Earth-Infinite, New Guardians Issue 3

Title: Earth-Infinite, The Guardians

Universe: DC Elseworld

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Intense Action/Adventure

Rating: M for Graphic Language, Adult Themes, Blood and Gore (but not much)

Main Character: Phoenix Jones

Supporting Characters: Majestic Boy, Olympian, Miss Magician, The Masked Marauder, Emerald Archer, Slipstream

Summary: In a world where Superman's pod never crash landed on Earth, and Bruce Wayne's parents were not killed so he never became the dark knight, Batman. A world where were these heroes only exist as comic characters. This is our world and it needs a true hero. Learn how the lives of seven strangers intertwine to tell the story of how these ordinary citizens became heroes.

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Earth-Infinite Issue 3: Robot's And Aliens

~Olympian, A Fighter By Heart~

Bryan casually whistled to himself as he strolled down the underground parking lot back to his car after winning another boxing match. Bryan was always a gifted boxer since he's been training in the sport since his childhood. Fighting has always been his passion so when his meta-gene kicked in granting him vast strength and near invincibility, he felt guilty for still participating in boxing tournament's knowing that there was no possible way that he could lose, but he also had bills to play and going from D-List to A-List over night is hard to turn around without an explanation.

When Bryan finally reached his expensive sports car, a loud familiar voice called out to him from behind. Bryan spun around to see the man that he just beat in the ring a few hours previously. He noticed that a his opponent wasn't alone as he brought nearly a dozen of his burly friends with him. They were all equip with multiple bats, brass knuckles, and everything else you'd expect to see at a typical street fight. Bryan put down his gym bag and turned to face their leader with a friendly smile.

(Bryan) Listen, Derek I know you might be upset because you lost, but that no reason for anyone to get hurt tonight.

(Derek) I know what you are.

Bryan raised an eyebrow to Derek in confusion.

(Bryan) I’m not sure I know what you mean.

(Derek) Don't play dumb, I’m not a fucking moron! There's no way any normal man can take a beating like that from me, and walk away without a scratch while I have a black eye and a fractured wrist from punching your sorry ass to hard!

Bryan chuckled at how furious Derek seemed to be. He knew that even if Derek brought a hundred guys with bats, it still would not be enough to even give him a true warm up.

(Bryan) I can't help that I’m a little more durable then others.

Derek cocked back the metal pipe he brought for the fight as he prepared himself to charge.

(Derek) Let's see just how much more.

Without hesitation Derek rush his enemy and slammed the pipe right over Bryan's head, bending it to a ninety degree angle. Derek was at a loss for words as he saw that Bryan was not at all phased by the attack.

(Bryan) My turn.

Bryan proceeded to headbutt Derek causing a loud boom to echo throughout the parking lot and his friends to cringe. Instantly Derek blacked out and limply flailed to the ground. Freaked out by Bryan's inhuman strength the rest of the men took off shouting hateful slurs behind them to the boxer.

(Bryan) Pathetic, they didn't even try to take their friend with them. I’m outta here.

Bryan reached toward his door handle to enter his car, and noticed a red light through his window. In an instant a robot arm was crashing through his windshield and snatched him by his neck.

(A.I) Meta-gene signature confirmed. Threat level, Beta.

(Bryan) Hmm, your much stronger then any person could possibly hope to achieve Mr. Android thing, and I’m always looking for a good fight under friendly terms but unfortunately...

Bryan effortlessly ripped the A.I's arm from it's socket then tossed it out of his car and across the parking lot.

(Bryan) You messed up my car...

{{Bryan}} Why am I talking to it. It's a robot, it doesn't understand me but it was trying to hunt me and I’m sure “gorgeous” on the ground over their didn't but that thing just to fight me so... who sent it?

As Bryan thought about his situation, another horde of A.I's appeared entering the parking lot. Immediately Bryan hopped into his car and began speeding down the road away from the A.I's. As he drove Bryan noticed that something was happening in the city. The civilians seemed to be frightened of something as they were all scattering in a panic. Bryan's inspection of the city was interrupted by him noticing an A.I running at the same speed as his car, which was speeding slightly over ninety miles per hour. Before he could pull over or slow down the A.I punched a hole in his tire, forcing the car to tumble at an alarming speed. The A.I's came to stop to watch Bryan's car come to a crash stop into a bank.

Moments after the crash, Bryan burst through his roof howling in anger but completely unharmed, staring down the A.I's with strong ferocity. He began stomping tracks into the pavement as he made his way towards the robot's but before he reached them, a flock of Harpy's soared down from the sky and relentlessly tore the machines to shreds.

Shocked Bryan stood his ground and watched the half bird, half woman, mythological creatures gawk and fly away.

(Bryan) Holy shit! It's the end of the world.

The cries of a woman calling out for help could be heard not to far in the distance. Bryan immediately took off until he reached the alley way a young beautiful with long black hair, wearing a dress fit for a woman prepared to go to a high class fashion party, cornered by several of the same robot's that attacked Bryan earlier. The woman looked terribly frightened as the A.I's closed in on her.

Bryan jumped in and grabbed to A.I farthest to the left and swung into the other robot's, crushing them all. The woman eyed her savior up in down astonished by his strength. Bryan extended an arm out to the woman to help her get to her feet.

(Woman) Wow, that was impressive. Thank you for saving me.

(Bryan) Please think nothing of it. It's not often a gentlemen gets the opportunity to save a beautiful damsel like yourself.

Bryan shot the woman a dazzling smile/

(Woman) Flirting at a time of chaos. Aren't you persistent. You wouldn't happen to have any idea what's happening to the city would you?

(Bryan) Psychotic androids, and killer mythological monsters... not a clue.

(Woman) I figured as much.

Bryan took a moment to examine the woman more closely finding something very familiar about her. She apparently noticed since she flipped her hair to regain his attention.

(Bryan) I apologize, I didn't mean to stare theirs just something familiar about you. I’m Bryan by the way, didn't get a chance to introduce myself.

(Maeva) I’m Maeva, a pleasure to meet you.

Maeva held her hand out to Bryan who quickly took it in his and lightly gave her a kiss on the top.

(Bryan) The pleasure is mine, Maeva.

During the two's meeting another flock of Harpy's started gawking above them as they prepared to swoop in.

(Bryan) Looks like the time for introductions is over. C'mon!

Bryan took Maeva by her hand and the two began sprinting down the block trying to escape the Harpy's. The duo was soon halted by a pack of demonic goblins feasting of the remains of some civilian’s they captured. Maeva quickly averted her eyes from the grotesque site. Bryan tried to find an open path the two could use to escape but found that they were completely surrounded by various fairy tale beast.

(Bryan) Maeva, stay as close to me as possible. These things don't seem too tough but I don't want to risk you getting...

Bryan was cut short when he saw that Maeva already began using her white sparks to put down numerous creatures attacking them.

(Maeva) Robot's may not be able to feel pain, but these fowl demon's can.

(Bryan) Hmph, I think you just stole my heart.

Bryan winked at his new friend he began his own onslaught on the monsters with his bare hands. The beast flew in sporadic directions as he easily used his strength to beat down on them. The duo worked together for quite a bit of time to subdue the monsters but the numbers did not seem to dwindle as the horde never ceased to their attack.

(Bryan) This is madness. This army is endless.

(Maeva) Is that... a giant Cyclops?

Bryan peered down the block and saw the giant creature tearing down buildings as it made it's way toward the two.

(Bryan) Yes there appears to be a giant Cyclops heading towards us, but no don't sweat it I’ll take that thing down in no time...

{{Bryan}} That thing is huge! I’ve never tackled some thing of that proportion. I hope I’m strong enough but some help would be great right about now.

As if on cue a military copter equip with missile launchers swooped and opened fire on the giant.

(Bryan) Whew thank goodness the heavy artillery showed up.

