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After the whole thing with Karai, she is not involved here ?! I mean come on, that is one of the most important plot-points compare to alien invasion.

They better involve her somehow O.o

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I suppose I have to ''take a look'' into this now.... get it ?! ....yea >_>

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If Stephen Colbert becomes the new Falcon, I am okay with it.

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Thor now has a Sister...

Coupe of days later ....

Thor is now a Woman.

In the possible Future : Odin is now the All-Mother !

Only one I am supporting is the first might guess why.

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Oh shit, they messed with Batman's villian friend, now they are gonna pay :P

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I am quite worried about how DC and Marvel taking the whole ''involve diversity ! '' angle by making weird as hell decisions like this. You already introduced Angela, Thor's sister and now a female Thor is taking Thor's place... I mean Thor is not just a nickname... it is his FREAKING NAME ! It is not like Spiderman/Peter Parker... it is THOR/THOR ...

I just don't understand why they are following this trend of '' Oh hey, we have such invested fan-base and history of a character... Lets mess it up and change the character completely for diversity's sake ...I am sure everybody will understand and new people will accept is easily ... ''

After all these years, did they learn nothing ? Hell they did a great transition for Captain Marvel / Miss Marvel but now this .. I just , don't know anymore.

Also ''

Axel Alonso, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief: She wields the hammer because Thor can’t. This is different because for reasons we can’t disclose quite yet, Thor is unable to pick up the hammer. There are a number of women in Thor’s life, and we’re going to tease out for quite awhile the identity of who this woman is. But one of the women in Thor’s life picks up the hammer. She is in fact worthy. And she becomes Thor.

There’s only one Thor in the Marvel Universe. The character we know as Thor will not refer to himself as Thor anymore. ''

That is the biggest BS I've ever heard. He leaves his realy indentity behind ( not superhero nickname, not some slapstick pet name... IT IS WHO HE IS ) and the female gets to be Thor... How ? Since she picked up the hammer she is Odin's daughter now ? Or Mjollnir is actually the Odin's child and whoever holds it is the child of Odin ?!

Can you see how stupid this sounds and yet they are proud of their decision ? ..My god what happened to you Marvel ?!

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I know New 52 Barbara suppose to be young but come on...she is beyond this teenager crap. This would be more fitting for Stephanie Brown ( kinda glad they didn't do this to her though )

I won't judge the story until I see it but the first impression ? Not. Good.

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@ariesleguin: And Slade doesn't have the healing factor and creativity...or madness to counter it.

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@senglord said:

Does anyone else feel that the "because Lois Lane was human, Jon was going to be EVIL" as some garbage theme rejected by an X-title?

Because marriage makes you EVIL in least thats what editors believe. Kids ? Why not just blow up the universe !

No sir, you have to have super-flings ! ... meh.

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@tommythehitman: Don't you know ? You can't have rebellious angst filled gals without them cutting their hair like punk rock and dying it to black ...the color of their angst filled souls !