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I understand the reluctance to make everyone an Avenger. Perhaps I just feel Human Torch has been slighted by being the only FF member who has not been an Avenger. It may be that what I am really looking for is a mini-series dedicated exclusively to fleshing out Johnny Storm. After all these years he has little identity outside of the FF which is less true of Reed (Illuminati) and Thing (multiple mini-series and Marvel Two-in-One).

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I think Otto acts as a foil for Peter. He answers the question " what would Spider-Man be like if he was self-absorbed instead of self-effacing" or more simply "what would Spider-Man be like as a villain". I always saw them as two sides of the same coin, roughly equal in IQ. Otto definitly spent more time engaged in science but much of that was scheming and non- beneficial. To be the best villain concept possible Otto should be seen as having travelled a parallel path (though young Parker got love from his Aunt and Uncle and Otto only abuse from his father) up until they both fell into power at which point one chose service and the other conquest.

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His power levels are vast but how to use the power is largely unexplored. He can do so much more then throw balls of fire if a little creativity and perhaps some appropriate occasional gadgets are mixed in. We now know Thing will live for hundreds of years thanks to the FF serum. Maybe Johnny unlike his teammates is still absorbing cosmic rays enabling his powers to continue to grow but dooming him to eventually go super-nova in the future. He is single and rich like Tony Stark (not as rich of course) and they should run into each other often at black tie events. They should have dated the same super models and have a unique and funny personal relationship. He should be a stalwart of the NY social scene as well as a voice for various charities that interest him. He should do Leno and Letterman often. It goes on and on...

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I like the line up a lot though I am sure it would evolve. We shall see.

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I find it refreshing that the Torch is not a scientific genius, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork at Marvel. He is a skilled mechanic though which could come in handy. I do agree that the Uncanny Avengers is not the place for him with Sunfire there. I do not agree that Sunfire (a B or C character at best) is more overdue for attention then Johnny Storm of the FF.

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I think four and now five human GLs is simply too many to share time. Guy is arguably the most interesting personality since he is so different from most every other DC hero. Hal is GL to a generation of readers. So is Kyle. I do not think John would have made it to their level, Mosaic notwithstanding, without the cartoon. Because of the cartoon however he is right there. Now all four have a claim to " playing time" and a fifth is introduced. It would be painful but I would like to see one human GL again. Hal retires and marries Carol, John finds his way back to some interstellar force, Kyle becomes a Guardian and Guy reopens the bar and is a regular and frequent supporting character for Baz. I would read it and DC could surely use a Muslim hero. If they respect the past while moving forward it could work. Right now there are too many.

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Wow big no! How come?

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This is a good thing. Sunfire is one of the few Japanese heroes and is an old established character. I hope they do a good job with him, developing his powers and personality a bit. In the past he has been a little too archetypal. I am of course most excited about Wonder Man rejoining the fray and am interested to see what they do with him. Glad to see Wasp back as well.

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Between everything he could have learned fighting for two years straight in the Negative Zone arena (which makes him the most experienced fighter in the FF) and the countless small gadgets Reed should have produced for him by now to augment his blunt powers, the options both large and small are wide open. Here are a very few ideas off the top of my head: Special sunglasses that lase his flame allowing him to shoot laser blasts from his eyes for fine work. The ability to see in other then visible light spectrum and recognize people by their unique heat signature. The ability to synthesize any matter internally for energy (he likes steak but can eat rocks or grass if need be and survive just fine) The ability to emit or absorb energy of any wavelength including infrared, x-ray, etc. Marvel has simply been lazy with utilizing the Human Torch. He should have a rogues gallery of his own (though some could be borrowed as Daredevil did). He should have a signature 1940s muscle coup convertible complete with flames on the fenders to drive around town. So much can be done with a little TLC. Breaking him out of the FF as the only thing he has is a good start.

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It is high time Johnny Storm branches out a bit and is invited onto an Avengers team. He is long overdue and his powers have not been explored in forever. He gained some maturity in the Negative Zone and needs a chance to take it out for a spin. Ben,Reed and Sue have all been Avengers at one time or another. The Human Torch is ready and should be given a chance to shine outside the FF.