Two rockets struck the cyclops in his chest slightly agitating it. The giant tore off a nearby billboard and flung it at the copter with tremendous force, knocking out one of it's propellers sending the plane into a deadly downward spiral.

(Maeva) That planes going to crash, we have to stop it!

(Bryan) I wouldn't be offended if you had a suggestion.

The two helplessly watched in horror as plane fell to it's doom. Maeva closed her eyes to avoid witnessing the crash which indirectly made her miss, a young man wearing a black tank top with a sleeveless magenta shirt over it and the sides almost completely open revealing his tank top underneath, and dark denim skinny jeans, flew in with amazing speed then caught the military copter.

(Titus) Don't worry... ugh, I’ve got you soldiers.

With a little difficulty he managed to slowly descend the plane to the ground to safety. Bryan eagerly watched the young man display his strength and was very impressed. He never expected to come across another person like himself with incredible strength. With a giant grin on his face Bryan jogged up to the boy who saved the jet.

(Bryan) Your... strong.

(Young Man) Um, thanks I guess. I’m Titus.

(Bryan) Bryan, and I should be thanking you for helping us out.

A strong confident voice could be heard shouting out from the distance.

(Phoenix Jones) Save the formalities people. Right now were the only hope this city has against that cyclops, now listen up. I have a plan.


Revan watched the news to keep himself up to date on the mythological crisis happening in the city.

{{Newswoman}} We have just confirmed the identities of the citizens desperately trying to fend off these monsters rampaging the city. The woman has been positively confirmed as top fashion model with Supreme Model Management, Maeva Falice. The muscular man appears to be the world famous boxing champion Bryan Murrdock more commonly known as “Jackhammer” for his impressive winning streaks, and famous one hit knock out strikes. Hold on for a moment... Its seems that Phoenix Jones our American hero has joined this battle with 'Majestic Boy'. This is...

Revan's attention was directed away from his T.V as he became aware of Catalyst's presence in his room. The king glanced over to the powerful sorcerer to make him aware that he was conscious of his arrival.

(Revan) Catalyst, I should have been expecting your visit.

(Catalyst) Indeed you should have. I’m sure you are aware of the forces at work.

(Revan) Correct. I already have the matter under control.

Catalyst chose to remain in the shadows, knowing that Revan would have no difficulty seeing him.

(Catalyst) That's the thing you've never seemed to understand in your centuries of living. Somethings are just meant to take place, like your involvement with that young group of heroes.

(Revan) I’m not concerned. I’m sure they will fair just fine without my assistance.

(Catalyst) Let us hope so, Revenant.

In a flash of black and white light, Catalyst disappeared back to his realm leaving Revan alone. Revan took one last glance at the news before flicking off his T.V and whispering to himself...

(Revan) What you do not comprehend, Catalyst is that fate is only a thought of comfort for those to weak to take control of their own lives. I have all the control this world has to offer.


Earth-Infinite, The Guardians Issue 2

Title: Earth-Infinite, The Guardians

Universe: DC Elseworld

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Intense Action/Adventure

Rating: M for Graphic Language, Adult Themes, Blood and Gore (but not much)

Main Character: Phoenix Jones

Supporting Characters: Majestic Boy, Olympian, Miss Magician, The Masked Marauder, Emerald Archer, Slipstream

Summary: In a world where Superman's pod never crash landed on Earth, and Bruce Wayne's parents were not killed so he never became the dark knight, Batman. A world where were these heroes only exist as comic characters. This is our world and it needs a true hero. Learn how the lives of seven strangers intertwine to tell the story of how these ordinary citizens became heroes.

Link to Issue 1: Earth Infinite, The Guardians Issue 1

Earth-Infinite Issue 2: Don't Start A Fight You Can't Win

~Catalyst, The Master Of Magic~

Catalyst examined different points of Los Angeles as the fairy tale monsters destroyed the city. Days before the powerful sorcerer got a glimpse of a post apocalyptic future caused by a war between humans and the newly rising meta-human's. If nothing was done to stop these creatures from destroying the city, society could quickly turn on super human's, indirectly causing the end of the world. As Catalyst sifted through the numerous frames that showed different threads the future could lead to, he came across a frame showing a group of young heroes who battled the many threats that would lead to this horrible end.

Catalyst's hands began to swirl with black and white energy as he cast a spell to find the heroes he saw in current time. Seven screens popped up revealing the six heroes necessary to save the world. In the first screen was a young man with a dark tan and slightly ethic features preparing to steal an ancient artifact from a rich stuck up family in Beverly Hills. The second screen showed a young extremely muscular man with an olive complexion and short jet black hair fighting off some robots in gym attire. In the next screen was a beautiful woman with exceptionally long, straight and thick black hair desperately trying to fend off members of the government trying to capture her. A blonde star Olympic level archer was dominating in an archery tournament with ease. Another man was paroling Los Angeles in a costume. Catalyst recognized him as the world famous hero Phoenix Jones.

When Catalyst laid eyes on the last screen he temporarily froze in shock. He was not expecting to see Revan a long time acquaintance of his to be the last one of the six.

(Catalyst) It appears that fate may need a little nudge in the right direction.

Catalyst's hands once again began to swirl with black and white energy as he cast another spell to summon forth Phoenix Jones to his realm. After the vigilante appeared and calmed himself down, Catalyst began to explain the situation to him.

(Catalyst) This is what I’ve come to call the Outer World. It's a dimension I have created so that I may watch over Earth.

Phoenix Jones stepped back in shock. He didn't even know other dimensions existed, and never anticipated being transported to one against his will.

(Phoenix Jones) You still haven't told me how you know my identity.

(Catalyst) I’m a sorcerer, I know everything and I’ve been watching you for quite some time. Your destiny will decide the fate of the world.

Phoenix Jones held up his baton to Catalyst, in an attempt to intimidate him but failed.

(Phoenix Jones) Listen “Mr. Wizard” I don't know how you got me here, but you need to send me home, now!

(Catalyst) Very brash aren't you? I guess that's to be expected. I give you my word that I will send you home, but only after you hear me out. Whether you chose to accept the mission I’m about to present, is up to you.

Phoenix Jones put down his baton and crossed his arms as he patiently waited for Catalyst to begin.

(Catalyst) Your patience is appreciated, young hero...

Catalyst's shifted his dimension to resemble a not to distant apocalyptic future he witnessed in his vision. Phoenix Jones gazed at the destroyed city of Los Angeles from the civil war between meta-humans and normal humans.

(Phoenix Jones) What is this? Why are you showing me this?!

(Catalyst) Because everything depends on how the events that are happening as we speak play out, and you my friend are a key to changing destiny. It will be your duty to bring together these five heroes to set the example for the new world. I’ve seen what your group can accomplish and together you all just might save the world.

Phoenix Jones was temporarily at a loss for words. This news would shock anyone but that was not enough to make him break character. He kept his composure and asked the sorcerer a question.

(Phoenix Jones) And how exactly am I supposed to find them, let alone bring them together to form a team to “save the world.”

(Catalyst) There... it is done.

Catalyst's eyes glowed momentarily as a swirl of white light forged a black and white diamond with a silver shell around the edges.

(Catalyst) This is your guide, the Crescent Compass. It will point you in the right direction. Always follow it for it cannot steer you wrong. Guard with your life if necessary.

A glyph projection generated from the stone with four arrows pointing in opposite directions.

(Phoenix Jones) State of the art tech huh?

(Catalyst) Not technology, it is magic. Now that you know your journey and have the tool to guide you, do you accept?

Phoenix Jones answered without hesitation...

(Phoenix Jones) A hero does not turn away from the face of danger. I’ll gladly accept this task. How can I reach you if I need your help?

(Catalyst) I see all, the Crescent Compass will connect us when need be. I’m afraid time is not a luxury your able to waste, young warrior.

