My version of the Agents of Change

Dark Horse had a really cool concept a few years back during their whole Comics' Greatest World. This is my version of the Agents of Change that will be playing a part in my forthcoming JLAvengers fan-fic. Years before the coming of Superman and the current age of superheroes that the JLA reside in, there was for a short-time a group of mystery-men that came together. Soon after their formation they were in a California city of Brinkhaven battling a threat known only as NME. They soon found out one of their own members was the true threat, but it was too late. The heroes and the city were completely destroyed....or were they? Flash forward to the present and a vortex opens up on the site where Brinkhaven once resided. Shortly afterward what is left of the city, and one of the Mighty Defenders, the hero known as the Ray appear at same site. The world finds out that the blast that was thought to have destroyed everything actually sent the city through a dimensional vortex, and a mysterious being known as the War Dancer used his vast powers to return the city and it's one lone surviving hero back to our dimension. After a time of adjustment, new heroes appear to help the Ray defend the city, and that's when the Agents of Change are formed, the city renames itself Golden City, the greatest place on Earth.

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