SNEAK ATTACK! Gems from my boyhood shelves.

note: my grammar sucks and i have a shitty iphone camera I took these pictures with. Also I suck at taking pictures and hope to get better ones soon.

Good thing i had these Doll stands....I mean action figure stands!

My mom told me that when I came over for Thanksgiving this year I needed to clean off the wall of shelves in my bedroom. When I moved out I left

a whole bunch shit there including about 100 dvds and my bedframe and lower box spring matress.The remaining majority of the boyhood treasures I left

there were mounds of action figures, some in their orignal packaging, some loose; all dusty as hell. The range of these gems range from mid to late 90's

Kenner Star Wars Figures to Comic book (mostly Spidey Man) to Gundam model figures.One of the more fun aspects of collecting figures is finding those

diamonds in the rough, most commonly called "Chase Figures". Rare, short packed or variant,these figures were usually hard sought and often commanded a

price at Comic Shops and or garage sales.Well one of my great finds in the late 90's was the "Sneak Attack" Negative Zone Flip Trap Spider Man figure.

While packing all my shit into boxes I stole from work, I came across this particular figure, a black and white version of the traditional red and blue

version of the Flip trap Spider Man. Still in its packaging for nearly 14 years (the date on the back says it came out around 1998) I noticed it had

taken considerable damage. I had always wanted to pull that figure out since it was a good looking figure for that era of action figures. So as I sat in

my car in the driveway of my house while waiting for my friend to bring me my spare key so I could get into my house, I ripped that bad boy open!

This picture was taken in a Sand Storm

Although being a pretty well sculpted and good looking figure, the waist, elbows and torso were not jointed and the places

that were jointed were pretty stiff. The backpack/cape/net thingy is a highlight of this product. Composed of awsome clear orange

plastic with black trim and a dope-ass mesh "web" net, it is spring loaded and when pressed flips around the Web head's dome

elegantly ensaring an evil looking son of a bitch that are the two pink spider accessories. While diggin' through the box I brought

home all my goods in I pulled out the exact same figure except in normal colors. I thought to myself "I hope that spare key gets

here soon" and then "wait I never bought the standard version of this figure!" As it turns out, the normal Spider Man figure came

from a line of Marvel vs Campcom 2 figures. Back then it was common for toy manufacturers to re-use molds from one line to next, in this case however Toy Biz

used a different head on each figure. Other figures in this particular line of Sneak Attack figures included Red Skull, Madam Web, and a completely different

Its Marvel Baby!

Spider Mang figure.

Next time maybe I'll share some ellusive Kenner brand Star Wars Figures! Yo I got that Grand Moff Tarkin and Admiral

Ackbar mint on card! They gotta be worth something right?! uh right? no? Well maybe I'll bust them open too.

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