Hulk Vs Sabertooth,Fairy Tail,Grimoire Heart,Reborn Oracion Seis

HulkVsFairy Tail ,Grimoire Heart,Sabertooth,Reborn Oracion Seis

I say Hulk Anyway What About You Guys

-No Holding Back

-Win By Death

-hulk At 110% others at 100%

-Hulk Super Angry

-Natsu,Laxus,Wendy,Gajeel,Cobra,Sting,Rouge All In Df

-Zancrow In God Force

-Hades Without Eye Patch

-No Fairy Law,Grimore Law or Genesis Zero



Current DF Natsu Dragneel vs Current DF Laxus Dreyar

Current Natsu in DF vs Current Laxus in DF

-Both At 110%

-Win By Death

-No Holding Back

-No Fairy Law

-Both Bloodlusted

-Mountain Area

-Both Have Second Origin

I Say Natsu Would Win In DF Because He Plain Out Has More Destructive Power Than Laxus In DF EX:As Shown BEFORE Timeskip Natsu Dragneel In DF Punched Jellal (Who Is Also At Ten Wizard Saints Level) which Then Destroyed The Tower Of Heaven With One Punch Has Laxus Ever Shown That Strenght No Natsu Has Also Shown That In Df He Can Keep Up With Jellal In Meteor Mode Which Is As Fast As DF Laxus Not A Bit Slower And On Top Of That Natsu's Flames In DF Burned Away Genesis Zero Has Laxus Shown that Ability No Also Zero Is At Ten Wizard Saints Level-Laxus Maybe At Ten Wizard Saints Level But As Shown Before A Base Natsu Beat Him In DF, Anyway I will Also Account For Second Origin For Both But With Current levels of both Natsu In DF, Would Beat Laxus In DF Without "Luck" Anyways What do You Guys Think?

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Zombie Hulk w Galactus Power vs Sapphire Ring WW And Thor

I Think Zombie Hulk Could Win This Handcap Match Because He Killed Dark Phoenix With One Hit and he also killed Thanos With One Hit

-All Three Bloodlusted

-Different Planet

-All Three At 100%

-No Holding Back

-No Prep


Can This Team Make Their Own pocket Dimension

OK so could Tony Stark,Rachard Reed,Doctor Doom,Batman One Million,Thanos(No Powers Just Intellegents),Darkseid(No Powers Just Intellegents),Apocalypse(No Powers Just Intellegents),Galactus(No Powers Just Intellegents), their all immortal and have a 50 year Limit Can They Make Their Pocket Dimension Out Of Only Sicence???

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