats and skill as the show went on. As for the shotgun, they don't have that listed in their equipment in this battle.