Which New 52 graphic novels would you recommend?

I've decided that I'd like to get two or three of the New 52 graphic novels for my birthday, but I'm not sure which ones to get.  I already get Batman and Justice League, and I've definitely decided on getting Suicide Squad Vol 1.  Which others should I ask for?  I'm not really into The Dark category; I was considering Stormwatch or maybe Grifter.  Any others I should think about? 
Posted by InnerVenom123

I, Vampire.

Animal Man.

Swamp Thing.

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Green lantern

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Posted by ReVamp

I know you said no Dark, but I Vampire is enjoyable.

Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman are also good, especially the former two.

I disliked both Grifter and Stormwatch though.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

For non-dark stories, I'll definitely recommend The Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Animal Man and Swamp Thing are both spectacular as well.

Stormwatch and Grifter are both disappointing, to be honest. I wish they were better, because they have so much potential... but I wasn't impressed with anything I read.

Posted by Illuminatus
@InnerVenom123 said:

I, Vampire.

Animal Man.

Swamp Thing.

Posted by Wolverine0628
Yeah, I forgot how much I enjoyed Aquaman #1, so maybe I'll put that on the list.  Thanks for the heads-up on Grifter and Stormwatch, you've confirmed some of the things I've heard about them.
Posted by Funrush

Aquaman, Flash, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern.

Posted by SavageDragon

I would say Demon Knights which i really like. Aquaman, Batman are great. And I, Vampire i hear is good. I hant read it but its supposed to be good.

Posted by Mediumflyer7

Yes, I very much enjoyed Suicide Squad. Get Batman and Robin and its not in trade yet but definately pick up Earth 2 #1

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I've thoroughly enjoyed Stormwatch, but if you could only get one, pick up Animal Man.

Posted by Kingsford

Definitely Green Lantern.. give it a chance, you'll be impressed. Geoff Johns did a great job with it.

Posted by Ewan17

Batman and Robin, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern or Nightwing would all be good choices.

Posted by TheCrowbar

Justice League and Aquaman. Probably the Shade too.

Posted by DreamCrusher

Loving me some Nightwing.

Posted by NewKid

definitely aquaman. batwoman is really good too, and wonder woman (of the ones that are out at the moment)

Posted by Wolverine0628

So far I've got Green Lantern, Batman, and Justice League.  I've also ordered Detective Comics and Suicide Squad (which I felt was a must-have), and I'm hoping to get Aquaman when it comes out too.
I'm sort of considering Wonder Woman as well.  Can anybody advise me on that one?
Posted by ValendianKnight

Justice League, Aquaman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Detective Comics, Batman, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and The Flash are all favorites of mine currently.

Posted by Twentyfive

Animal Man




Green Lantern

Swamp Thing

Wonder Woman

These are my favorite series, and all very good reads. Recommended.

Posted by Wolverine0628
So far you're the only one to recommend Batwing!  I read the first one and thought it was pretty good, so I've been surprised to see that so few people recommend it.
Posted by Wolverine0628
I gave it a chance... and it was great, of course.  Geoff Johns cannot fail in my eyes.
Posted by sethysquare

@Wolverine0628 said:

@Twentyfive: So far you're the only one to recommend Batwing! I read the first one and thought it was pretty good, so I've been surprised to see that so few people recommend it.

have you gotten WW yet?

Its an absolute must buy. Additionally, you should consider Stormwatch, Flash, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Aquaman and Action Comics.

As for the Dark title, I think you should wait for the second trade and get Justice League Dark. Its kinda like a superhero book, justice league/avengers style. Except with magic characters like Zatana, Deadman and Constantine. I think its a great read. I find Batgirl to be really interesting and well drawn as well.

Posted by Twentyfive

@Wolverine0628: Wow. Thank you for the kindness, and open-mindedness. It is unfortunate, and yes Batwing is a sleeper. But in due time, I hope they can do something huge with him that will allow a bigger audience to be drawn to him. Batwing's origin is in my opinion the most hardcore in the new 52 because there is no hero that came from the same background as him at his age. Happy reading!

Posted by LanternCorpsGuy

Green lantern Corps is really good or NIghtwing both series i enjoy reading or justice league Dark is the the one i heard is really good

Posted by Suprman

I would recommend Action Comics and Teen Titans and definitely Nightwing, the first arc was great IMO.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Is Aquaman out yet? I looked at a couple of recent issues and they actually look great ,but I hate jumping in late rather be lazy and get the trade.

Posted by Wolverine0628
It comes out in October, I think.  I only read the first issue, but it was really good.  I prefer to buy them in trade, too, because the trade deal is often cheaper.
Posted by TheThe

Batwing, Resurrection Man, Shade.

Posted by sinestro_GL

Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Action Comics, Justice League