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Thoughts about Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc

Figured seeing as I did a thread about Walt Disney, why not about Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc, right?

Alright so if Walt Disney and his theme parks gave the world imagination, then Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc

Chuck Jones

Mel Blanc

Than these 2 gave us laughter with their work, most people know these guys from Looney Tunes and most have grown up watching the show and having a good laugh about it. They made the Looney Tunes a timeless show, in matter what age, anyone can sit and watch the show and enjoy it, heck they are still showing the old Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network today! All the characters of the show are well written, they are funny, each of them have their own personality and that is something that even today you can't just pull out of a hat and throw it on screen.

They did so well even, that Bugs Bunny got himself on the Hollywood walk of fame, being the 2nd cartoon character after Mickey Mouse and TV guide listed Bugs as the #1 out of 50 greatest cartoon characters.

Ontop of all this, Mel Blanc did a fantastic job in voicing all the different characters, giving them their own voices, their personalities and hitting it right each time. No one can ever replace the great Mel Blanc, though other voice actors have done a fine job with voicing the Looney just isn't really the same without Mel behind it.

The Toons miss you guys!

On top of this, Mel Blanc also has done other great voice over work. Being the voices of Fred and Dino from The Flintstones, Cosmo Spacely from The Jetsons, Secret Squirrel, Speed Buggy and Captain Caveman. Mel Blanc truly is the man of 1,000 voices! He also did vocals effects in Tom and Jerry, even voicing Toucan Sam in the early Froot Loops commercials

Chuck Jones meanwhile has worked on the famous TV Dr. Seuss animated movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a classic. He has also gotten academy awards for several of the Looney Tune shorts and and some of his shorts even got into the National Film Registry, meaning that Looney Tunes will never be gone and shall always be around.


Well there ya have it folks, just wanted to share with everyone the greatness that is Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc and showing what they gave to the world.


Thoughts about Walt Disney and Walt Disney World.

So we all know....

This guy, Walt Disney created something that in my opinion. Is one of the greatest things ever in the history of humanity, this isn't a joke's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Walt gave the world Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and so on....but more importantly folks, Walt gave us imagination and wonder and being honest here I can't really imagine my life without Walt Disney and all of what he created.

He also gave the world, DisneyLand/Walt Disney World(of course for Disney World he died before that had opened) and it further expanded on this wonder and imagination for both kids and adults. To spend time with one another as family and do things together, I remember being a kid going to Disney World just about all the time and loving every moment together with my just felt magical. The characters were lively and it was a great time, even though said people in costumes probably didn't like it too much considering the heat and their costumes...but still!

It really is a shame that Walt is gone, the guy was really a dreamer and very imaganative, creating something for everyone to enjoy. To make people laugh, to have heart warm feelings and to make children and their families happy.

We need another guy like Walt Disney folks. With that...I leave to you some quotes from the man himself.

Enjoy folks!


Loonatics Unleashed respect thread!

So now folks, I already foresee getting a lot of laughs and saying the show was bad and so on, so forth. However I'm doing this because...

1. I actually liked the show for what it was.

2. It's my opinion

3. These guys actually have some pretty nice feats.

4. I'm bored lol.

Weither folks wanna admit it or not, these guys were Superheroes, had legit powers and have pretty nice feats. So...I'm doing it, for those who don't know what this show was or has any is a ref picture.

From left to right: Rev, Duck, Tech, Ace, Lexi and Slam.

In short folks, it's Looney Tunes + Superheroes. Show was pretty nice for what it was(least imo), sucks it got just two seasons though.

Anyway here I am to showcase some pretty nice stuff for each member, so let us begin with the leader of the team!

Notice: Spoiler tabs show lots of gifs, so try not to open them all at once! May want to have it all fully load before viewing!


Ace Bunny

Powers/Abilities: Agility

Ace shows that he is highly agile with his movements, being able to dodge a number of attacks.

