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So seeing as I'm on a roll with these, what's the harm in another one right? Anyway, yet another obscure character I'm sure that not many know of unless they played the Minish Cap or 4 swords LoZ games.

Those of you wanting to see the other LoZ respect threads they can be found with a list of my other ones, which can be found

Right here

So let's get to it then!


Sorcerer Vaati


In these scans, he completely destroys a group of trees and then later with a finger overpowers his opponent knocking him to the ground.

Here Vaati overpowers some guards, destroying the holy Picori sword in the process that sealed away many monsters within the box.

Here he blasts back Link and turned Zelda to stone.

Here he blasts through a wall and confronts his former master whom he had transformed with such a powerful curse, that he wouldn't be able to break it.

He transforms the Great Fairy of Dragonflies.

After stealing the wish granting hat made by his master who was a renowned sage, Vaati turned on him and transformed him.

Here he created a dark hyrule castle, turning everyone to stone and having monsters inside.

He can have tentacle like appendages for attacking and binding multiple beings.

Can transform his form, being able to destroy large stone pillars and have tornado like attacks.


Well there ya have it folks!

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If going by movie statements, then the scientists said that they created the world's strongest Pokemon and explained to Mewtwo that he was superior to Mew.

If we go by feats, then Mewtwo did a hell of a lot more than Mew but that's a given really.

If we go by the battle they had, it was a stalemate.

Although it's a wonder how Ash wasn't completely obliterated when their attacks collided. I know, I know, kids movie and all but it was so hilarious lol.

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@shadovvlite: I already did Fierce Deity Link and the other masks he acquired in a Link respect thread already. There's not much on em, just the FD was pretty much able to rolfstomp Majora in a pretty one sided fight.

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One does not simply forget Looney Tunes, it's shown on TV all the time. Not a whole bunch like the newer shows, but it's still shown on TV, it's not gonna be forgotten as long as it's still shown on TV.

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@joygirl: Or ends in freaky shark sex.

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