Genocide Vs. Doomsday


Genocide pure magic based and deadly vs   Doomsday pure deadly

 who wins? 
Lets spice this battle up Circe added more raw power to Genocide  
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Posted by RyuHayabusa

Doomsday, he has better feats.

Posted by jeanroygrant

@RyuHayabusa said:

Doomsday, he has better feats.

Posted by XMen1963

Genocide has no way he could kill Doomsday.

Posted by Saren

Doomsday, I don't think that soul-burning trick will do anything to Doomsday considering he was barely even sentient before Doomsday Wars.

Posted by fangirl101

I don't see Genocide being put down either without Magical Weaponry to disrupt Ares' magic. 

Posted by blackadamFTW

I think Doomsday wins.

Posted by Outside_85

Doomsday. Genocide may have more grey matter, but Doomsday has more power.

Posted by ALMIGHTY

Is this to the death or KO because Genocide COULD win by KO but NOBODY will EVER KILL Doomsday !!!!

Posted by wonderW
@ALMIGHTY: ko ps Zeus can 
Posted by Hyper_God

@wonderW said:

@ALMIGHTY: ko ps Zeus can

Which version of Zeus ? And how ?