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@jdp180 said:

Do I need any past knowledge of this character to follow this issue?

You don't need to dig into the old Image appearances. Knowing a little of what has been going with her in Marvel might help a little, but they do talk a little about her past and give you some idea of who/what she is.

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Round 1 and maybe round 2.

Round three and on, no chance in hell.

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@wyldsong: Well he probably can exert his full strength in his legs if he wants to. All though besides that I don't have much to say. I don't really disagree with anything or I can't really comment on somethings.

I agree that he can exert the full strength if he wants, but think of it this way, ever walked in ankle deep mud? The first time you step in, it can trip you up, and then you have to start exerting some strength to move through it. It's slow going, and you are actively exerting strength to get through it. Similar idea with the attraction powers here. Sure he can break up the ground, but it can still factor into slowing him down some.

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@jashro44 said:

@wyldsong: I remember we discussed the attraction and repulsion power and we came to the conclusion if someone is strong enough to rip the surface they are stuck to it wont stop them. I don't see that working on black tarantula. As for Carlos son having the same powers, do we know if they are equal to 616 black tarantula?

Her repulsion powers worked on Seth, who was alot stronger than she was, but all it did was cause him momentary discomfort. She could probably throw BP around with it, but it wouldn't K.O him, and I doubt she could hold him for long with her attraction powers.

She also used the attraction powers on the evil version of her father, who was stronger, and it held him long enough for her to deal with him, though BT is still stronger than that.

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I remember we discussed the attraction and repulsion power and we came to the conclusion if someone is strong enough to rip the surface they are stuck to it wont stop them.

They could feasibly break up the ground, but she could still hinder someone quite a bit, especially if they are not expecting it. It's not like when he lifts his legs he exerts the full tonnage of his strength levels, else he would leave a lot of cracks and pot holes when he walks=)

As for Carlos son having the same powers, do we know if they are equal to 616 black tarantula?

This is where I need to review the showings, but in her books, Kaine never got changed from his old school version, and I seem to remember Fabian (BT's son) beating Kaine and two others pretty handily. He does have the concussive blasts from the eyes, durability, superstrength, healing touch, healing factor and so on. I'll try and review it soonish, but I am at work today, and the only reading material I currently have are the old school Chaos books.

Black tarantula hasn't been as impressive in recent showings but if he is written in the way in which he beat spider-man (which is the one everyone likes to talk about) I think he wins.

He has suffered the fate of many Spidey villains in other books...the dreaded PIS/CIS. Again though, I need to review the showings of everything BT in May's books. Chances are, he probably does take it, but I want to take a look and see what happened with May and BT before making that call myself.

And Peter had experience with symbiotes to but Brock would beat him handily a majority of the time. Not sure if she can deal with lizard either.

Symbiotes and their weaknesses aren't new to her, which is the main reason I brought it up, as a way to illustrate that many of the powers and abilities of Pete's foes aren't new to her...but without prep or the right environment, Eddie probably takes it. Same goes for the Lizard, since prep and the right environment are two keys to taking him down as well.

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@jashro44 said:

@highaccuser: If she beats the goblins. She is suppose to be better with speed and spider sense than Peter so working around the speed of ocks arms or speed demon shouldn't be a problem. Scopions armor is to durable but his face is exposed and she is more competent than him. Beyond that shocker could be a problem since his suit lets him take hits from Peter but I think she can hurt him so he will fall eventually.

And you think she can beat Kraven and Morbius?

Also, am I the only one who's notifications aren't working?

No, my notifications aren't working either=)

That being said, she also has a wild card that her father does not have, and the villains won't be expecting, which is the attraction/repulsion powers. She has had dealings with the son of the Black Tarantula, who pretty much has the same powers as his father, though I am trying to remember how their encounters went...I really need to reread the series. Not to mention, she also has had dealings with Venom and other symbiotes. She also received some training from a goblin and has faced Goblins and their tech, so she already has some familiarity there.

Until I reread and refresh my memory, I'll say that she can most definitely make it to BT, but I will refrain from making further judgment until I review the showings.

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@allstarsuperman: I think there is no denying that on many instances, I generally agree with you...

The way I see it, his power is still "to kill". Wesley's powers are capable of amping his skills, IMHO. For instance, he was told to shoot the wings off of the flys, not kill them. He was capable of smacking a bullet into Rickus without killing him, cause he wanted to question him. When he was told to kill "Kill these C*ck.....Suckers" He was able to slaughter over 30 super-villains instantly. He started off with dual guns, then goes single gun, then dual wields a handgun with a machine gun, he was also dodging machine gun fire at the same time. And this is faster then Fox really seems to comprehend.

I don't entirely agree that it would amp all his skills. When we see him kill someone, or generally take them on, it is with his marksmanship, be it with a shot fired, thrown weapon or deflected bullet. We have never seen him go up to someone who is uber-proficient and trained in martial arts, then suddenly get his hand to hand skills amped and take them down. His power set seems revolve around aim/marksmanship with some speed, reflexes and agility. If we had more to go on, with examples that go beyond him killing with ranged attacks, I might almost agree, but for now, we just have the marksmanship showings.

Agreed. But I'd say Wesley's powers made him a bit of a prep master for that scene. He still killed him. He knew exactly where he was at exactly what time, ETC. Wesley's powers are "to kill" it's really general, but I think it works that way.

I don't know that I would credit the scene with his powers. I think staying out of sight until the right time was a smart move, and the place they chose to appear showed good planning on their parts, but personally, I find it hard to credit that to his powers. Wesley and Fox timed it just right, and Sucker fell to his death when the powers wore off. We don't even know that it was Wesley's plan, it could have been Fox's or a combination of both, as it is never stated that the idea was all Wesley's.

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@bullettimer said:


True, but it's beyond regular aim/accuracy/speed abilities

He was planning on shooting Sucker in the head until the guy broke his gun, so he had a plan at least. And he was also able to own every single over superbeing who went after him with just a gun, so I'm thinking his powers extend beyond simply "better accuracy", though to what extent I'm not sure, and if don't think we'll ever know his true limits

We won't ever know the true limits unless Millar comes out with more, but without anything else, we can't say his power extends beyond superhuman marksmanship and accuracy, since that plus some enhanced reflex and speed is all he has ever really displayed.

Now, to be honest, I don't remember the Sucker breaking his gun, but if the power negation bit were true, then the Sucker should not have gotten that close. I'll check it out tomorrow (not at home), but if that is the case and he did break the gun, then it shows that as long as someone has better speed and reaction, then they can take him down (or if their accuracy/aim/marksmanship is on par with his).

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@bullettimer said:

Wesley solos without an issue, he'd stomp hardcore

I am not trying to down your opinion or anything, but these guys are a cut above anything the majority of the villains he has faced in Wanted were shown to do.

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Team 2.

Wesley is good, but team 2 very consistently outreact's bullets. As for Wesley and not missing...he does have superhuman aim and marksmanship, but we have never seen him face bullet timers of this caliber, especially ones with spider-sense and a battle computer.

As stated by someone else though, Kaine does not have any precognitive ability.