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@higorm: Give me a bit, and I will add it brother man.

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@wyldsong: Thanks Wyld, I appreciate your effort! :)

No problem my friend.

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Thor throws a steamboat at Cthulhu. Flawless victory for Thor.

Cthulhu eats the steamboat and proceeds to mind rape Thor.

Nope, it is canon that steamboats are his kryptonite apparently.

Considering R'lyeh sank back into the sea again, the stars weren't right. So he wasn't at full power.

Prove that a full power Cthulhu can tank a steamboat then...hard to do considering all it took was one take him out, and he really had no actual feats otherwise in the original canon...like I said, I didn't write it=P

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Thor throws a steamboat at Cthulhu. Flawless victory for Thor.

Cthulhu eats the steamboat and proceeds to mind rape Thor.

Nope, it is canon that steamboats are his kryptonite apparently. Don't blame me for that one, I didn't write the story=)

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Thor throws a steamboat at Cthulhu. Flawless victory for Thor.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Should be fun, a little Halloween themed CaV in the summer season! I am going to start with a little theme music for everyone to listen to as they read this opener...

Loading Video...

Evil Ernie (Earnest Fairchild):

As a child, Earnest had telepathic abilities, and also showed the ability to affect reality through his drawings. He was abused by his parents, the neighborhood was aware of it and chose to ignore it, and after some behavorial therapy, Ernie kills his parents and 35 other people. He is caught, placed in an asylum, and when a treatment was performed using a device called Neurotech in an attempt to cure his insanity, Lady Death (who had previously visited Ernie in his dreams), imbued him with her arcane energy, thus creating the terror of Evil Ernie. Ernie's mission was to bring about the death of all life on Earth so that his love, Lady Death, could return to the planet (she was cursed by Lucifer).

Now, the Dynamite version had a slightly different history, but since most of my feats will be from the original version, I'll stick with that one for the main history, though it does bear noting that the current incarnation of Ernie is more of an anti hero than villain. Needless to say, Ernie had a wild ride, and had the country on its knees, and nearly succeeded in his goal before finally being taken down. So, let's discuss about just what it is that makes Ernie a threat here...seriously though, this guy had the country in ruins and nearly succeeded in his goal to bring about his world ending, apocalyptic "Megadeath"...

The Physicals:

So, here is brief breakdown of the physical abilities of Ernie...

Strength -

As you can see, Ernie does have pretty high levels of strength and is pretty darn strong:

Even military grade, steel bunker doors don't stand a chance against him:

Durability -

I should also point out that Ernie is fairly difficult to put down:

So while bullets may pierce his skin, you can freeze him and he still keeps on going:

You can also hit him with a semi and blow him up, and he just brushes it off:

Electricity doesn't slow him down in the slightest:

His opponents can bullrush him through a concrete wall with tonner level strength:

And he just keeps on ticking. Ernie can most definitely tank some damage=)

Speed -

Ernie can also react to speedy types, and is by no means slow:

Skill -

Ernie has no official training, though he is pretty darn talented in the arts of killing and combat. A good example of this is Ernie as a human, getting his hands free, and smacking around the security guards and orderlies:

He is pretty consistently able to match exceedingly skilled foes in combat and put the beatdown on them. Take for instance his fight with Crush, who was a highly trained soldier that was changed into a cyborg of sorts:

And Ernie has also been shown to be proficient in a variety of weaponry and firearms:

The Powers:

So while a lot of stuff under the physicals could be considered powers themselves, I wanted to give this it's own section apart from his physical abilities. There is a big and clear difference between the powers of Evil Ernie and Earnest Fairchild. Ernie does not have the ability to affect reality through drawings, and initially his telepathic ability was changed to controlling and affecting the dead. So yeah, he can create zombies and control them (his Dead Onez):

And these zombies, while maybe a slightly stronger than a baseline human, aren't going to be much of a problem for Wolfman, and would be a minor nuisance at best, so they won't really get any sort of focus in this battle. In a prep battle, I could have argued his dead onez using military grade and high tech weaponry and so on...but we went with a random, so it is what it is.

After a time, the Dead Mind as it is termed is formed, and gains it's own kind of sentience, and Ernie loses access to portions of it and his control over some of his undead, but he regains a bit of his telepathic power:

Now while I know a win via telepathic means is out in this battle, I just wanted to show that to illustrate Ernie's versatility as compared to a basic brick type character. Moving on from stuff that is really neither here nor there in this fight, while connected to his psychotic little friend, Smiley, Ernie has regeneration that is pretty darn effective:

He can also create blasts of arcane energy:

Between his physical abilities, his regen, and his ability to create blasts of arcane energy, Ernie should be able to keep Wolfman on his toes...claws...whatever he has...

In Summary:

There is your intro to Ernie brother man. So while I cannot lay down a strategy and plan of attack until I learn a little more about Wolfman, I have hopefully laid enough groundwork for this to start. Wolfman's biggest issue here is going to be in his ability to actually put Ernie down. Ernie should be able to keep up speed and strength wise, and can produce bursts of arcane energy to aid in his attacks. The telepathy, we are obviously ignoring for this battle, but Ernie is pretty darn versatile for a undead psycho brick type character as you can see=)

Your move bro.

