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I wonder what Felicia will do with Peter's blood. Will she be the new Spider-woman of Noir ?

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'' Only Catwoman can help Batman now, but Catwoman is long gone! In her place? A woman more ruthless than Batman ever expected…'' Please don't make her into Talia, Please don't make her into Talia ....

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I think I will wait until the whole thing wraps up.. to much stuff going on, I can't wrap my head around it :D

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Still not on board with whole ''Selina's destiny is being a Crimeboss ! '' ... They already killed Talia , I don't want Selina to turn into Talia...

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So what, once caught , Felicia immediately went nuts ? All the character developement and past ...right out of the window just to turn her into a generic vengeful villian. It is so sad that if they think '' this will take her into a new direction ! '' ... no, she will be just another ''villian'' that will show up from time to time, spat the usual and generic vengeance stuff , then be forgotten.

Turning her fully evil takes almost all the interesting conflicts about her. As if Spiderman don't have enough villians to sacrifice other characters to add more.

I hate it when established characters getting destroyed like this just for the sake of some cheap ( not even important ) events. Even Electro looks more reasonable than her and that is just a big slap into the face.

I was expecting some BS happening after the whole ''murderer stole Peter's brain '' fiasco...( yes I am still bitter about the whole ''Superior'' premise ) where Peter seems more incompetent than ever but now it seems his side-characters are getting destroyed as well. I am actually worried how Spider-verse will destroy MORE characters. They better not kill off Mayday Parker as a last ''F-U'' to whole Peter-MJ aspect... but knowing them , they would probably even bring Mephisto in just to gloat , teaming up with Morlun...

Just had to get it out of my system since I've had it how ''Otto was so good'' seems to be the focal point I get and the effects turned everyone into black/white personalities.

Also what's the obsession with turning Feline-themed interesting GREY characters and turn them into Crime-bosses where it is expected to give them more character growth. I don't remember any Crime-boss being remotely memorable other than Kingpin...who has the winning factor of being fat :D

First Catwoman, now Black Cat. Who next .. Cheetah being the Crime Boss of Olimpian underworld ?

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Why are they called ''Angels'' there is nothing angelic about those Bit-.. I mean ladies...

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No she is not the THOR. Stop saying that. She might posses the POWER OF THOR as the hammer says but she is not the freaking Thor.

I would've respected the decision more if they weren't acting like they are being totally original ! ''Look guys, Thor is now a woman ! We are progressive ! ''.... Just sell your damn idea with good stories and not flashy and probably over-hyped headlines.

And no , I didn't support the idea of Peter's life being stolen after him being murdered and somehow conveniently get back after everything is messed up. spOck was an abomination that degraded the character for me and it comes close to ''Mephisto deal'' level of awfulness in an effort to keep Peter's life from progressing because they can't think of anything else.

I just hope they better find a good justification for this female Thor and it better has some WORLD SHATTERING reasoning. Hell if Angela was to take it, I would've approved too since she has the lineage and blood ties with Thor but a woman out of nowhere comes and STEALS Thor's identity like that just because she lifted his hammer ( no pun intended ) just bad writing.

They might've set a good story for this however, they might've planned it all. Their previews and headlines however...doesn't give me any reason to trust them.

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@granitesoldier: Well they are kinda changing Catwoman into Talia Al-Ghul , which is also annoying as hell.

What is with editors making these feline characters going cold and vindictive when it was the opposite that made them appealing. But I guess that is what ''cool'' nowadays.... *sigh*

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Soo everyone gets blown-up ! What a lovely preview :)

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I kinda feel like the game's ending for this Superman is too good for him... He should've died a horrible death.