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Without doors for Mids, I think he just might be able to clear. He is pretty beastly in his showings thus far.

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@lukehero: Team Vamp is getting undersold a bit here. I am far too tired from work to do a detailed breakdown, but Vampirella's mesmerism powers have affected anywhere from large groups of people to Satan's high ranking demon lords/generals, and she doesn't have to even look at her foe to make it work, not to mention she has fought off mental domination from a chaos deity herself. She is far stronger than anyone on the X-Men team (she once used a chain and anchor from a ship to yank a helicopter out of the sky), and can move and fight in mach speeds and can fly. Team Vamp is pretty damn beastly.

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@jashro44: I added more to the thought when you posted that=)

Mirage is kind of tricky to deal with, but someone with enhanced senses, if they can pick up Harper, could feasibly take her down, which would end the hard light holograms involvement.

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@jashro44: The holograms can be made to be solid or intangible. So it would depend on the tactics Harper employed, but if the mask works anything like DD's senses, it would pick up something solid if the illusion were made solid. That whole scan is not coming through...but the holograms projected can be made to attack and such.

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@jashro44: Maybe if he figures it out in time, but most people think she is a ghost the way she is used in combat, as there is no indication of the tech unless they can actually see Harper, recognize the tech for what it is (I believe it was in the form of gloves), and then put two and two together to do something about it before it is too late. Then again, this is tech beyond WS's time, and while I would have to review the series to see if it is touched upon, it may not work. As well, if Harper were not directly in combat, the hologram is being projected, so it would depend on if the pulse could reach Harper.

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@strider92: In hand to hand, Harper could hold her own for a bit against these guys, but not long enough to make a huge difference unless she were wearing Mirage, but that also limits her somewhat and her trickery. It's a tricky balance to find there with her, but being hard light, something that is solid, DD's senses should pick up the holograms as solid. It's just a matter of if he were to pick up Harper with his senses, and think to tell someone or do something about it. It's hard for me to say if that would make things more fair, or tip the scales to the mainstream team. As it is, I think the indie team can take this, as long as someone ties up X23 in combat, which they have the ability to do.

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@jmarshmallow: @dondave: @laflux: She is basically a kind of hard light hologram kind of thing. As long as team indie can tie up X23 before her enhanced senses can pick up Harper, then Harper doesn't really have to enter the battle, and can use all sorts of tactics and illusions (the illusions would be hard light) to confound the mainstream team, and Madame Mirage can still do some damage. That being said, if Harper "wears" Madame Mirage, she can also significantly reduce any damage done to her. Going into combat in that manner, she can hold her own for a bit.

Basically Harper users advanced future tech, and has recreated her murdered sister with it for a bit of revenge. The tech is somewhat sentient in a way, but Madame Mirage is the hard light projection of her sister as made by the tech Harper uses. Harper is also an exceedingly proficient hand to hand combatant.

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@pope052 said:

@wyldsong said:

@pope052: I am far too tired to get into reasoning, I apologize brother man, but you get my vote.

No worries, but unfortunately the votes can only be fairly counted if a reason is provided ;P

Basically anything I could say has been said, but you were exceedingly effective in countering your opponents points and tactics=)

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