A portal of swirling white and black energy opened in front of the two with a loud boom.

(Catalyst) Through there is where your journey begins. Good Luck, and remember my words...

Phoenix Jones gave Catalyst a confident nod before he jumped head first into the portal, exiting Catalyst's realm. Moments later he reappeared on the top of a house in Beverly Hills. Immediately the Crescent Compass' glyph lit up with all four arrow brightly flashing on and off.

(Phoenix Jones) This must be where I find my first “candidate.” This should be interesting...

~Majestic Boy, The Free Spirit~

Titus easily broke into the mansion he'd been previously casing for months. The residents of this fancy establishment bought a valuable jewel known as the Rainbow Crystal. A one of a kind gem with the colors of the rainbow always giving off a luminous shine. Titus entered the basement and approached the pedestal containing the gem behind a security armed display glass. Titus generated a tiny triangular magenta construct to cut through the glass but was interrupted by a voice from behind.

Surprised Titus spun around and assumed a fighting stance, but quickly stood down as soon as he realized that it was the world famous super hero Phoenix Jones. Titus' jaw dropped in shock, he never thought he would come across Phoenix Jones even though he knew they lived in the same city. Titus once again put his fist up, instantly assuming that the famous hero was there to turn him in.

(Titus) Phoenix Jones, 'The American Hero' you think you have what it takes to take me down?

Phoenix Jones put his hands up as a sign that he did not wish to fight. Titus put his fist down with a confused expression.

(Titus) Giving up already are we?

(Phoenix Jones) Easy tough guy, I’m not here to fight you. I just want to talk.

Titus tilted his head and put his hands on his hip before speaking.

(Titus) What could you possibly want from me? I don't even know you.

(Phoenix Jones) Oh, but I know you “Majestic Boy”. That's what the press calls you, right? There have been numerous sightings of this “super hero” around the city for quite some time now. He's strong, fast, and in rare cases eye witness' report him using some sort of magenta constructs, and in extremely rare cases he been seen flying without the aid of any machinery, but what people don't know is that this “hero” is also a thief that steals valuable rare artifacts from people so rich they could more then likely buy a new one without batting an eyelash. You've also developed quite the fan base on your website rooting for you to succeed in your endeavors.

Titus snickered. He was impressed by how much Phoenix Jones knew about him but he still didn't understand why he was confronting him.

(Titus) So you've done your research, big deal. That still doesn't explain what you want from me? If this is a trick to get me to turn myself in, your gonna have a hell of a tough time...

(Phoenix Jones) Hey, calm down I already told you I’m not here to turn you in, I just want a chance to explain myself before you dub me psycho and take off.

(Titus) … You've got three minutes. Go.

Phoenix Jones pulled out the Crescent Compass generating a small hologram of the future that was shown to him by Catalyst.

(Titus) What is this?

(Phoenix Jones) An image of the future. With this new uprising of meta-human's the public's reaction will not be pleasant. Ultimately our country will panic and try to eliminate people like you which will lead to a civil war that no one wins. If you continue down this path you will be known as the worlds greatest thief, but if you join me and help set an example to the world, you can be a hero. I know this sounds cheesy and cliche but it's the only way I know how to explain myself. Without you I won't be able to stop this, so I’m asking you... please join me.

Titus warily stared at Phoenix Jones as he adsorbed his information. Soon a door could be heard closing from above followed by the voices of the family who lived there.

(Phoenix Jones) We don't have much time, come with me. Let's get out of here.

Titus cautiously stepped back still unsure of if he should believe Phoenix Jones.

(Titus) I... I don't know what to do. This is to crazy to be true, you have to be lying!

The basement door creaking open echoed down into the dark cellar. Phoenix Jones began speaking in a low whisper.

(Phoenix Jones) I swear to you I’m not lying, you can trust me. If you think I'm of full of crap then your free to leave whenever you want, I won't restrict you but for now... I’m asking you to trust me.

Titus wanted to run away and continue his life. He was perfectly content being a thief, he never stole from anyone who couldn't take the blow and when his powers developed he was on the streets so he did what was necessary to survive. Now this “super hero” wants him to join some rag tag team of nobodies to form some special group destined to stop the end of the world. As crazy as Titus knew it sound, for some reason he believed Phoenix Jones was sincere in his words.

(Titus) Okay... I’m trusting you Phoenix Jones.

(Phoenix Jones) Wonderful, now let's get out of here 'Majestic Boy'.

~Miss Magician, The Princess~

Maeva Falice is a famous fashion model with one of the top modeling agencies in the world, Supreme Models. Being one of the company's most popular models has kept the young woman incredibly busy. Day after day she get's booked on more photo shoots, commercial's, advertisements, anything anyone could possibly get her signed for. On one of her fashion endeavors, the young model was sexually harassed by a fellow male model on the shoot. During this encounter Maeva's meta-gene unexpectedly kicked in and she easily subdued the man using pain inducing white sparks.

Maeva kept her powers to herself secretly suspecting that if the public found out she would lose her career. The young model viewed her powers as a curse and chose never to use them but not before unknowingly getting on the governments meta-human watch list. Although she is unaware of this Maeva's home has been under watch for months now, and the government felt it was time to ask the model some question's about her powers.

Maeva's heels made a clicking sound as she took each step up her condo’s stairwell. The young model flipped her long elegant black hair out of her face as she reached her home. Tired from a long day at her photo shoot, Maeva quickly unlocked her door and rushed inside her condo. She threw her designer coat and bag over her leather couch before entering her bedroom.

The beautiful model proceeded to kick off her shoes, but first noticed that her closet was slightly open. She knew with out a doubt that before she left she closed it. Before Maeva could figure out what to think a man large in stature, wearing all black and a ski mask burst out from her wardrobe and snatched her up by her neck. Maeva struggled to breathe as the man tried to make her pass out from oxygen deprivation. The man pulled out his cell phone and began speaking to someone on the other line.

(Government Agent) I’ve got the girl. I’ll be back at headquarters in less then an hour.

After a moment the man hung up his phone and pulled Maeva close to his mouth so he could whisper in her ear.

(Government Agent) I only need thirty minutes to make it back in time. I guess we have some time to kill.

The man reached up Maeva's dress and began rubbing her inner thigh. Out of rage Maeva's eye shifted to a white glow and the palms of her hands shot thousands of tiny white sparks into the man trying to rape her. Instantly the man was on the ground in the fetal position cringing in pain. Maeva took a quick moment to catch her breathe, then picked herself up and dashed out the front door. As soon as the man could move without flinching from pain, he pulled out his communicator and ordered his people to send out the A.I's.

Maeva sprinted down the stairwell and went up to the receptionist for her complex with a look of panic and horror on her face.

(Receptionist) Ms. Falice, what is it? You look scared out of your mind.

(Maeva) Please, you have to call the police. A man attacked...

Before she could finish, a loud crash came from the front of the condo complex, shattering the entire entrance. Maeva jumped behind a desk to avoid being injured by any flying debris and covered her head.

{{Maeva}} What in the world is going on? It's like the end of the world's suddenly decided to happen!

After the dust in the air cleared up, Maeva peaked over the counter she hid under to see what caused the damage, and was startled to see a silver high tech, android with one red eye scanning the inside of the complex. Within seconds it had a lock on Maeva.

(A.I) Meta-gene signature confirmed. Threat level Gamma. Acquiring target.

As soon as the A.I began stomping it's way toward her, Maeva stood up and ran for the back exit. She made it outside successfully before getting caught, then began heading for the main road. The young model figured since it was the middle of the day that someone could help her.

Before she could reach the main highway, Maeva encountered another A.I that snatched her by her arm with tremendous force. Seconds later the A.I that was trying to apprehend her inside the complex emerged. Maeva's eyes once again shifted to a white glow as she used her free hand to engulf the A.I in white sparks but it did not seem at all phased by her attack. Maeva's eyes widened in shock as she realized that a robot is not capable of feeling pain. The A.I began dragging her as she struggled to break free from it's powerful grip.

