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Kinda feels like she will be the ''old Peter'' style, working in news , having '' Cindy-luck'' and of course the whole Pheramone-quasi-romance stuff with Peter.

I wonder how that will play out with Renew your Vows stuff.. She better not mess with Pete and MJ !

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How can you find it in your heart to end this run ? It is just perfect :(

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Quick question, but with everything that's about to go down with Secret Wars and the Marvel Universe ending, does this storyline even mean anything anymore? Like seriously, when both All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men began, with the original X-Men being brought to the present, it was a big deal, but with the Marvel Universe ending and all of these various multiverses being crammed together on Battleworld, does the storylines that begun in both of these series even matter now?

That is exactly why I am upset about it. I mean sure some of the events will probably carry over but most of it will be cut off and become meaningless. Hell probably the characters will disappear too.

I dunno really, I can't handle another New 52 really.

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Weren't she more interested in Miguel's brother ? O.o

Oh well , at least we might get Spider-Voltron back ! Screw that overpowered Solus , now that he is dead !

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@animehunter said:

Can't believe I missed it, but thanks to another I took another look at the final page of Spider-Verse #2 and notice something that seems to hint at "Renew Your Vows"

I would place the page here yet but it's still early, so, it might be a good idea to a look at the last page.

Since now the page can be found anywhere, I thought I'd post the page in question, take note of their hands, spot the difference, also don't miss the bottom of the page

Holy....Now that is a cheeky way to tease.

If they can 'resolve' this and not make it Mephisto-awful, I might forgive them for past atrocities.

Frankly , Peter-MJ renewed vows is the only thing that makes me doubly excited about this Secret War. I know it will be a mess with worlds colliding and such but at least something good may come from it.

Don't you dare mess this up Marvel.

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Since they are pushing Thor ( Real one ) into the jerkville, I am more afraid of this title's future after Secret Wars...where She-Thor might be selected by Marvel to be '' One and only Thor ! '' that would a tragedy.

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God dammit Kaine and Ben both killed like that ?! . They better have an awesome finish for this ...

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I am more afraid of them being too invested with the Cinematic universe and justifying their stupid upcoming retcons just to spite Fox or Sony for their help licences.

There are too many ''coincidences'' for those licences to be buried or changed drastically to not see any bad intent.

Otherwise, I will wait at least a year till I check back again since it will be a mess for months and I don't wanna waste money on such a chaotic, jumping around story which probably gonna have many things that will piss me off.

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Now the "Peter/MJ/kid" thingy got interesting.

Might be the only thing that I am excited about this ''event''

Frankly, We had quite a lot of reboots and ''World combinations'' from both DC and Marvel. Hell I still don't know The New 52's backstory as it is so confusing.

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@awesomeperson: Trust me , you don't wanna come to DC too, they are pulling almost the same crap with the convergence event happening in a few months... only good thing about it is we might get rid of the New 52 and bring the pre-flashpoint stuff back !