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Looks interesting , certainly more ''modern'' but I am a classic at heart.

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All the more reason Batman should've let him face justice....permanently. If you keep allowing guys like him , he will think he is invincible like this.

Of course it wouldn't have caused drama and such but I wonder if this is ''truly'' the end game since I doubt Joker could've done what he did if it wasn't for Batman's ''allowing'' attitude.

I mean Joker , aside from being an Iconic villian , literally has no redeeming qualities to be kept in ''Rehab'' and at best should've been kept in a very dark and very deep least he would feel at home there. Hell just give him to Superman and let him put Joker in a Space Prison or Phantom Zone.

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They are quite determined to gut Batwoman ...first by firing their actually Good writers and gutting their story...then cancelling the book altogether.


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All the BS because the movie versions can't be mutants... God dammit , is there nothing stable anymore ? Everytime '' SECRET ORIGINS ... RETCON OF So-and-so ! '' ... It only makes things worse and make me not care about any ''developements'' at all since THEY WON'T MATTER .

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I really would like to know the reasoning behind the ending. I mean I know Marvel has been 'anti-family' for far too long and I am suprised they didn't mess with FF sooner. But still if this is a ploy to spite Fox or something... then they are morons.

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I Love Kyle, but I left this series when Carol became his love Interest. She should be with Hal.

Yep , exactly

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Whats with the potentially good books and the weird artwork that put people off. I feel the same with She-Hulk. Sure the book is great but the art...I can't look it more than 3-4 pages before taking a break O.o And don't start '' Oh you just want a Sexy She-hulk ''. Nope. Art is almost as important as the story itself.

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Seeing as we already know that Tony remains the Superior Iron Man post axis and that Sabertooth joins the Uncanny Avengers I think it's safe to assume that Zenpool, Hobgoblin the Hero and Luke Cage Buisness Man are going to be sticking around.

I dunno about Zenpool. I mean it is a fun little change for a few weeks but in the long run , it would hurt Deadpool A LOT.

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Soo who is she ? Why is she talking normal on the inside but ''asgardian'' on the outside ? Why is she in the freaking moon and how is she worthy ?

Just give me some reasonable answers that would make me stop thinking this is just a PR stunt and I will give it a fair chance. But so far, it feels too ''WTF is going on '' for me to enjoy it.

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Soo they are giving us a tease of '' Oh look ! The old 52 we ended abdruptly in favor of the new and all the characters you like to see...but since it is an event , probably won't matter for continuity.

Well I will take what I can get from the 'REAL' timeline for me. Flashpoint can kiss my slow backside.