Powers/Abilities: Laser Vision

Along with his agility, his super power is Laser Vision! You can look at him like Cyclops only he doesn't need shades/visor as he can control his vision.

Being able to melt through the hull of a ship.

Able to cut through a large piece of ground that was torn out.

Able to stalemate a super villianess' powers.

Stalemating again another villain, who later completely destroyed a large steel door using that sword. He also overpowered Slam with that same attack.

Being able to destroy meteors quick as they are falling, accuracy.

Being able to free Duck of his cuffs, without hurting him, accuracy.

Being able to blast apart robots easy.

Being able to push back a rock monster, these guys were crashing through rock walls and punching the ground apart and this one in particular was even giving Slam a hard time.

Powers/Abilities: Martial Arts/Sword

Even before getting super powers, Ace was already a skilled martial artist.

Here Ace fights against former General Deuce of the planet Freleng, being stripped of his position he planned to take over the galaxy with his robot army. He is suppose to represent a dark reflection of Ace, Ace is the only one who is able to take him on in combat, due to their martial arts being pretty much on the same level.

Side Note: They do fight again, however couldn't make a gif set. Their last fight is them using swords though.

Here Ace shows to be able to block/deflect laser shots, also moving his blade so fast to make afterimages.

Shows that Ace can separate a train by cutting it.

Able to easily slice through robots.

Able to cut apart very quick a rock monster.

Just showing more use with his sword.

Powers/Abilities: Strength

Ace does have some nice strength feats.

Destroying a wooden box with a kick, sending the remains to form a barrier around Duece. You could also look at this as an accuracy feat with the way he kicked.

Destroying a rock with a single kick.

Able to kick back a rock monster, same one that was crashing through walls and giving Slam trouble.

Able to trade blows Gunnar the Conqurer without being knocked/pushed back, despite the former being more than 2x Ace's size.

Able to knock down an ice viking with one punch.

Misc: Training

Ace seems to be the one of the team that trains the most. This just shows all his powers/skills.

He also seems to be able to use staffs, though we never see because Lexi stops the training.

Misc: Guardian Strike Sword

The Guardian Strike Sword, is the sword that Ace wields.

These two show the sword being able to lift/slam/throw others.

Can stop someone right in their tracks.

Can be used as a grappling device.

Side note: Deuce stole the sword, hence why he is using it, it does belong to Ace.

It can also form barriers, but for some reason couldn't make a gif out of it.

Along with of course the other things shown above, cutting power and so forth.


Lexi Bunny

Powers/Abilities: Agility

Lexi like Ace, shows to be very agile.

Powers/Abilities: Brain Blast

Being able to blast back an ice viking.

Able to destroy meteors as they fall.

Can destroy cliffs.

Can collapse/destroy ceiling rock.

Can take out rockets.

Can destroy ice balls that were freezing the city, also accuracy.

Able to take out the support wire holding the bridge, accuracy.

Powers/Abilities: Sonic Hearing

With her sonic hearing, she can hear a good distance away.

Powers/Abilities: Martial Arts

Lexi too has shown some martial arts ability, though she mostly relies on her brain blast. Last one could be a strength feat, as she kicks away two large robots.


Danger Duck

Powers/Abilities: Quantum Quack

Duck is able to teleport around a good distance, he uses this very well during combat. The 2nd and last are also strength feats, as he tackles down an ice viking in the 2nd and the last he rips off part of a rocket.

Powers/Abilities: Power Orbs(also called "eggs")

Power orbs can range from a tar like substance...

To boulder size..

To explosive.

Powers/Abilities: Aqua Dense

When in or near water, Duck is able to not only use his orbs in water but can also control the flow of it. Can also emitt continous blasts.

Moving himself and a boat over the water, away from a whirlpool.

Using the water to fire orb blasts, he actually kept this going after.


Slam Tasmanian

Powers/Abilities: Super Strength

Slam is the strongest of the Loonatics and thus has super strength.

