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if anyone who thinks Wonder Woman isn't strong enough should read the Justice League issue 11! it's shows how strong she is when she gets angry

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cool :) can't wait to see that :)

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i really hope this will happen :D

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aww why can't they just use the old costume it looked so much better!

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love the Popeye One :D

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@hyperman said:

It seems that the guy who wrote this article may have a shop, but he doesn't know much about of Wonder Woman.

" Now quick: name the one arc that totally defines the character of Wonder Woman." Gods and Mortals, amazons attack, the war of gods, hiketeia, spirit of the truth and so forth!!!

"With Carol Danvers getting an amazing, modern redesign, isn't it about time to retire the 1930s-style one-piece swimsuit for female superheroes?" c'mon!!! not half popular as Woman Woman, she can keep changing her uniforms and haircut, and nobody would remember.

"Nothing really happened to Wonder Woman herself. It seems to be the same reason we can't get a WW movie" : Are Superman II, III , IV and returns; Batman (1989) batman returns, batman forever and Batman and Robin, part of the major story arcs of these characters????? I don't think so.

"She doesn't have a proper nickname like "Bats" and "Supes." Or "The Dark Knight" and "The Blue Boyscout." Or "The Bat" and "The Man of Steel." mmm Wht about Wondy or the amazing amazon, or the amazon princess, or the spirit of the truth.

"She's never had a writer with a steady enough hand to really nail down what makes her HER." Are you forgetting about George Perez??????? he wrote the one of the best origin stories of all Dc characters, he brought depth to the character and her background, check out his story arcs, and you'll find out the truth about WW's name and her costume. And what about Gail Simone????

I think the only reason WW hasn't have a movie yet, is just because she is a woman , and there haveb't been anny successful movie about a superheroine so far, that's way DC comics doesn't want to take that risk.

And her costume, what's wrong with it??? she doesn't need that fucking stupid, Xeena-look-like armour, she is a demi-godess, she is nearly invulnerable, her skin's is much thicker than any other mortal, and she is so fast that she can deflect almost anything with her bracelets. She doesn't need to look real, 'cos this is an imaginary universe!!! XD

i agree with everything! and i you forgot about one Writer Greg Rucka!

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June 12, 2009! can't believe it has been that long :O

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*ah my hair is amazing!*