My Favorite SuperHeroes/Villains

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Posted by Wolverine0628

What do you think?

Posted by Silver2467

Good list. BatMan and the Martian are two favorites of mine. 

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Posted by Tunsieon

May I ask why you chose Pandora?

Posted by Wolverine0628

@Tunsieon: Of course! I chose her because I think what we've seen so far is awesome, and I'm really excited for what might be coming. What do you think of her?

Posted by Tunsieon

@Wolverine0628: I have liked what I've seen of her thus far, but I'm going to have to wait for a bit more before I pass judgement.

Also, points to her for being the first character (that I have seen) shoot Phantom Stranger.

Posted by Wolverine0628

@Tunsieon: Yeah, maybe I was quick to jump on the bandwagon. I like Scarlet Witch, though, and she seems to be a lot like Wanda (I don't want to say she's a total rip-off, though).

I don't know a lot about Phantom Stranger, but he definitely seems like somebody most people wouldn't want to shoot. :)