Tearing the arm off a rock monster and then batting it away with it.

Smashing said rock monster through a wall and slamming into another.

Destroying falling meteors with his fists.

Lifting a lot of weight.

Lifting even MORE weight.

Powers/Abilities: Tornado Maximizer/Thunder Mode

Slam like Taz can spin in a tornado like fashion, only his is much stronger.

Melting a giant iceberg and also heating up the entire city, melting ice.

Even frozen he is able to spin to destroy the ice block that froze the team(except for Duck who teleported out.)

Just spinning through some enemies.

Able to spin even bigger, can also suck in things.

Just trashing through some robots.

Slam can also form tornados out of his arms to attack enemies.

Using a tornado punch to destroy a ship.

Freeing himself from underneath a bunch of rocks.


Rev Runner

Powers/Abilities: Super Speed

Rev can move far faster than other Roadrunners at supersonic speed. He can move fast enough to leave behind blurs of himself, run on water, outrun gun fire, run on walls, etc.

Despite Sypher stealing Duck's powers, he still cannot catch Rev even when teleporting.

Dismantles 2 robots quickly.

Rev can also type and think really fast.

He also talks very fast too.

By compairson here is how fast his parents move.

Powers/Abilities: Flight

Thanks to his speed, Rev can also fly unaided at super speed. He can also augment his kicks to be stronger as shown in the last gif as he kicks a rocket.

Powers/Abilities: Global Positioning

Rev has a 6th sense, it is primairly used so that he doesn't crash into things while moving at super speed. Though he can also use it to locate other beings/hostiles, he can also see in the dark using it.

Powers/Abilities: Intelligence

Rev is quite intelligent, being the only one able on the team to understand Tech's academic talk in regards to tech, he also at times has worked with Tech on inventions, however his intellect is more than likely the result of his brain functioning faster than the others. Though Rev is nowhere near as smart as Tech is.


Tech E. Cyotote

Powers/Abilities: Super Intelligence

Like Wile E., Tech is super intelligent even before the meteor hit granting him super powers he was a student at the acmetropolis university and was actually tutoring another smart person. Since the meteor he has worked on a number of gadgets/tools for the team, also being able to use enemy tech against the enemy among other things.

Powers/Abilities: Gadgets/Tools

Space ship built by Tech, called the Space Stream 8,000

Intercosmic space suits, to protect the team from the hazards of space.

Mobile Magma Mover, able to drill through any kind of rock, including the rock monsters that the team fights.

DNA De-Scrambler, able to return to normal any being that has had their DNA altered.

Gluco-Gel 9,000 able to trap targets in cubs of gel making them immobile.

Atomic Phase Departiculator which can turn anything solid into a liquid and liqud into gas.

Zoommatrixes, motorcycles for urban transport, can also transform to fly and form together to form a platform capable of launching missiles and distruptor discs.

Among his other inventions he created are...

- Nano-Bionic Armor, Loonatics lost their powers so Tech built 6 suits(in 5 minutes) to replicate each of their powers and also deflect them. Though when they got their powers back, they were redesigned with none of the additions and used as space suits to replace the other ones.

- Metalo-Converter- A cannon able to disintergrate metals.

- Molecular Deconstructor- Able to shrink or grow objects

- X3000 Automated Weapons System, as it says it's a planetary defense system with missiles, and a deflector shield. It was able to wreck Melvin the martian's space station and was able to hold off his attack for a short while(Tech stated that martian tech was 10,000,000 million years ahead of Acmetropolis, saying they could even do a few things that he couldn't.)

There are more inventions folks, but I think you get the idea...Tech is a super genuis.

Powers/Abilities: Magnekinesis

Simple really, Tech can manipulate/control metal and scramble electronics. The 3rd one is when they were wearing the Nano Armor, but seeing as Tech designed the armor to mimic their powers he should be able to do what he does here regularly. He can also as shown in the 4th gif, being able to make a shield.