(Maeva) Ugh! Let me go, I refuse to be taken prisoner!

In her fury, Maeva's eye's shifted to a scarlet red glow. Both A.I's began going haywire as if their system were failing. Maeva's eyes returned to normal and she ducked for cover, then in an instant the robots exploded leaving behind a cloud of purple and red smoke.

{{Maeva}} I’m not quite sure how I did that, but thank goodness I’m safe for the moment.

Maeva sat down to catch her breathe exhausted from using her powers, and from being in a state of panic for so long, but within minutes numerous A.I's started climbing over the wall on the opposite end from Maeva's side. Despite not having any real energy, the young pampered model jumped to her feet and began running as fast as possible away from the A.I's.

{{Maeva}} These things just won't give up. I’m so exhausted it hurts to breathe but I can't focus on that right now. I have to keep this up, no mater what I have to run!


Earth-Infinite, The Guardians

Title: Earth-Infinite, The Guardians

Universe: DC Elseworld

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Intense Action/Adventure

Rating: M for Graphic Language, Adult Themes, Blood and Gore (but not much)

Main Character: Phoenix Jones

Supporting Characters: Majestic Boy, Olympian, Miss Magician, The Masked Marauder, Emerald Archer, Slipstream

Summary: In a world where Superman's pod never crash landed on Earth, and Bruce Wayne's parents were not killed so he never became the dark knight, Batman. A world where were these heroes only exist as comic characters. This is our world and it needs a true hero. Learn how the lives of seven strangers intertwine to tell the story of how these ordinary citizens became heroes.

Link to Issue 2: Earth-Infinite, The Guardians Issue 2

Earth Infinite Issue 1: Only The Victor Can Decide What Is Justice

`Chapter 1 Everyday Heroes`

Some see the world as a terrifying, violent, vengeful place, some see the world as a wonderful land filled with new adventures and fascinating people... but not many. In this world Superman only exist as a comic character, as well as the other countless DC heroes we've come to know and love. Their stories are told as modern myths, just panels on a page, but what society doesn't realize is that these “fairy tales” are anything but fictional stories. They're the events that happen in an alternate universe very much similar to this one, where these heroes exist and save the world every time it's in peril.

We live in a world where the common stranger typically doesn't know their own neighbors name, a world where people see a helpless young man getting jumped in an alleyway and do nothing to help because they only want to protect themselves.

There are forces of nature at work to complex for humans to fully understand, but that does not mean society won't gain from it's benefits. Many century's ago a “super human” was not unheard of. In fact it was a very common occurrence to cross paths with one. Some people who acquired these abilities used their powers for personal gain, which triggered others using their exceptional abilities to battle these people for good and justice. Over time the meta-gene became dormant and the era of super humans ceased. Only two have survived to see society change and repeat itself.

Revenant, a legendary swordsman with an enchanted blade that has kept his youth alive, and Catalyst, a powerful sorcerer who watches time and space to keep peace and balance. Although Revan's mystical Runesword protect's him, Revan's skills in battle are the reason why he's been able to survive throughout the ages. Long ago he was once a hero that fought for what he considered justice. With his vast knowledge and collected wisdom for living so many lifetimes, Revan quickly moved up in the Legislative system so much in fact that he became the head of the Illuminati, known as the Serpent King. Revan has had much influence in major world events and using state of the art technology, he has been able to track down the citizens who's meta-genes have been randomly popping up. Knowing how the public would re-act to the the sudden uprising of meta-human's, Revan called together the Illuminati to discuss the matter.

~Revan, The Serpent King~

Revan accessed his high tech computer and initiated a scan for any new meta-genes that had been activated. He was surprised to see twice as many red lights flashing on the holographic world map then the previous day. With this information Revan exited his laboratory through a hidden bookcase that led to his room, and turned on the news as he changed into a personally designed black and white suit for his meeting within the hour. As he suspected their was the same story on several stations about mythical creature sightings and attacks. Before he was ready to leave and meet his allies, Revan examined himself taking extra time to make sure his long, straight, ink black hair laid perfectly in place. He's learned over the years that your appearance can mean just as much, if not more then words. After his onyx snake swirled up his leg and wrapped itself securely around his right bicep, Revan was prepared to go to his meeting.

Revan was the last to arrive and took his seat at the biggest chair placed at the end of the long oval oak table. The other members of the Illuminati all stared at their king as they waited for him to begin the meeting. Before he started Revan's snake slithered down his arm and creeped it's way under the table.

(Revan) Thank you all for coming on such short notice.

(Debra) You know, that revolting pet snake you keep around...

Before Debra could finish her snooty remark, Revan shot her a menacing glare immediately silencing her. After the attention was back on him Revan continued his meeting.

(Revan) You are all aware that I have been tracking down the ever expanding list of meta-human's suddenly rising. Everyday that passes these numbers continue to double, it will only be a matter of time before the public takes action.

An older white male with dark gray hair and pale blue eyes gestured to the king, asking permission to speak. Revan nodded to him signaling him to take the floor.

(Bastion) My king, if I may point out I do believe our department in meta-human affairs has been keeping them under wraps quite well.

Revan used a remote that appeared to be apart of the oak table to turn on the news. A painting on the wall flickered to the news station Revan watched earlier that morning. Everyone directed their attention to the screen to see a giant Cyclops terrorizing Los Angeles. They awed in shock as the monster went on a rampage. The Illuminati listened to a newswoman who was reporting the event from a helicopter.

{Newswoman} This is unbelievable! Numerous fictional creatures and monsters are destroying the city. How this is possible is beyond me!

(Revan) Covers blown. The worlds going to know the supernatural exist once again.

(Debra) Then what's the dilemma, other then the obvious.

(Revan) People are going to panic, but that’s fine. With dramatic change there is always a period of shock. What we need is to keep the powerful ones in check by getting to them first. We cannot allow them to run rampant and do things like this.

Everyone's attention was directed back to the screen by the cries of the newswoman.

{Newswoman} Oh my God! That giants about to smash what appears to be a frightened couple!

Revan's eyes shifted into their crimson eight sided star Mantikai form so he could examine what was happening below the giant. He was shocked to see a confident young teenage boy with a dark tan wearing a magenta tank top, stopping the giant in his tracks, and to see that the young woman on the scene was a model that worked for a company he owns, Supreme Model Management.

(Revan) It appears that someone has already taken action. It's time for us to make our move.

~Phoenix Jones, The American Hero~

Ben Fodor was just your average man that lived in the sometimes hostel city of Los Angeles. In the prime of his life Ben married his high school sweetheart at the age of twenty five, got a steady job and for the most part had a decent life. One night while Ben and his wife were out on the town enjoying themselves, the happy couple got mugged by a local gang. Ben's wife was raped by the leader of the gang as his associates violently beat him within an inch of his life. After this event when the police did nothing to find these criminals, Ben decided to take the law into his own hands and dawned the costume persona, Phoenix Jones a vigilante of the night. To the public he was the first and only known superhero but that soon changed when random people began developing superhuman abilities and also chose to take the law into their own hands.

With his strong sense of justice and indomitable will he soon transformed from a rookie in a Halloween costume to a world famous icon that the public adored for his courageous acts for the common man. On patrol Ben came across an old man with dark gray hair getting robbed by some guys with a gun and a ski mask. Ben successfully took out the assailants but not without receiving a flesh shot gun wound.

The man he saved happened to be extremely wealthy and was impressed with Ben's courage and skill. The man introduced himself as Bastion, and offered to sponsor the young vigilante but not officially for unknown reasons. Phoenix decided to accept his offer and used his “sponsorship” to equip himself with the most advanced armor and weaponry money could buy. Tonight started out like any other typical patrol for the young hero but ended up changing his life forever...

