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The art is so bad...i really hate how "artists" are using 3d posers now. It look like a bad free russian 3d porn webcomic.

Seriously, deodato ruined a run of secret avengers and new avengers the last time people let him do this.

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@ripcurl said:

According to the early film info, he's supposed to be 350 feet tall.

Looks more like 1000 feet tall from that poster...

It was confirmed that this poster is only here to look "cool" the godzilla in the movie is much smaller.

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@nova_prime_: all you can read for $4.99 a month, but you can read everything only once. If you want to buy what you're reading and add it to your library permanently + $.99 per comic.

I would love an offer like that ! Digital are so overpriced right now !

But we must not dream, people are still paying for comics that they can't even back up on a hard drive for the price of a real copy, no way dc/marvel/image will be okay for an unlimited offer or for a decrease in price. Money,money...

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@MANofSHAZAM said:

If they introduce another Robin within two issues I'll be quite annoyed as I'm still grieving and Bruce should be too.

Harper Row seems to either become the new robin or the new oracle.

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This is modern comics, an era when no one stay dead. Even uncle bens was alive here in the last avengers annual and in superior spiderman...

He will be back in lass than 6 month and all will be back to the statu quo...

They really should have killed tim, he is one useless robin now (and the teen titan are a bad joke in the new52)

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Batman 17...i can already feel the disappointement, like rotworld.

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"Ravager, firestorm, team7 cancelled" made my day, really. It is sad for sword of sorcery who was good but those 3 were really bad and still can't believe firestorms lasted longer than omac or frankenstein...

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20$ for this one ?

Well it is quite expensive for a dust trap.

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I really hope this arc will end soon, it was really boring (like the majority of the new 52 books right now).

They could have made somethign great but no the prefered to introduce a boring character (turbine) and make grood the tipical "vilain who steal superpower of the hero" here.

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So now we are in 2012. Maybe the Mayans were planning the end of the comics industry i don't know but one thing is sure, they were not planning a success for digital comics. I will take Comixology here. I agree this is a really good idea but they did a really bad job with this in real. A way of reading digital comics and even have them the same day with the new 52 ? Nice. I can understand that the LCS lobbying is strong but they must understand that this market must evolve and like everything they will disappear if they worked against the progress. So i find it nice you are telling me, but why are they doing it wrong here too ? For different reasons.

How can you hope that someone will buy a DIGITAL comic if they are priced like a REAL copy ? You can't sell them, trade them, you are renting a right to read them. If they really want this kind of thing to works then they should put the price to 0.99$ and with a decreasing price every month. But it is not all. You are reading them online ! You can't even download them and put them on your pc or portable device, you don't own the file. This is really dumb, if you are reading them online then that mean that you are actually downloading file in order to read them, why can't we use this download option ? And finally right now this service is like a deezer or spotify for comics. If you bought something yesterday then you could lose it today for no reason if the owner of the licence don't want it anymore on Comixology. Would you be okay if some lawyers where at your house stealing what you have bought because because some 70 years old who understand nothing to this world but who own the licence choose to make this ? I don't think. And this is really bad, because i deeply think that digital comics are the future.

And another thing. It seems comics compagny are thinking "USA and nothing else". Why can't they propose a translation of their comics in French, Spanish, German...? It is like they don't want to open their market to the world.