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@tparks: That post was full of win my friend=)

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@primez0ne: Do me a favor, I don't mind giving a breakdown on what I saw, but if you could drop me a PM so I don't forget my friend.

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Yes, come one, come all! View the drama! View the wreckage of a once proud thread!

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@erik said:

@wyldsong: Since when does one need scans to win an argument? I would tune all of you up at the same time in a debate and never once post a scan or video. Who has the better argument should be what gets the votes, not who posted the fanciest pictures or videos. Seriously some of the saddest reasoning I have seen for votes in a while.

Yes, because that was exactly what was intoned in my vote, "Ooh, look at the pretty colors and moving pictures, he gets my vote!"

Now in reality, I said @gojira2014 had well formulated arguments and responses, and was able to back up those responses. I never downed @one_upper for his debate (and I don't belittle unless they generally give me a good reason to), but when it came down to it, I preferred goji's argument and his proof to one's debate.

Whatever your self perceived belief is of your style of debate, that is great and all, but I learned long ago to never blindly take anyone for their word on this site, whether they are in the HoF or not. The gathering of proof and appropriately using said proof, and the art of research over such proof is an art unto it's own. An art I quite enjoy. Sometimes I play the word smith and dissect arguments, sometimes I lay the groundwork with scans with the initial posts only to move onto the purely written format, and sometimes I use a combination of each, all of which is really painfully evident to anyone that knows me and has debated with me on these boards for any length of time. I must be doing something right to have made it into the HoF, as I got votes from people that know me on each of my listed fronts.

You won't find me calling out someone on an opinion on how they voted. We are all different and unique little flowers on this site. We all have different ideas and visions of the world. We all believe differently, see things differently, and have had different life experiences. Which all helps to give every single one of us a difference in opinion. You don't like the scans and videos that someone took the time to work on, and piece together, and work into their debate? Fine, I don't fault you for it, and beyond this simple little post, you won't hear me call you out for it. That is your opinion, and you have a right to that opinion. Others may not agree with it, but it doesn't make it wrong. It simply makes it a different opinion than your own.

The same goes for those with a difference of opinion than the one you carry. I don't take others for their word on this site. Discussion is fine, but without proof, I will find it baseless, and have no problems asking for proof. If proof cannot be provided, then I find their words to be subject to the utmost scrutiny. It is not up to me to go and look up things people quote for their position in a debate forum, especially in a CaV. It is for the person defending their position to provide such proof. Though due to my love of research, I have quite often looked up the proof for many a person's position that countered my own...and wouldn't you know it? What they say usually doesn't match up to the reality...imagine that.

You enjoy the style of debate that you enjoy and vote how you feel you should vote. I will enjoy the style of debate that I enjoy, and vote how I feel I should vote. And never have I voted on the basis of anything so inane as "who had the most scans or most videos". I vote based on the argument, and the ability to back said argument up. Whether you agree with me or not on who had the best debate here, meh, it really doesn't matter thanks to that all important life experience and difference in opinion, but one_upper's debate fell flat with me, and the lack of proof did not help.

You wanted discussion, well there it is. And now that I have said my piece...C'est La Vie.

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Marz is signing on...might have to actually check this out...

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@tparks: Phew...glad I saw this...you got my vote my friend. I thought the use of your team and strategies were great my friend. Awesome job.

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@owie said:

I think it's been great the way you've been doing it...a real primer on her abilities. (Not commenting on the debate itself here, just saying I am a fan of the use of scans.)

Thanks, it is appreciated. It has been very difficult to narrow down the scans. Every issue of her comics basically has fighting and violence in it...so as you can imagine, there is a lot to work with. Hopefully I am doing her justice, and I will get back in another day or so to finish this off. I somehow got myself caught in multiple CaVs at once...

@gojira2014: Am I wrong to think Callisto was far hotter than Xena?

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@cdiddyman911 @kidman560 @gojira2014: Alright, the opener. I have a busy few work days I am in the middle of, so I am modifying an intro for her for use from another thread (an intro I personally wrote just to be clear), since it lays out everything nice and neatly, and it allows me to get my part started so you guys don't have to wait on me. Here we go...

Aphrodite IX

The Origin Stuff:

The Aphrodite Protocol was created in 1971, and first initiated around 1980 with the creation of Aphrodite androids. They started out as fully synthetic, but around 2011 they created the first bio-synthetic model in Aphrodite V. In 2078 they finally had the first live natural birth of a techno-biological singularity with tri-helix DNA and three additional artificial chromosome pairs, Aphrodite IX. Aphrodite IX is known as the "Tracker Killer" model, and is a 225% improvement over the generation VII models (which puts her far above models VI and V). Our protagonist here is exceedingly unique in that she is regaining a sense of self above and beyond her programming, and also interestingly enough, has an artifact known as the Coin of Solomon implanted in her brain.

It should also be noted that there is a whole slew of various other IX series models (one named for each of the greek gods), and all IX series are all unique, in that there is only one of each of them, and they are slated to basically rule over the world in a dystopian future.