{{Phoenix Jones}} I’ve never felt this free before. This new bodysuit gives me absolute freedom.

Phoenix Jones effortlessly hopped from rooftop to rooftop in his black body suit with a yellow eagle stretching across his chest and a cowl to conceal his identity. The suit was specifically made for his use and enhanced his agility by putting flexible springs in his boots and by using a lighter more sturdy material then his homemade costume. As he made his way around the rooftops watching the busy city below, Phoenix Jones was suddenly halted in midair by a vibrant white light. He tried to break free but found his attempts useless and within seconds he vanished.

He reappeared in a colorful distorted world, with a man sitting in a throne dressed in a white robe with sky blue lining, and some white facial hair staring him down.

(Man In White Robe) Hello Ben Fodor, but you'd probably prefer to be called 'Phoenix Jones' in this persona.

(Phoenix Jones) How do you know who I am, and how the hell did I get here?!

(Catalyst) Please calm down, you act as if I’ve put you under some horrendous conditions. I am Catalyst and your going to help save the world Mr. Jones.

Author Notes: The next issue will be posted up shortly. Earth-Infinite is a totally original world me and a friend (the creator of Revan) so if you have any awesome OC's you'd like us to consider adding to a certain area let us know. It doesn't matter if their from the DC universe of Marvel.


OS: A Wonder of the World, DC(Earth-69)

For a glimpse of what Titus will be like in his costume persona, check out this short story starring him...

OS: Teenage Trinity, DC(Earth-69)

Title: A Wonder of the World

Protagonist: Wonderboy(Titus Gabriel)

Rated: T for violence and suggestive themes

Status: Ongoing series

Summary: Titus is just an average teenage who has a fascination with the amazing amazon, Wonder Woman. When he goes on an expedition to Egypt with his father, Titus discovers that he is the reincarnation of a long forgotten champion and must once again become a champion of the gods, but will be become the hero he's always dreamed of becoming, Wonderboy or will his destiny take a darker turn with manipulation from an evil God.

Wonderboy Issue 1: Strong, Confident, Beautiful.

Beep...beep...beep...beep. Titus woke up from the sound of his alarm at 6:30am just like every other school day. Drowsily Titus shut off his alarm pulled off his magenta blanket (his favorite color) and jumped in the shower. Titus felt the cold water send shivers up and down his spine as the water slowly began to heat up. Thick steam soon filled the bathroom causing Titus to drift off in thought.

Ever since Titus could remember he always wanted to be a superhero, it's all he could think about. Titus lives in San Francisco, home to the Teen Titans and grew up with them protecting the city. Titus was even saved by the Teen Titans a couple of years ago.

When Titus took a trip to the mall with his friends the Titans East took everyone hostage. Titus not being able to accept feeling helpless stood up to the team alone. Deathstroke the leader of the Titans East decided to make an example of him and made everyone watch as he cut off his head unless he apologized. Titus refused to do so and a split second before his blade met with Titus' neck Titus saw a beautiful golden lasso wrap around Deathstroke's blade and whiplash it into the wall. Titus looked up and saw the Teen Titans, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash , Aqualad, and Miss Martian. Wonder Girl proudly shouted out “TITANS GO.” They swiftly moved into action and easily subdued the Titans East. After the battle Wonder Girl walked up to Titus and said “You were very brave today. The world could use a lot more people like you. Lets go team!” Then they took off after saving the day once again.

When Titus was a young boy he was most inspired by Wonder Woman because he could relate to her the most being a feminine boy himself. As a child Titus noticed all the boys would pick superheroes like Green Lantern, Flash and Batman as there favorites but he always adored Wonder Woman. Titus has always been a huge fan of Wonder Girl as well and after seeing her in action when she saved him with the Titans he began to immensely admire her. Wonder Girls strong, confident, beautiful and the leader of the Teen Titans. Who couldn't help being inspired by her presence. After she told Titus he was brave it sparked something in him that he's always felt since that day, a feeling of confidence that someday he really could become a hero.

After Titus got out of the shower he quickly got dressed into his white skinny jeans, black and white Adidas and a white T-shirt with a black graphic design of a city on the front, picked up his book bag and took off to school.

School for Titus wasn't like school for the average teenager. Titus was very well known for 3 reasons.

The first is because he's gay and when someone's gay, everyone has to talk about it. Titus never hid his sexuality from anyone and that's why he assumes most of the students except him and don't bully him like his fellow gays, but definably not all of them. Second and third, he has an opinion and isn't afraid to express it, plus his black and gay heritage tend to make his voice naturally carry making it hard to miss. So if he's around people notice him but in a good way. Titus is very sweet and kind to anyone who approaches him and because of that he has a big circle of friends. Titus has many friends but that always comes with a few enemies.

This school day went by rather quickly for Titus. Nothing eventful happened so this day went by pretty smooth. After his last class Titus headed straight to the parking lot to hitch a ride with one of his friends. Titus scanned the lot through the crowd of students just getting out of their classes. He soon spotted his friend Cassie chatting with his other two girlfriends Jordan and Mary Anne.

Cassie is the blonde bombshell of the school. People knew her as the pretty blonde student counsel president with straight A's but some how still finds the time to have a social life.

Jordan’s a petite scene girl with long straight, stylish black hair neatly layered without a hair out of place. She's known for being 5'4, 110llbs and having 34 DD's mostly, but she's also one of the most creative and talented artist in Titus' school.

Mary Anne is a triple platinum blonde who's absolutely breathe taking. Titus loved the way her hair fell into soft distinct waves that reached down to the center of her back. She's known for always speaking her mind regardless of who's around her.

Titus called out “Cassie!”

All three girls turned to look.

“Hey Titus.” Cassie greeted him as he walked up.“Hello my loves.”“Hello love,” both girls answered unanimously.

Before the small group began a conversation a gray truck pulled up next to them. “Oh that's Stephan. I'll see you guys later.” Stephan and Mary Anne have been dating for about a year now. Titus met Stephan when he first started dating Mary Anne. They were at one of Titus' parties drinking of course with some friends when Stephan made a move on Titus so Titus decided to just go with it. They only kisses all night but Torrie seemed a little uneasy about Titus hooking up with her boyfriend even though she said it was okay with her, and that’s how there friendship started. Stephan's and Titus haven't hooked up since that night but he has become one of Titus' closest friends.

Stephan said a quick hello before taking off with Mary Anne. Titus was beginning to notice that his two friends hardly hung out with the group anymore. They just took off and did their own thing, but Titus didn't really mind. They were a couple after all. “I think I’m gonna take off too. Bye love you guys,” Jordan exchanged hugs with Cassie and Titus before walking to her car.

“Do you need a ride,” offered Cassie.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

Titus said his goodbyes to Cassie as she dropped him off and he made his may into his home. Titus moved often when he was younger but this was by far his favorite home. He lives in a two story five bedroom gour bathroom house with just his Dad so it's quite spacious, but fully furnished. Titus especially loved the aqua color of the house that made the crimson red door pop out.

Titus entered his home and called out to his Dad “Daddy are you home?” Titus listened for a second until he heard his dad respond “I'm up here son” in his deep husky voice. 'He must be in his study' Titus thought to himself as he ran upstairs to find his dad. “How was school?” He asked examining a map to far for Titus to make out.

Titus' dad was a semi famous archeologist and took Titus on his expeditions very often. Titus was excited because he knew after school tomorrow he would be on another exciting trip with his Dad. Titus assumed the map his Dad was looking at was for the trip they were taking tomorrow to Egypt.

“Well, first period a new kid got stuck in a desk because he was to fat, then third period I got bored and went into the ladies room to stare at myself in the mirror. Those were pretty much the high lights of my day.” Titus' dad chuckled. His dad was one of the few people in his life that completely understood his sarcasm. Titus jumped flat unto his fathers black leather couch. “Are you getting everything together for our trip tomorrow?” Titus spoke with much enthusiasm.

