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God dammit...someone must really hate Peter/MJ relationship in the editorial level... one of the last 'happy' bastions of it now gone too...

Well at least Mayday survived so that's something. I hope that bastard dies at her hands.

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I don't like the whole ''Mafia boss'' angle since almost all of Batman-related characters are now somehow bound to gangs. I mean she was a fine individual with her own thing going. Sure it was badly portrayed but turning her into something different is kinda sad for me.

Also it is curious how both Selina AND Felicia ( Black Cat ) Suddenly become Crimebosses that are now hating their hero-lovers. Strange coincidence that is.

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Nope...don't you dare kill Mayday. It was bad enough to cancel her series O.o

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If Peter really is back, I am fine with him wanting to get away from being Spider-man since Miles covering it up. I just hope MJ would help him along the way. I mean, those 2 deserve the getaway...and I hate the recent push-aways of Peter-MJ relations on ALL things Spider-related.

Miles OWNING Osborn was a great touch. Bastard deserved it. If only they would capture him back before he goes ''Darth Vader'' on Miles though.

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Steven Colbert for the next Falcon !

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I...wait...what ?!

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After Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris, I would not be surprised appearance a couple of Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane.

Don't remind me... I still won't look at any Lantern books because of it O.o

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Since when this is a thing ? What about the freaking First lantern event and such ? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING ??!

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@kincart said:

@boynerdgeek said:

Don't like the direction of this book. I always prefer Superman/Batman book pre new 52. Hopefully DC can change the creative team or the editorial team

The more DC books I read the more I don't like the direction they are going and prefer the pre New 52.

Indeed....I mean the ones I actually enjoyed about the New 52 Batman/Superman was the Earth-2 counterparts involved stories.

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After growing with the old Barbara and the Oracle...I just can't imagine Batgirl as a ''modern'' teenager. This would be more fitting for Stephanie Brown. I just loved her and the Birds of Prey style where they were not 'old' nor teenagers.

I always saw Barbara to be more mature and her role as the Oracle was perfect. Does it make me a bad person to say that she getting 'healed' was kinda worse for her character ?