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@renchamp said:

@wraithtdk: I would still put a note on Batman 616 to alert readers that the story exists elsewhere. No link. Just the brief info.

The notation was a good idea, but I'm not sure it's strongly tied enough to to Batman #616 - Hush Chapter Nine: The Assasins or Batman #617 - Hush Chapter Ten : The Grave, so I compromised. I made an entry in the Hush story arc page, listing Wizard: The Comics Magazine #0 - Wizard Zero under the "related items" section, with a notation about the story, which was indeed set during said story arc.

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Wellll crud. Apparently it WAS bound into the issue itself. I was told (and given a scan) otherwise. I had to track down an actual issue of Wizard #0 to confirm. Oh well.

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Just to clarify, it's 616A. The issue is printed just like a normal comic, apart from the magazine (the magazine was in a plastic bag with the comic included), and it looked just like a copy of Batman, except they added the letter A to the numbering.

But yea, I'm not doing anything until a mod gives a verdict. I only recently earned enough points to do approval-free edits. I'm certainly not jeopardizing that status now.

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Would it be acceptable to create wiki entries for promotional comics that are, for example, included as a bonus in the now-defunct Wizard: The Comics Magazine?

For example, DC released Batman issue 616A for inclusion with Wizard issue 0. The first page explains that it is set between Batman #616 and #617, and featured an unique 9-page story set during Hush. So could I create a Wiki article for this? And if so, would it be a separate volume, or would it be added to Batman? Unfortunately, it doesn't have the small-print minutia commonly found in comics.

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This is a somewhat perplexing request. I've placed a picture in the gallery for Randy Clayton (or should I say I've placed the picture in the gallery, as it's the only one there) that I'd like to use for his default picture. Obviously, it's not exactly on the quality level of what most characters have, but I think it's the best image you're likely to find of him. The trouble is that while he appears in every issue of Rawhide Kid, he's such an obscure character that until a couple months ago, he didn't even have an entry here. I had to create it. To the best of my knowledge, he was completely retconned out of existence when they re-launched the series as The Rawhide Kid, and he's never even been mentioned since; so outside of small panels in those 16 issues from the 50's - none which included real splash pages as we think of them now - the character doesn't really have any other images. So the best I could come up with is this:

Which I grant you is not great, but is better than just having the default "blonde dude in a headband" image that the character's page is sporting now.

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I've been trying to change the default character image for Randy Clayton. A couple months ago, pikahyper gave me instructions, and told me that if I couldn't make it work, I should make a request in "the default image request thread." I've finally gained enough points to edit wiki articles on the fly, so I though I'd give it another go. I can now add images to the character's gallery, but I can't change the default (or more specifically, add a default, as right now there's nothing). I searched for the default image request thread, but any forum search I try is returning a 500:Internal server error.

Can anyone point me to the right thread?

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Ah. That makes sense. I'm going to be really happy when I get the necessary points to edit on the fly.

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I've been trying to get some images into various galleries. Everything I upload seems to be going only to my own photos section. I've tried, for example, to upload an image to the Junior Juniper gallery of his death, as well as a character shot of Randy Clayton to his gallery. I've tried to upload directly from my desktop, and I've tried to upload to the galleries from my own, already uploaded images. Nothing seems to work. Am I missing something?

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Awesome. After reading the thread on it, I doubt a big enough picture exists of the character for the "main picture," but I've got one that should work for the avatar-sized image that appears at the top of the page. Is there a way I can submit that?

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I just submitted a major update for Rawhide Kid #1 - The Rawhide Kid. Included in my update is the fact that this marks the first appearance of the sidekick for the original, Atlas-era Rawhide Kid. Unfortunately, Randy does not have a page, despite appearing in all 15 issues of the the tittle. The entry said it would thus create an entry for him. Is there something I need to submit for said page before it is created? I will be happy to do a write-up on the character.

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