“Everything is ready to go. There were some sand storms near the tomb we're going to excavate today but they shouldn't be a problem tomorrow. Lets just hope it doesn't bury the tomb.” Titus reassured his Dad it would be fine even though he had absolutely no idea, and the two chatted about there days for a bit before Titus retired to his room.

Titus decided last year to paint his walls, red, blue, gold, and white for his love of Wonder Woman. It still surprises him sometimes that he took it so far he couldn't decide on one color, so he decided to be creative.

Titus pulled out his I.POD and began his English 12 homework while he listened to the song 'My Boots by Lights'. Theirs two lines in particular Lights sings that reminds Titus of Wonder Woman, the first being 'When she swing she's a heavy hitter' cause everyone knows Wonder Woman is the strongest woman on Earth, and the second is 'Something in the way she comes gliding, makes me need to fix up the hair'. Titus has never met Wonder Woman but from news reports and stories he's heard, he can tell that people are inspired by her beauty. Nine times out of ten it's the first thing people describe about her. This is by far Titus' favorite quality about is idol Wonder Woman.

He looked at the clock and it was 5:30. Titus went the entire day without smoking a cigarette. That was strange because Titus loves cigarettes. He picked up the habit about halfway through his junior after he started partying regularly. He knows it's bad for him but figures if he ever needs to quit, that he has the will to.

Titus closed his door and pulled out a 'Blend 54' and sat in his window while he lit it. Titus often got lost in his own thoughts especially when he was smoking. He could let himself get lost in superheroes, social events, outfits he planned on buying and... James. James was on his mind often. He's a football jock on the varsity team that keeps to himself most of the time. Titus had Chemistry with him last year but never had the courage to ever talk to him but that definably didn't stop him from looking. Titus noticed how clean James seemed to be especially for a high school boy. His skin was flawless, never a blemish in site, and his complexion is the perfect shade to match light hassle eyes. He always keeps his hair buzzed short and his muscles must come from him playing football. He's one of the biggest guys on the team, and his face was to die for. His cheek bones slightly come out accentuating his full lips making them look slightly bigger. His devastatingly good look, killer charm, social skills, and athletic background made him quite the stud of Grant high school.

Titus shook his head and flicked his butt out the window before he got lost in thought about James for hours. Titus opened his closet and decided what to wear for school the next day, a habit of his he's engrained in himself since middle school. He picked out a blue low cut V neck with midnight black skinny jeans, almost an everyday choice, with black vans. Titus called a few of his friends before laying out his outfit and going to sleep. He had a big day tomorrow.

AUTHOR NOTES: Well first off I want to thank you for giving Wonderboy a chance and I’m going to take the time to point out little things that inspired certain event's in the story and why Wonderboy is what he is. I will also point out things I try to foreshadow as I write and connection's to MadrinGenisis's story 'Wielder of the black flame'. If you have any question's about Wonderboy or EARTH-69 in general, feel free to P.M me. Also it isn't necessary to read this before each issue if you would like to just read the story. And now on to the notes!

The name Titus' literal translation means honorable …Titus' favorite color is a foreshadow of the color his costume's color will be in his adult persona Majestic Man... I’m in the process of writing a short story about the incident at the Mall with the Titan's East... Titus is a fashion nut so he'll often go into detail about what he's wearing and what he thinks about the outfit's of those around him... It doesn't happen in the beginning but his friends become a key to the storyline... James also holds a key part in the storyline but not until much later...

Wonderboy... Progeny of Wonder Woman

Height: 6'1

Weight: 160

Age: 17

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Ethnicity: African American (lighter toned)

Orientation: Homosexual

Hair Style and Color: Buzzed cut short and black

General Build: Toned and fit

Costume: A red tank top with the silver Wonder Woman insignia horizontally down his left side, and black skinny jeans, with black vans shoes. His look was inspired from Wonder Girl and Superboy's current costumes (Before DC's reboot).

Powers and Skills...

Strength: Can easily lift 100+ tons

Speed: Can reach Mach 10 when moving at full potential

Durability: Strong enough to withstand blows from beings like Bizarro,Wonder Woman and Dark Supergirl and continue to fight

Skills: Wonderboy excels in the use of various weapons and hand to hand combat, being trained by Wonder Woman and the amazons. He's also had minor training with Batman and Red Robin

Powers: Allure, hides his secret identity and causes those near him to be attracted to him. Wonderboy can also fly and use a magical arrow called the Celestial Arrow that disintegrates any substance that it comes into contact with. He also has more abilities in his battle armor form

Equipment: Unbreakable gauntlets and lasso of neutrality. Anyone who comes into contact with Wonderboy lasso will loose there powers until they are separated from it. The lasso does not effect who ever is in ownership at the time

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OS: The Zenith Defenders, DC(Earth-69)

This my OC Miss Magician who will be starring in this series the Zenith Defenders 


Title: The Zenith Defenders
Main Character: Miss Magician
Team Roster: Emerald Archer, Indigo Lantern, Superstar, Miss Magician, Alexis Luthor, White Widow
Rated: T for fantasy violence and suggestive sexual themes
Summary: After learning she must protect a sacred artifact from the many evils who seek it, Meava, has become the new keeper of the Twilight Bangle. Explore how her quest into becoming the hero Miss Magician leads to the The Zenith Defenders banding together as she desperately searches for her missing parents, she suspects have been kidnapped by Cadmus.

The Zenith Defenders Issue 1: The Twilight Princess

Mae's eyes fell upon a beautiful woman in a tiny blue silk dress with her bare back faced in her direction. Mae slowly walked up to the elegant woman who's long brunette hair gracefully flowed in the breeze. The woman turned around with a gentle twinkle in her eyes and began to speak.

(Elegant Woman) Welcome Maeva, I am Serenity 'The Twilight Princess.' Welcome to my home.

Mae wasn't sure if this was a dream or a surreal experience. Everything seemed way to vivid to be a dream, but she distinctly remembered laying in her bed and going to sleep.

(Mae) Um... Where exactly am I?
(Serenity) This is my home where I watch over Earth, since I’m no longer able to set foot in the mortal plane.
(Mae) And how do you know who I am?
(Serenity) Because the Twilight Bangle has chosen you to protect it's power. Even though my spirit may have past, my duty has not. In my time, their lived a horrible tyrant Zernebog (Black God) bent on enslaving the entire world so that he may be it's ruler. Many righteous and brave warriors stood up to Zernebog but were no match for his God like power. In my desperation to save the world I created the Twilight Bangle using my people's purity to forge it. During his demise Zernebog cursed the Twilight Bangle drawing those to it who would choose to use it's power for atrocious acts. Since the bangle cannot be destroyed, evil will always seek it which is why my soul cannot rest. It is my responsibility to assure the bracelet doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
(Mae) And you think I’m supposed to be this person to protect something that has strong potential to be turned into a deadly weapon that can endanger the world? I’m sorry but I think you've made a mistake. I’m certainly no protector. I’m just a normal girl who's about to turn eighteen trying to set up my future.
(Serenity) Don't be afraid of what's to come. I have seen many champions succeed in protecting this sacred bangle and I have no doubt you will do the same.
(Mae) How can you be so certain? Surely there is someone more qualified then me to protect this.
(Serenity) I am positive you are correct the same way I’ve been sure the last five centuries.
(Mae) How?
(Serenity) Because I see the same traits I have in you. Your kind caring soul won't taint the bangle and that is why you must protect them.
Serenity gently tapped the bangle causing the blue gem lining to glow. The basic knowledge on how to use the bangles abilities flowed into Mae's mind. After it was over Mae looked at Serenity with astonishment.
(Mae) This isn't a dream... is it? This is really happening.