Powers/Abilities: Molecular Regeneration

Straight forward, Tech can regenerate his body at a molecular level.


Well it's done folks(again) at last...didn't take me as much time as last time, but hopefully the format works better than the last one did.


Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers: A comparison

Alright so because I am bored, and because these guys are my two fav slashers I would figure I might do a comparison on them in terms of killing ability, combat ability, and powers/abilities. This will just include the movie versions, ain't taking comic ones into account mostly because I haven't seen/read any scans of Michael in comics, so lets begin with!


Killing Ability: Jason Voorhees

Jason has used just about anything and everything as a weapon, these include...

1. His bare hands

2. Ice pick

3. Needle

4. Machete

5. Throwing Knives

6. Glass bottle

7. Pitchfork

8. Knives

9. Harpoon

10. Meat cleaver

11. Flares

12. Rocks

13. Axes

14. Weed wacker

15. Hammers

16. Scalpels

17. Wire

18. Chains

etc, etc so on.

Jason has also been able to sneak up on his victims, killing them effectively and almost effortlessly and sometimes using the dead bodies to scare other victims using psychological tactics.

Killing Ability: Michael Myers

Now Michael has been known to use a few things aswell which include...

1. His bare hands.

2. Scalpels

3. Kitchen Knives

4. Pitchforks

5. Garden hook/hoe?

6. Shotgun(as a stabbing weapon)

7. Wire

8. Surgical Machete

Like Jason, Michael too is known for sneaking up on people and killing them in just about the same manner, effectively and effortlessly. He also has used some psychological tactics upon his victims.

Verdict: While Jason has used more to kill, Michael has been in a similar boat just with fewer things. With that, I am gonna call this a tie.


Combat Ability: Jason Voorhees

Jason while slow just seems to tank whatever is thrown at him, his fight with Julius(if you could call it that), Tina, the android from X and of course Freddy. However while slow, he was able to still tag and damage Freddy despite the latter being faster and able to dodge a lot of his blows. Jason has also shown dead accuracy with throwing weapons, as noted he can use throwing knives and even throwing his machete to hit a target.

Combat Ability: Michael Myers

Michael is faster then Jason, however it doesn't seem to be much of a huge gap. He also has tanked a few things, such as when Brady hit him with a 10 gauge shotgun(this is hard wood and steel mind you) and just shrugged it off, along with taking a punch from Brady with ill effect, around the second hit you see Michael bring up his hand(rather quick too) to grab at Brady and crush the hand. However...Michael has still been shown to get tossed around still in Resurrection.

Verdict: Jason takes this, the speed difference between the two as I see it isn't all that big also the fact that Jason has tagged Freddy who is faster then Michael in combat showings.


Powers/Abilities: Jason Voorhees

Super Strength: Able to punch clean through someone's body, throw people several feet, able to punch off heads, cut clean through 3 people with one swing, crush skulls, twist heads and so forth.

Durability: Jason has tanked bullets from pistols/shotguns and kept coming, being electrocuted, a roof falling ontop of him, a boat propeller, a house exploding, toxic waste, and so forth.

Healing Factor: Jason has been stated to have a healing factor in X, while it wasn't shown in the movie it was implied that the gov't tried everything they could think of but nothing worked so they chose freezing him until a solution could be found. Should be noted however in FvJ, he is shown to having 2 eyes then , in X he has both eyes too....theory I have on this being dragged to Hell gave him this power.

Throwing ability: Jason has shown several times throughout of being pretty accurate with throwing weapons.


Powers/Abilities: Michael Myers

Super Strength: Able to lift people up effortlessly, break necks, crush hands, and tearing off throats.

Durability: Able survive being hit by cars/trucks, getting hit by blunt force, surviving electrocution, being lit on fire and so forth.

