TOAA and The Presence vs This Team

so who wins

TOAA and The Presence vs Golden Superman Pime With Sword Of Superman,The Living Tribunal,Galactus trillion percent full,Pre Crisis Darkseid,Thanos With infinity gauntlet,Abstract Entities,Imperiex,Anti Monitor,Apocalypse,Zues with power of Poseidon and Hades,Odinforce Odin,OdinForce Thor,White Crown Phoenix,Spectra,Pre Crisis Superman,Hand of God ION (Kyle Rayner),Eternity,Zombie Hulk 100% Galactus Power,God Majestic,Classic Beyonder,Classic ION (Kyle Rayner),Pre-Retcon Beyonder,Classic Molecule Man,Captain Atom,Sapphire Ring Wonder Woman,Dark Martain Manhunter,Black Adam,post-crisis ruka wonder woman Fused into one Being

-To the Death

-Both Bloodlust

-Different Universe

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Posted by Hyper_God

Inb4lock/ban .

Team 1 wins with ease .

PS : Pre-Retcon Beyonder and Classic Beyonder are the same .

Posted by Strider92

Posted by ShootingNova

@Strider92: LOL, you do that on nearly every thread.

Really, TOAA soloes with incalculable ease. Being omnipotent, he crushes them at will.

Posted by drgnx


Posted by Strider92

@ShootingNova: It's my favorite "Abandon Thread" image I use on threads just like this!

Posted by ShootingNova

@Strider92: LOL.

Posted by JonSmith

Posted by Mr_Ingenuity

How is this not locked?

Posted by solesamurai

Lol wow really. What did all those people do to you? Kill your dog or something?

Posted by Killemall

Whats a trillion percent Galactus like o_O

Also Zombie Hulk solo team 1, and team 2 together ;) he's the strongest Zombie there is.

Posted by whydama

@solesamurai said:

Lol wow really. What did all those people do to you? Kill your dog or something?