Serenity gave Mae a warm smile, then slowly touched Mae in the center of her head. Everything went black and a few moments later Mae was awake, lying in her dark bedroom.

She began taking deep breathes to calm herself down, then she flipped her hair out of her face and stared at the iridescent bangle. Mae couldn't help but wonder if her parents knew the entire time this would happen. Why else would they make it seem so important. Mae jumped out of bed and put on her night gown, so she didn't have walk into her parents room in her undies. She quickly rushed in and when she opened the door, she saw that their bed was empty. It was still perfectly made which told Mae they must have never went to sleep last night.

Mae desperately searched her home from top to bottom, but she found no signs of her parents. She tried calling both their cell phones again and again but each time it sent her straight to voice mail. Now Mae was certain something was wrong. Her parents never went anywhere without letting her know first, not even the grocery store. If they decided to both leave somewhere in the middle of the night and didn't want to wake her up, they would have at least left her a note someplace, but there were none around the house. Immediately Mae quickly got dressed, grabbed her car keys and sped down to the police station to file a missing persons report.

At the police station Mae got nothing more then a “Come back in two days”. She thoroughly explained her situation but no matter how desperately she begged for the cops to help her, they just repeated “You have to wait forty eight hours before you can file a missing person report.” Frustrated and upset she returned home without having any idea on how she might find her parents.

After two days Mae was finally able to file a missing person report and she began posting missing signs with a family picture of Mae and her parents around the city. For a week she patiently waited for a call about any kind of lead on her parents but no one had any information. The police stopped searching after three days and no one seemed to believe they were alive, but Mae didn’t give up hope. She was determined to find them no matter what, whether it be dead or alive.
Another week passed by before Mae received an anonymous letter in the mail with her mother's wedding ring and a note stating she should start her search at the Cadmus facility in Zenith City.

Mae felt conflicted, why would whoever kidnapped her parents give her their exact location, but seeing her mothers wedding ring was enough to persuade her to to begin her search. Mae figured she might need protection on her journey to Zenith City because of the warning Serenity gave her, and it was a long way, for Zenith City was halfway across the country. Desperate Mae put up several posts online for some type of muscle for hire that she could have accompany her.

Mae came across the bounty hunters profile Power Boy. She examined the stats on his page and saw that he had quite a reputation. Mae sent him an email offering him five thousand dollars, (a small amount from the trust funds her parents left her) to accompany and protect her to Zenith City.
The next day she received an email back from Power boy stating that he accepted her mission. Thrilled Mae sent him her address and what time to pick her up the next day.
As soon as here finger hit click to send the email, Mae's wrist began to slightly tingle were she was wearing her Twilight Bangle. She felt as if it were trying to warn her. A chill ran up Mae's spine. She believed that tomorrow when she started her journey, she was going to encounter the evil her Twilight Bangle attracts to it for the first time. It was almost like the Bangle was physically warning her.

The next day Mae was fully prepared to begin her search for her parents. It was the only thing that she had her eyes set on, and she knew that she would travel to the ends of the earth for them. Mae decided she should act under an alias in case who ever had her parents found out she was looking for them. Mae chose the name Miss Magician finding it sassy and fitting to her abilities. For a moment, Mae felt scared of the journey ahead, but quickly a sense of duty came over her and she new exactly what to do. In order to use the bracelets power Mae needed to transform into the outfit Serenity dawned as the Twilight Princess. She just had to chant the magic spell and the transformation process would begin. Mae held her bangle straight above her head, then started to speak the chant.

(Mae) Twilight Princess... SERENITY!

A layer of white light engulfed her body as she spun around in place. Her bangle left blue sparks in the air trailing behind it as she swirled in various directions. Mae stopped spinning then clasped her hands together in front of her chest, causing the white to disperse, and the blue sparks to form fit around her body in the shape of the Twilight Princess's dress. When she unclasped her hands and placed them on her hips the blue sparks solidified making a high pitched noise as it turned into her dress.
Miss Magician examined her new look in the mirror and instantly fell in love with her outfit. The silk material felt like it was weightless and the shade of blue gave off a luminous glow. Before Miss Magician could continue to admire her new look she heard someone knocking on her door.
Miss Magician strutted her way to the front door listening to her heels click on the floor, and wasn't surprised to see Power Boy on the other side. He was a little taller then she expected and he didn't seem any more friendly then his ad online.

(Power Boy) Meava Felice?
(Miss Magician) Yes that's me. For now call me Miss Magician. Your right on time.
(Power Boy) I always am. Are you prepared to leave?
(Miss Magician) Mhm. Oh I almost forgot... here.
Miss Magician gave Power Boy the five grand she promised him with a check. He gave her a quick nod which she took as a thank you.
(Miss Magician) So... where's your car?
Power Boy raised an eyebrow in confusion.
(Miss Magician) Your invisible jet? Batmobile? Your means of traveling from A to B.

Power Boy swiftly swooped up Miss Magician in his arm's then took off flying at an alarming speed. Never having flown in such a way Miss Magician kept her arm's squeezed tight around Power Boy's neck as she kept her eyes from gazing upon the ground. Power Boy smirked as he picked up speed toward Zenith City.


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OS: Teenage Trinity, DC(Earth-69)

Check out this story for the origin of, Wonderboy click this link...

OS: A Wonder of the World, DC(Earth-69)

This is a short story about my OC Wonderboy teaming up with Superboy and Nightwing pre-reboot. He has his own story (A Wonder of the World) that's much longer and I will be posting that up very soon. Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Teenage Trinity

Author: Wonderboy52 (Zsashoah Jenkins)

Rated: T for fantasy violence

Protagonist: Wonderboy

Teenage Trinity Issue 1: Just a little bizarre

It was a quiet peaceful warm spring night. Wonderboy decided to go for a joy flight and enjoy the night sky. Wonderboy jumped out his window in his civilian clothes as if he were swan diving and after a few seconds silver, red, and black light engulfed his body solidifying into his red tank top with the silver Wonder Woman insignia going vertically down his left side, his smokey silver gauntlet's and his bright silver lasso. The black light formed his skin tight black jeans and slip on shoes.

Wonderboy adored his superhero costume which was inspired from Superboy and Wonder Girls T-shirt with jeans style. The shade of red he chose went well with his light brown skin tone.

Wonderboy soared high into the sky until he was past the smog the city produced. He looked up at the brightly lit sky filled with stars. It was so beautiful it took his breathe away every time he flew here and spent hours gazing upon it. It was a shame that you couldn't see the sky like this from the ground because of the pollution. After he got his fill of the stars Wonderboy swooped down over the city and began playfully gliding around over buildings and skyscrapers.

In the midst of his fun Wonderboy heard a loud crash not to far. With great speed he flew to the scene of the explosion while it was still smoking. Cautiously Wonderboy descended to the ground and patiently waited for the smoke to disperse. Wonderboy focused on his super hearing and could sense a heartbeat. Something or someone was without a doubt in that cloud of smoke.

Wonderboy assumed it could be someone hurt so he approached the smoke and when he was a few feet within range a gray huge cracking hand caught him by his throat. It was using so much force that it was crushing his wind pipe. The smoke dispersed revealing a gray zombie looking body builder with black hair and a raggedy Superman costume with a backwards 'S' shield. This monster was Bizarro, a famous super villain belonging to Superman's rogue gallery. He has all the same abilities as the man of steel except he's polar opposite in looks and personality.

Wonderboy struggled to break free of his grip but Bizarro just tightened his grip and lifted him into the air.

“You help Bizarro. You hid were Superman is.” Even though Wonderboy has never encountered Bizarro he knew enough to know how to understand him. Wonderboy tapped him on his hand once signaling him to loosen his grip so he could speak. Bizarro seemed to understand and loosened his grip just enough for Wonderboy to speak.

