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Why did I doubt? 0

There has been so much hype about this issue that I almost felt like it was set up to disappoint. I mean, doesn't Earth already have enough Green Lanterns? And won't it be harder to relate to an Arab-American? And why does he need a gun if he has a Green Lantern ring?I was SO wrong. Baz is a very likable, very relatable, cool character. His origin story is compelling, and I loved it. I shouldn't be surprised, because really, has Geoff Johns written anything lately that hasn't been awesome? Anywa...

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Go Time! 0

These guys don't waste time! The action starts off immediately with Joker and Batman. I think that's what I like about this issue: it sort of goes back to the good ol' days of Joker vs. Batman. This title also seems like it's going to explore the more sinister, brutal side of Gotham (and, of course, Joker). I'm definitely optimistic about this series....

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Great things are coming... 0

I liked this issue. It starts out a little slow, but I got the impression that the writers have some good stuff planned. I like the way they switch from the sophistication of the upper class of Gotham to the violence of Arkham Asylum - it's an interesting, dramatic contrast. Overall, not my favorite Batman title (how can you beat Scott Snyder's run on Batman?), but I still think it will be pretty good....

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Damian Time 0

At first, I hated the idea of Damian becoming Robin, but he's winning me over now. The dynamics between Batman and Damian are interesting; they have such different styles and attitudes. It's clear that Damian, although he may hate Talia, has learned a lot from her and has picked up on a lot of her attitudes. Other pluses for this issue: an exciting new villain, and good illustrations.Lastly, isn't it convenient how all the foreign "Batmen" are dying except for Batwing?...

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Back to the Good Ol' Days 0

I'm a little obssessed with Batgirl, and after hearing that Barbara Gordon was returning as Batgirl and seeing the fantastic cover art, I had high expectations for this issue. Although it didn't blow me out of the water, I was impressed, and I really enjoyed it. Barbara is a really interesting character: carefree and yet totally serious. I liked how she wasn't immediately back to her old self, but had some insecurities and problems that came with "un-retiring." In my opinion, this title could be...

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He's back! 0

The goal of this issue seemed to be getting us up to speed with Nightwing. I'm so glad he went back to his old identity, because I was never really comfortable with him as Batman. This issue kind of settled everything back into its rightful place. This new villain is cool, too (although he's totally a rip-off of Wolverine). The bonus: Nightwing's new red and black costume....

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Batman and Geoff Johns? Yes please! 0

This is a really cool, brand-new take on Batman's origin story. Although it's technically set in a different dimension, even casual fans will know most of the characters, and be able to follow the story easily. That being said, I want to warn parents that this book isn't meant for kids. There are several curse words and sexual insinuations used, and the entire story is set in a very violent, dark Gotham City. That darkness lends well to the story, because this book is all about the war between g...

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Amazing, Again 0

What can I say about this series that hasn't been said? It's fantastic. Scott Snyder has been doing an amazing job with this title, and I can't say enough about how much I love the Court of Owls concept.I'm not even going to bother doing the Pros/Cons thing, because I already know I can't think of anything wrong with this issue. The story is great, the art is great (fitting in a Gothic way), the dialogue is great...yeah, pretty much everything is fantastic. This particular issue is especially ex...

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Cool...but weird...but cool 0

I'm not quite sure whether I liked this issue or not. The idea of dialing from a payphone and getting super-powers might be a little corny, but I kind of liked it. On the other hand, the creators seemed to be trying to overshadow the corny-ness of it by making it so "modern" that it's a little disturbing. The concept is cool, but I'm afraid this issue is going down the path of strangeness and morbidity. However, given the success of Animal Man (which I admit, I disliked) the weirdness might actu...

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Twice the Awesomeness 0

I was really excited to pick up this issue, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. It starts out with a bang, and continues to be exciting all the way through. The story was pretty amazing considering that it's only the first issue, and I loved the artwork. I know a lot of people hate the idea of multiple earths, but this just felt right.My one concern is how the story can be continuedSPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are dead, and Huntre...

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New World, New Costume 0

I was excited about this issue, and it lived up to my expectations. I love Power Girl and Huntress (I was very happy about Power Girl's costume change. Now, maybe she can be taken seriously), and I expect great things from this title. The story was good, and the art style fit in really well with the story, allowing the whole thing to flow without feeling disjointed. I especially enjoyed the chemistry between Power Girl and Huntress. They're two very different characters, but the dialogue between...

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Starring the Unknown Soldier... 0

J.T. Krul, Justin Gray, Jimmy PalmiottiI sort of have to review this issue in two parts. The first part, G.I. Combat, was reminiscent of the Men of War title. However, I enjoyed it more than MoW because of the way it flowed. Where MoW was a little confusing at times, G.I. Combat is clear, natural, and fast-paced. I didn't like the style of art, but other than that I really enjoyed this issue, and was pleasantly surprised.The second part, the Unknown Soldier, is really the selling point for this ...

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And So It Begins... 0

Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott WilliamsGeoff Johns and Jim Lee are DC Comics' Dream Team, and they don't disappoint. Justice League #1 was my favorite issue out of all the New 52, and I'm excitedly looking forward to what happens next. The art is fantastic, of course, and the story is typical of Geoff Johns (which is to say it's phenomenal). The dialogue was good, too; I loved the parts with Hal Jordan and Batman together, because they're so different, and yet the dialogue was natural.All in all, t...

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