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@wyldsong: Usually not my kind of music either. But this specific song just seemed very... fitting =P

Lol, it definitely works=)

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@the_red_viper: Honestly, that is not my kind of music, but I am good with that for a team song=)



The Valiant version of Dr Solar is probably one of the most misunderstood characters on these forums. I have seen feats taken out of context, feats from different versions/companies mixed in, and so on. Valiant Solar is not a multiversal, universe busting powerhouse. By the time you see some of his best feats here, hopefully a better picture will be painted of the Man of the Atom. I don't think I have ever once had to start a post trying to downplay my choice in characters, but having witnessed first hand the rampant misinformation that has been running the forums about Valiant Solar, I felt the need to get this out there, and open with this.

The cause of such misinformation is basically people mixing and matching various versions of Solar, and putting too much belief in that KMC respect thread, which is one of the worst offenders on the net today, as it blatantly misrepresents and mislabels feats, and mixes many versions of Solar under one banner. Under the Valiant banner there are at least 5 different versions of Solar (normal, Gold Key, Destroyer, Traveler, Deathmate). Then Acclaim bought out Valiant, and that brought us another 5 versions (I am including one version from the unfinished Unity 2000 in this count).

So, I will end this diatribe by stating that I am working on a write up to clear that all up, but that will be it's own post in another forum altogether. To keep versions clear here, I will be utilizing Solar from his original Valiant run (anything prior to Birthquake and excluding the horrendous Deathmate) and the Dark Horse run.

Solar, Man of the Atom:

Good old Phil. Depending on the version this is either Phil Seleski or Phil Solar, but since most of my feats are Valiant based, we will stick with calling him Seleski, and will expand upon that particular background (both are similar enough). Phil was a scientist who grew up reading the Gold Key Solar comics:

And was inspired by them. As an adult, he creates a machine that for all intents and purposes grants his subconscious desires, and long story short, he becomes Solar. It takes a series of misadventures for him to fully become the Solar readers know and love, such as splitting off into 2 beings (Seleski and a Gold Key inspired Solar), and then all combining back together with a version of Seleski from the past...but eventually things get straightened out, and his adventures kick into high gear.

Nuclear Fission (Breaking Down the Atom):

I am going to have to give the short and sweet version of his power list here, as Solar can honestly do a lot=)

Flight -

Solar is capable of atmospheric and space flight:

Speed -

He has been shown to be able to amp his combat speed, and can achieve travel speeds up to lightspeed:

Strength -

Phil can also amp his strength. While the limits have never really be shown nor tested (though he seems to cap out around X-O armor level), he has been shown supporting collapsing roofs to fighting hand to hand with super-strong aliens:

Durability -

Seleski has been shown as surviving in the deep dark depths of the ocean and the colds of outer space without issue, and has tanked all manner of physical attacks from various powerhouses and high tech weaponry:

Healing/Regeneration -

Solar has also displayed the ability to heal/reform himself from various attacks, and can heal others:

Technopathy -

He can interface with, talk to, and manipulate a variety of technological devices and computers:

Teleportation -

Solar can travel through radio waves, cell phone signals, and so on, and can teleport:

Energy Projection/Absorption/Manipulation -

Solar can also fire off blasts of energy, can absorb energy, and can pretty much manipulate it for a variety of effects (it should be noted that he can and has been affected/hurt by various energy attacks though):

To be clear though, he can't just cause people and such to explode=P

Everything Solar does is basically linked back to his energy control. You see, in Solar's words, everything is energy:

Which is the blanket description for how his powers work, and just why it is he can do what he does. Honestly, I can't really even keep going on with the list, because there is too much for an intro post, so I will bring up the rest as needed. Needless to say, reality warping and universe busting does not number among his list of abilities=)

The Basic Plan:

So, I don't really know enough about Blue Beetle to lay out a great strategy just yet. Warriors in sentient alien armors with high tech weaponry though is honestly nothing new to Solar:

Phil is a scientist first and foremost. And while sometimes it has allowed some of his foes to get the first hit, he'd probably be fascinated by the Blue Beetle's armor, and might even try and give it a sec so he can study it before attacking to be quite honest:

He might even try interfacing with it and shutting it down, so the fight could be resolved without violence, and then he could go and help Hal take down Goku:

Of which I am sure the armor might not approve of...and I won't try and argue Solar hacking into sentient armor and taking control of it. Honestly, that is a level or two beyond what I have been able to produce of him hacking. So the question is, I have seen threads where people have placed Reyes as the Beetle against various Flashes, Superman types, and Lanterns...and all have had mixed results, but what exactly can the Beetle do against the likes of Solar here?

You move gents, let's see what you got=)

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Depending on how strong comic Predators are, I am tempted to say Rocksteady round 1, Predator round 2.