“Wonderboy hate Bizarro. Wonderboy hurt Bizarro.” Bizarro smiled letting his guard down. 'What an idiot' Wonderboy thought to himself. As soon as Bizarro loosened his grip enough Wonderboy slammed his gauntlet's over his ears then kicked him right in the face with all his might sending Bizarro crashing through the building behind him. Wonderboy massaged his neck on the red marks left behind from Bizarro's grip. He knew his attack would only slow Bizarro down and piss him off so he needed to come up with a plan, but before he had time to think Bizarro was already in his gut tackling him through many buildings. Wonderboy got the wind knocked out of him and each time Bizarro rammed him through a building he felt the wind escape him again.

Wonderboy finally collected himself enough to backhand Bizarro across the face. He stumbled back freeing Wonderboy. He tried to fly away to gain some distance but Bizarro caught him by his ankle. Shocked Wonderboy gasped and before he knew it he was face down in the pavement. His entire right side was throbbing in pain from the impact. Wonderboy slowly crawled to his feet softly moaning in pain. Bizarro was heavily breathing over Wonderboy, his eyes filled with unmatchable anger.

“YOU HELP BIZARRO!” Bizarro struck Wonderboy in the jaw a series of times. As every punch made contact Wonderboy groaned in pain. “BIZARRO LIKE BEING HELPED!” He once again unleashed a series of punches on Wonderboy's face but Wonderboy caught one of his fist and uppercut him with his free hand. While he was stunned Wonderboy spun into a powerful kick knocking Bizarro back. Immediately Bizarro recovered not phased at all by Wonderboy's assault.

Wonderboy widened his eyes in shock. He expected that kick to send him flying but it had no effect. Bizarro punched Wonderboy in the center of his chest causing a sonic boom to generate. Wonderboy was sent hurtling halfway across the city crashing through buildings and cars until finally he rolled on his stomach to a stop.

Wonderboy coughed up a few drops of blood, making a line trickle down his mouth and drip off his chin. His clothes were practically shredded and his left shoulder was scraped in various spots. He crawled to his knees and before he got to his feet Bizarro appeared floating with his arms crossed just inches away from Wonderboy.

Wonderboy gave Bizarro a dirty glare but he didn't seem to notice. Wonderboy knew he couldn't take much more of this. His natural healing abilities couldn't keep up with the pace he was getting beaten and if Bizarro kept this up he might kill him.

Wonderboy grabbed his lasso and attempted to catch Bizarro but before he could try Bizarro kicked him across the face sending Wonderboy tumbling once again. He managed to get to his feet for a short second but Bizarro appeared behind him and back hand him straight to the ground.

Wonderboy spit up much more blood then the last time as he struggled to get to his knee's.

“Me START Wonderboy!” Bizarro took in a deep breathe. Wonderboy flinched as he realized what was about to come. Flame breathe. One of the main differences between Superman and Bizarro's powers. It's said to be so powerful that with one attack it could decimate a planet.

Wonderboy tensed up ready for the assault. Bizarro's mouth turned bright red as a lava like substance started to form. Wonderboy closed his eyes and covered his head as much as he could.

Right before Bizarro unleashed his flame breathe on Wonderboy a batarang flew into his mouth, exploding releasing nitrogen, creating a giant ice cube around Bizarro's head. Bizarro stumbled back flailing around like a headless chicken trying to free himself from the ice block.

Wonderboy looked into the shadows to see who saved him and saw a black, red, and blue streak zoom past him and tackle Bizarro. Wonderboy felt his face light up when he realized it was Conner. In the darkness he could see a silhouette of a man and when he emerged from the shadows Wonderboy immediately recognized him. The tight black spandex with light blue stretching from his wrist across his chest. It was Nightwing the first boy wonder and the most famous superhero sidekick to date.

Nightwing approached Wonderboy and helped him get to his feet. Wonderboy was still in awe that Nightwing was here to help which probably made it more difficult for him to stand.

“Are you okay? You look like you've taken quite the beating.” His voice was so valiant and kind. After Wonderboy brushed himself off he responded...

“Yeah I’m fine, thanks too you guys.” Nightwing smiled.

“No problem. Your Wonderboy right. Conner and Cassie have told me a lot about you.” Wonderboy felt greatly honored. He always wanted to meet Nightwing and here he was in the flesh living up to his famous charm without even trying.

The two heroes meeting was brought to a halt by Superboy shooting between them and crashing into a nearby building. Wonderboy cried out “CONNER!” Nightwing and Wonderboy rushed to his side. After shaking off some rubble from his hair and wiping the blood from his mouth Superboy stood up.

“Man Bizarro has retarded amounts of strength. Every blow I give he sends back times ten. Please tell me you have a plan or some special kryptonite to stop him.” Nightwing shook his head.

“I don't have any kryptonite that will effect Bizarro but I do have a plan.”

Bizarro slowly approached the trio as Nightwing finished explaining everyone's part. Bizarro raised an eyebrow confused as to why the small group was no longer paying attention to him. Furious he tried to crush the three heroes but they all swiftly moved out of the way.

Nightwing threw a handful of smoke bombs around Bizarro blocking his vision, giving Wonderboy and Superboy enough time to get to there positions. Bizarro spun around at super speed getting rid of the smoke cloud. Superboy used his tactical telekinesis to hold Bizarro in place. Bizarro was using all his strength to try to break free.

“Wonderboy your up! I don't know how long I can hold him.” Superboy was sweating as he strained himself to keep Bizarro in place.

Wonderboy held up his gauntlet and yelled out... “CELESTIAL!” Silver fire like energy burst from Wonderboy's gauntlet. Once he had a clear shot he drew back his silver string and shouted out... “ARROW!” A silver arrow flew at astonishing speeds even to fast for Superboy to see and struck Bizarro right in the chest. Right when the arrow made contact Bizarro's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he collapsed to the ground. The trio gathered around his lifeless body.

“Do you think that did the trick?” Even though Wonderboy knew how much power his arrow possessed, he found it a little hard to believe it was enough to stop Bizarro.

“It's enough to knock him out for a few hours, and by that time he'll be in a reenforced jail made just for him on the watch tower.” Wonderboy gave Nightwing a nod. Superboy playfully punched Wonderboy in the arm.

“You should have called if you were in danger!”

“It's a little hard when a being with the powers of Superman is trying to kill you.” The trio laughed then turned there attention back to Bizarro.

“I guess I better take him to the big man. He'll send Bizarro to the watch tower.” Wonderboy assumed he meant Batman by 'big guy.'

“Do you guys want me to come with?” Wonderboy wanted to do something to thank Nightwing for saving him.

“No that's alright, me and Superboy can handle this. You should get some medical attention.” Nightwing was referring to the many scrapes and bruises that decorated Wonderboy's body.

“Oh that's okay, I'll be fine. I'll heal on my own in a couple of hours.”

“That's good to know. Well take care of yourself Wonderboy. I’m sure we'll meet again soon.”

“Yeah , I'll look forward to it, and thank you for helping me today.” Nightwing held out his hand and Wonderboy shook it.

“Anytime. That's our job.” Wonderboy smiled as he watched Superboy and Nightwing haul Bizarro off to jail. After everything calmed down Wonderboy thought to himself, 'What a day to go out for a joy flight.'


My overall feel about the New 52

Well other then DC's sudden need for dark theme's and gore (personally I blame Marvel) I think they're doing a fantastic job retelling the stories of the heroes we know and love. I don't agree with many of the new costume changes for the females, like Black Canary and Poison Ivy cause they're to covered up. I loved the skankiness DC had to offer, it's part of superhero glamour but for whatever reason they decided to make that change (even though less then 10 percent of comic readers are women). Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl however I think have never looked better. Although Wonder Girl has gone through a drastic change after the reboot I have faith that they will do her character well, but she better not get with Red Robin who's costume I despise by the way... just my thoughts for now.