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Carnage, mofos, no-one touches my Cleeeeeetus. <3

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LOL. So true. He upholds one Christian value only to bash down another. His explanation fails in my mind.

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I wanted to DIE! I wish they could have made him get a divorce instead, I agree, or maybe just made an alternate "what if" storyline, but to fuck up the main thing like this? Come ON, it makes no sense!

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So I was reading through early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, and I noticed that in one issue (19) there is mention of asbestos treatment on the webbing to fireproof it. That can't be healthy for Spidey or his enemies, lol.

((Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or insufficient for a topic, never really been to the forums before.))

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jayran says:

"good work. Ever tryed photoshop for your colors?"

Yeah, but I prefer traditional art. I don't have a tablet or anything and I prefer to have a concrete copy of my work that stays the same and whose colors I can clearly decide (with digital art it varies from computer to computer and you never know how it'll print out).

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Yeah, my backgrounds fail at life... there are no external links allowed from DA and I lost the tidy list I had made on another forum, but when I have time I'll go up and edit my original post. ^^;

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I have the same problem, and a chew toy would be nice, hehe. Might look a little odd though, but gum doesn't cut it. I wouldn't chew on a razor, though... nothing metal, I just mangle pens and, lacking anything else, my cuticles, to death.

"I always have to listen to music when surfing the net and when that happens, I sometimes clatter my teeth to the rhythm of the song. Other than that, I sometimes flex my jaw muscles."

Yeah, I do that all the time too. o.0

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Haha, frickin' awesome. =D

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"Hand me down... the Shark-Repellent Batspray!"

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G-Man says:

"Rotten gun says:
"the toys now are so much better than i had as a kid... i still have some gi joe's and masters of the universe from my child hood, they're crap compared to now... i try to get my kids to like marvel etc but they are both girls and dont like it :("
My girl will be 4 this summer. She's into the Disney Princesses but also is into superheroes because of me. I don't push it but she gets that I'm into it. She loves watching the 1967 Spider-Man cartoons and was into the Krypto, Superdog cartoon. She's well educated on superheroes and even knows a lot of their "real" identities. There's hope, even if it's a girl. She even asks me to read her comics. Of course I won't read her something dark or violent. Just getting her ready. "

That's why I don't want to have girls. It's so much easier to manipulate boys into liking superheroes, dinosaurs, science fiction, and action movies. It's not a stereotype, girls just usually can't get into that as easily. Can't wait for designer babies. =D (Joking.) I've already got practice, too... been working on my little bro for 9 years and he's now better at video games than I am. Start them off with the cartoons (kids will watch anything as long as it's animated) and go from there.

I love the detail in figures these days, makes me wish I was kid. All my Spider-Men have like 5 points of articulation; these days, it's more like 25.

Anyways, back to the OP, those are really nice! Could you tell us what each one started from?

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