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Still interested in doing a fodder vs fodder CaV, using Stormtroopers myself( some variants + one particular Imperial Officer) if anyone is interested. Can PM me to work out the details n such.

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@cattlebattle: Oh the terrible logic bit was for the writers not you lol, sorry.

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@cattlebattle: I wasn't insulting?...Was just saying, that just cause something is serious or character driven, doesn't mean it can't be entertaining.

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@cattlebattle said:

@squalleon said:

Plus Loeb wasn't the problem. Disney's control over the property is. They want it to be chield-friendly, so no matter who the head of animation is, the result will be the same.

Pretty much. Loeb is just another brick in the wall.

Interviews with various writers and creators behind those shows have actually stated that they would like to write more serious, character driven stories...but they fear it might be too boring for kids so they are forced to write kid friendly stuff.

Why would anyone think Loeb is some kind of mastermind behind "kiddifying" those shows?? Aren't some his works like Ultimates 3 and the Long Halloween kind of dark and violent??

That's terrible logic, writing only becomes boring when it's not able to go anywhere or ideas are just thrown together without thinking. It has nothing to do with shows being serious or having character driven arcs.

Of course all of this is rather subjective, but throwing seriousness into shows doesn't make them boring.

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Ya, Supes ain't winning this. Really overkill as some of the characters have extremely powerful items/magic that'll do the job.

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I don't find it bad, I mean we're born naked right? We bathe naked, right? We undress to get dressed right?

Nudity I don't think is the problem, it's more like seeing others naked would be the problem more than anything else.

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I'm interested in doing a cannon fodder vs cannon fodder battle, so if anyone is interested just PM and we can set up the details.

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@sophia89: Pre-52 Ares could raise up past warriors too and yeah that's what I mean, that's all he really did. He didn't show much compared to his Pre-52 incarnation, I mean...him fighting First Born is ok I guess if it was more than just one panel or 2, but I could see his Pre-52 self being able to beat the First Born without having the need for intervention by a 3rd party.

If New 52 Ares comes back and perhaps he shows more, I guess I can call him Ares....but at the moment? No...he isn't even the God of War anymore and that really means DC just took a big **** on him.