Verdict: Jason, while Michael has been seen to survive similar things to Jason, Michael has been put into comas and having to heal for a time whereas Jason has tanked those things and just kept on coming. Among also the other things that each have done.


Intelligence: Jason Voorhees

Jason has shown to have some intelligence, to the extent of waiting for the right opportunity to make a move, able to use a variety of things to kill, using psychological tactics against his victims to instill fear in them. He also seems to know enough to travel away from Camp Crystal Lake and travel back as shown in Part 2 where he found Alice, despite the fact where he didn't know where she lived and then he was able to travel back all the way to the Camp grounds.

Intelligence: Michael Myers

Michael has been shown the knowledge to drive cars throughout the series, and does pretty much the same things that Jason has done. He also has switched clothes at one point, after muting a paramedic so that Laurie would kill him instead of...well him.

Verdict: Michael Myers, while Jason and Michael have done similar things in terms of killing, Michael knows how to drive, among also evading his own death.


Overall: Tie: 1, Jason: 2, Michael: 1

Conclusion: Well folks I hoped y'all enjoyed reading this comparison, I think that it is a fair one but disagree or agree I just did this mostly out of boredom and they are my 2 fav slashers lol.

I was gonna include some videos for this, but would seem too much of a hassle.


Super Smash Bros Movie Idea...

Alright so got into this idea of making a Super Smash Bros movie, and really it could work very well. Though things will sorta differ from the actual game, it is pretty much the same. But ah lets see what my mind has come up with shall we? 
Title: Super Smash Bros 
Rating: PG  
Type: Animation
Characters: Mario, Link, Samus, Fox, Falco, Capt Falcon, Donkey Kong, and Kirby. 
Plot: The characters have been summoned by an unknown being(Master Hand), upon arriving in another dimension they are addressed by a dis-embodied voice(Hand) that they have been summoned to fight for his amusement. At first the characters refuse to, but the Hand then says that if they do not fight their worlds/universe will be destroyed and so reluctantly the characters agree to fight for now and so each character is then transported to a fighting arena, in which said characters face off against one another. When the fights end, the remaining characters are brought back to where they first were and the Hand addresses them again saying that those who lost have been transported back to their world, when in reality they were turned into trophies that the Hand intends to keep. There is then a group fight with the remaining characters, who face metal versions of themselves and also Fighting Wire Frames and when this fight is over the Hand finally appears to who are left from the fighting, he then reveals to them the trophies of the other fighters and that he was never intending on releasing them. 
A fight breaks out between who is left and the Hand, though at the start the Hand dominates each of them before one is knocked into the trophies and upon touching the base  of the trophy the character is free. In doing so, the Hand loses power and finally all of the characters attack and fight the Hand and when defeated a portal similar to how the characters arrived opens up, the characters then say farewell to eachother and head back to their own universes. 
Now the fights in how they play out between the characters, are the same, there would be items dropping on the battlefield for the characters to use. Haven't decided on what the battlefields would be like though, still thinking on that.  
But now to get to how the characters arrive, now I will say I haven't thought of how all of them would. Am thinking it only shows a few characters being transported, and when they arrive the other characters are already there..but anyway here are my thoughts. 
Link- Link is walking through the forest, and upon approaching a steep hill he takes a glance down seeing something rather shiny but then decides to dismiss it quickly. However he loses his footing, and falls rolling down the hill to the bottom and coming into view of the green portal, curious he walks to it and enters as the portal disappears behind him. 
Fox & Falco- Fox and Falco are chasing a Pirate Lord through a canyon in their Arwings, however the two are then split up from Slippy and Krystal and as the two maneuver through the canyon they see and fly right into the green portal infront of them having not had enough time to turn or avoid it. 
All I can really think of for now, so folks. What do ya think?


Link and Batman...Similar Characters?

Now this thought actually came to me last night, after thinking that DC's Trinity seems to be very similar to Nintendo's Trinity. But ah were not getting into that whole thing, for now were focusing on just 2 characters and those would Link and Batman.    



