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That poster kinda makes her look like a vampire ...such pale skin :D Need to see more than a teaser poster though :D

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Ah the love at first sight....Well probably second but who's counting.

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In a rare instance that I think Secret Wars is a good thing. We can get rid of this Felicia 'the mob boss' .

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Please don't mess this up, please don't mess this up ..... PLEASE don't MESS THIS UP

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Can we end Evil Tony now ? Like ...right now ?!

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So we're all just gonna ignore the fact that Peter just killed two mooks for little to no reason?

He is not Peter Parker though. I don't think any characters ( aside from Doom I suppose ) is the ones we know from before Secret Wars.

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Not everyone needs to be married but I don't understand the recent hatred towards marriages. DC's stupid remark of '' No marriage'' stance being one of the reason I barely care about ANY relationships they forced.

Personally, marriage is a big step to say '' yea we trust this direction and dynamic '' and keep a good standing with that decision instead of getting lazy with it. Worst thing it can happen to it ( aside from Mephisto TAKING YOUR MARRIAGE AWAY ) is to turn marriages into 'Celebrity weddings' where it lasts only for a month or so.

So yea, nowadays , I can't seem to find a relation I care about because I know none of those will give me satisfaction or enjoyment in the end. And the other half, they are the out-of-nowhere pairings that a writer decided to put for an arc where no build-up or past connection there to justify it. After that they claim '' it is the HIT couple ! '' ...yea no.

Suffice to say, I am more 'old-school' when it comes to relationships. Might be for worse but in the end, I like a solid foundation and a deeper connection than ''Oh he/she hot and they look good together in paper...lets couple them '' which doesn't give much to me in the story sense.

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@wowlock: Well I'm sorry to break it to you, but if those images are to be believed, what Telos said means that the universes got turned into the New 52 multiverse. Meaning this was not a reboot, not a crisis, just a waste of time to tell old fans that they are going with the New 52 universe

Well that is too bad sinc %90 of the Sneak peeks makes me go '' What the hell did they do to you ! '' type of thing. I barely recognize the characters anymore and Convergence event reminded me why. I would say '' at least there is Marvel'' but Secret World is another mess of compilation. Why is it so hard to find something SOLID to hold on to when ''CHANGE !'' that is so favored pushes me away from titles. I mean when change becomes the normal...then it is not a suprise nor it is interesting. I just turns me away from the book since I lost the interest or care about the character. Maybe I am too old fashioned but I prefer to have something to hold-on to when things get confusing or find a reason care about a relationship because it lasted more than couple of months and it developed NATURALLY- not forced because a writer decided '' OH they look nice together ...lets instant couple them for plot-sake '' with no long-time planning. One of the reasons that made me hate new Carol Ferris and Kyle Raynor...and I loved them both before that.

I should probably stop since I am getting into a rant again. I think I will keep away from comics for a while since what they are doing nowadays really annoys me and I don't wanna deal with things that annoy me this much when I used to enjoy them.

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As long as the possibility of Pre-52 existing and being returned to, I am happy. The 'Sneak peeks' doesn't give me much hope for the future of new-52.

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