S.P.E.E.D. - Some People Enjoy Eating Dust

This list is meant to showcase characters with Super-Speed as their primary power.   You might find a few who deviate from that intention...  

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How about Autobot Blurr?

Posted by ComicMan24

Very good list and the title is awesome.

Posted by Fortanono

LOL @ The Title.

Posted by KumoriKunoichi

One of the five lights, Gabriel, has super speed.

Posted by Wurl124
Didn't know that.  Thanks.
Posted by JCJQLB

Nice List! 
Jesse Chambers <3

Posted by Wurl124
@JCJQLB:  Couldn't have this list without her.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

nice list
Posted by andrea_mendoza1997

I love this list :)

Posted by IrishX

Nice list. Surge (Marvel) can also run at super speed.

Posted by Wurl124
@IrishX: Thanks for the info and the recommendation
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Edited by ComicMan24
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@ComicMan24: Thanks again.  Forgot about Griffin. Sela is 28.
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@Wurl124: No problem. Me and my observation lol
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Do you mind if I use this for my own super speed list?
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Nobody on this list is likely to enjoy 'eating dust', seeing as they're all really fast.

Posted by doomsilver

cool list dude

Posted by Wolverhino

How 'bout Makkari the Eternals Speedster?

Posted by Wolverhino

How 'bout Thialfi? The Asgardian messenger.., other than Hermod.