Now before anyone says anything, yes I know they are different characters...but at the same time if you look at the two of them past their outer appearance/personality they are rather the same. So folks, lets look a little deeper into these two characters and why they are similar in characteristics. 
Their role in their Trinity 
Link and Batman are the 2nd characters in their respective Trinities, almost everyone knows who they are. They are actually more popular then the icons of their trinities, Mario and Superman respectively...they have no super powers, but what they lack in those they make up for in skill, gear, and intelligence. 
Their Gear 
Now yes Link's gear is more magic based, and Batman is more tech based however their gear is rather similar lets take a look here. 
Boomarang= Batarang 
Hookshot/Longshot= Grapple Hook 
Bombs= Explosive Batarang(or you could also go with Bow & Arrow + Bombs) 
Variety of Tunics= Variety of Suits 
So some of their standard gear is rather similar to what they do(well except for the suits but thats showing that they have a variety of different things to wear), the only difference is that its magic vs tech based items.  
Edit: To add, these two characters with all their gear are pretty much the most dangerous men in both their trinities.
No Parents 
Thats right, both of them don't have any parents. Or rather they did, but they ended up dying or whatever. Pretty straight forward, now it doesn't drive them both to fight evil/crime but the basic idea is that they have no parents. 
While the two of them may not have super powers, they do fight much bigger things that are much bigger then them. Though I would say that Link is moreso, being that he takes on powerful and omnipotent beings as a day job whereas Batman(normally) takes on thugs and the like. 
The Joker and Batman are like Yin and Yang, the two are always fighting and without one of feels like the character is just lost. Not to mention Joker, is like the best(or one of) villains in DC. 
Again same thing with Joker and Batman, without one of them around it just doesn't feel right. Also again, Ganon is the best(or one of) villain in Nintendo. 
Now this is rather very, very much the same with these two. The two never really have any sort of romantic relationship with anyone(though I guess moreso with Link being that, we never really see anything of the sort...even though a lot Zelda fans including myself want him to be with Zelda.) They seem to be loners really, just caring about and protecting their respective City/Land(though Link has protected more then one Land).  
Similar Traits 
The two characters, no matter what they are facing....they never give up no matter what the odds they show no fear and go right on in fighting knowing that they could in fact die. Their intelligence, while it does differ is somewhat similar. Batman researches his opponents before or after a fight, and then comes back around with winning while Link does this as he is fighting which gives him a win. Batman while he is good with detective skills and the like, Link is good at solving puzzles and navigation.
Well folks, there you have it...the two are very similar I think. But agree/disagree, whichever you prefer really.

Multiple powered Characters and their powers, thoughts...

Now yes, there are a lot of characters like this...from Superman to Hulk, to Wolverine, etc etc. But what are everyone's thoughts on multiple powered characters? Me personally I don't really like them, in the sense I can like the character but their power just kinda makes them able to do anything and makes fanboys(or fangirls) to think their favortive character can do whatever they want. Now yes...some characters are made to be multiple powered, and that is fine but not everyone and their next door neighbor should be like that....of course sure multiple powered characters have died but only by fighting a character of equal strength or they themselves are the death of the character. 
Really, if a character has just one power. Lets say...Super Speed, then that character should be the fastest at using speed compared to Superman who has super speed but also a variety of other powers to use. (Flash racing Superman) Now that makes sense, because Flash...thats his power, speed all he can do whereas Superman can fly, heat vision, super strength, ice breath, etc etc.  Not saying Superman would be slower then every other speedster, since that hasn't been established but you get my point here.
I mean really think on it, does it make sense for one character to have one power and another character who has that power on top of others to be better then that guy with that one power in using that power?....No not really, because then what would be the point of having that one powered character? 
Now yes we like these characters, I like them too..its just making them as powerful as they are just seems kinda...bad.  It would make more sense, for the powers to balance out.

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