The Physicals:

Aphrodite is a marvel of genetic engineering and cybernetics. So, she is not a metal robot...sorry Black Panther, but you would need Aphrodite IV for the pure robot with metal insides. She was built to be above a peak human in all respects (strength, speed, durability, etc), with a neural processing speed faster than any human, and has the ability to temporarily enhance these stats through an "adreno-glycaline surge", and with these increased stats comes increased neural processing speed as well. Most of the below feats (except maybe some of the strength feats) are possible for the baseline Aphrodite IX.


We can clock her average deadlift at 275.5 pounds (1510 pounds with moderate surge), average bench press at 242.5 pounds (1323 pounds with moderate surge), average striking pressure at about 1522 pounds per square inch (3626 pounds per square inch with moderate surge) and she can increase her strength to roughly the 2-5 ton range depending on if she goes for more heavy surge usage.

She has lifted heavy machinery and punched through concrete floors and thrown full grown men around like ragdolls:

She has also ripped the cockpits off of flying ships and put the beatdown on robots bare handed:

Not to mention that Aphrodite models aren't unfamiliar with tangling with and dealing with far stronger foes. Aphrodite IV has a history with the Witchblade. I won't hazard to guess just how strong that little puppy is, but it has allowed Sara to drop giant monsters and one shot a speeding semi-truck, and Aphrodite proved strong and skilled enough to tangle with her:

Being able to increase her strength levels and even striking power allows her to hurt armored foes with her bare hands (though realize her hands are reinforced with tensile strength metal fibers and she has an increased torqueing ability with her muscles, so her hits tend to hurt a bit more). Sara in her Witchblade armor can tank hits from high level tonners, explosions, multi-story falls and so on, so that should show how effective her hits can be. I should also mention that IX has taken out quite a few armored foes with her punches alone.


Aphrodite IX can tank some damage like a champ. She can handle multi-story falls:

She has the explosion angle covered as well as gunfire:

So, as we can see, she is pretty darn durable=)

Agility, Speed and Reaction:

Aphrodite IX is also pretty darn speedy when it comes down to it. On average, she can take the 100 meter in about 11 seconds with a sprint and not even become winded or left out of breath. With moderate surge usage she can do it in about 7 seconds and can go even faster than that if she goes for a heavier surge usage. She once cleared 13 meters in 1.2 seconds and killed a foe before they could fully realize what was even going on, all the while dodging automatic gunfire. Now, let's actually take a look at some of her various feats of speed, reaction, and acrobatics.

My girl here is definitely agile, and acrobatic:

She also took down three members of Cyberforce in no time flat, and of course as you will see, was able to react to the speedster, Velocity (so no one is beyond her speed to tag in this fight):

Not to mention the obligatory bullet timing and dodging:

Fighting Skill:

To start with, Aphrodite IX has never really trained. All Aphrodite models are "trained" aka programmed in nearly every worldly combat technique to be the most efficient killing machines they can be:

She has also shown proficiency in numerous weapons, and is also exceedingly skilled with her Blade Kata (these weapons are capable of slicing up armored robots, and please note that she does the below without the aid of her combat computer, so her combat proficiency isn't all about the computer, the computer simply aids her proficiency):

And here are some various other showings of skill:

The CDI Model V.9:

Aphrodite IX comes equipped with a little computer (the CDI Model V.9) that can predict a foes moves and lay out their fighting style before she ever sees them fight, as well as monitor her health, their health, power usage and can break down a foe to the genetic level telling her about them, even to the point of telling her about their technological enhancement's and equipment.

Bear in mind, the Aphrodite that kept up with Sara, Cyberforce, etc, did not even have this little bad boy. And note that in many of the previous scans I have shown with her hand to hand and blade kata skills, she also did not have use of this little piece of tech. This little computer ups the ante a bit, and adds to what she can accomplish and do in combat, and it is all integrated and fully functioning with her skills and so on:

Also note that in some of those scans, she was able to increase her striking power to one shot armored foes. This computer let's her pilot vehicles she hasn't piloted before, learn and speak an unknown language, monitors the environment so her body can adjust itself and so on. And these systems include enhanced long range sensors, so sneaking up on her will prove a difficult task at best. Not to mention it constantly scans for weak points and can give her detailed information on a foe and the best way to kill them:

It will also tell her about her foes tech, and break that tech down for her, so there really won't be any surprises from Black Panther, and she'll also know about the weakness in his armor thanks to this little bad boy=)

I'll get into weaponry, self adjusting systems, her insane accuracy and such in the next post. For now, I will turn this over to my partner in crime for this match, @gojira2014.

And some obligatory hawtness...

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@gojira2014: Can do bro. If I don't get to it tonight, then tomorrow for sure.

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@gojira2014 gets the vote. Lack of support for his arguments really hurt his opponent, and gojira2014 not only had well formulated arguments and responses, but was able to back up his claims quite nicely.