Star Wars: A look at Stormtroopers.

So here we are again my people, another Star Wars blog by me. This time, we shall look deeper into the Galactic Empire's elite troopers...otherwise known as Stormtroopers! This thread here, will...dispel pretty much every single fracking notion that they are useless and are terrible shots, when that is entirely wrong on so many levels.

Folks, I give you the Stormtroopers!

Highly trained, motivated and pretty ruthless.


The Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire have...brutal training and to be honest, that's putting it rather mildly. So...what do Stormtroopers go through?

The Imperial Academy Carida drew the best and bravest Army cadets, with its 2 year long Stormtrooper training program legendary for its brutality. Stormtrooper training not only included grueling physical tests but also extensive indoctrination, which produced unswerving loyalty to the Empire. Very few attempts to bribe, blackmail or seduce a Stormtrooper succeeded.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Warfare

1st, they are drawn from only the best Imperial Army Troopers. Army Troopers themselves go through 1 full year of training, this includes H2H, Air drops, blaster training and so on, all on a variety of worlds. Only the best are chosen to become Stormtroopers, the training noted as being legendary for its brutality and this is true, as you will soon see. It's also a full 2 years of this training, so it's not as simple as some months or what have you, so ontop of what they do for Army Troopers, it's essentially 3 total years for Stormtroopers.

One of the several planets in the Caridan system, it was a large high gravity world with a wide variety of terrain. It was the site of the Empire's most important training center.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

They train on the world of Carida, which is a high gravity with different terrain types.

Carida's terrain includes Jungles, Deserts, Oceans and Arctic.

As his next target, Kyp would challenge the Imperial military training center on Carida. The military planet was a largish world with high gravity to toughen the muscles of potential stormtroopers. Its untamed land masses provided an appropriate range of training environments: arctic wastelands, trackless rain forests, splintered mountain crags, and searing desert hardpan crawling with venomous multilegged reptiles.

- Taken from Jedi Academy 3: Champions of the Force

Just a novel description of Carida, high gravity to strengthen the muscles of Stormtroopers, a variety of terrain including arctic, rain forests, mountains, deserts and crawling with venomous reptiles.

Future Stormtroopers trekked across burning deserts, slogged through dense rain forests, trained on heaving oceans and endured frostbite on the polar ice caps. Carida's life forms included the combat arachnids. Creatures so renowned for their fighting prowess, Jabba the Hutt purchased several to battle his pet rancor.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Planets and Moons

They also have to deal with the hostile life forms, most noted include the combat arachnids which are renowned for their fighting ability.

Before even starting the training, they have to kill 5 others and this is just the start. As seen in the next two panels, there's rock climbing with no safety gear, slogging through swamps, CQC combat, live fire exercises. The Instructors as shown, DO NOT give TWO ****, they literally don't care and will not help or let others help.

There are no do overs, no rests, no whining, the trainees pass or die. All over this the course of 2-3 years.

All this being said from my viewing and sources regarding Stormtroopers, I've come to note that they are peak human. If one doesn't accept that, then you can at least accept that they would be above even a fit man who works out regularly.

Through the cockpit’s transparisteel windows, they saw a squad of Imperial snowtroopers enter the hangar. Most wielded standard-issue blaster rifles, but one team carried a heavy repeating blaster cannon and a tripod. Leia guessed the snowtroopers would have their cannon set up in less than a minute, and she had a hard time believing the Falcon would be out of the hangar that soon.

- Taken from ESB novel jr

Meanwhile, a somewhat subdued young woman seated herself in the navigator's chair.

Outside the Millennium Falcon, stormtroopers worked with military efficiency to set up their enormous gun.

- Taken from ESB novel

Snowtroopers being able to work quickly in setting up an E-web turrent in less than a minute.

Heavy enough to provide devastating fire, the EWHB-10(E-web) can also be carried on maneuvers by its two-man crew. It can be set up as needed in temporary emplacements in 15 minutes.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

It's impressive because normally it takes setting up an E-web longer.

In numbers, Stormtroopers make formidable opponents. Trained to work together, they are experts at dealing damage and bringing order through the judicious application of force.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Sourcebook

Experts at dealing damage, trained to work together.

Ultra Battle Droids fought with notoriety during the Outer Rim Sieges, but virtually disappeared by the wars' end. Several hundred units later saw use inside the urban warfare training zone on the Imperial Academy world of Carida.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Droids

Stormtroopers trained against the deadly B3 Ultra Battle Droids.

Novel quotes/Comic scans/Gifs

Of course that's what the Omega Exercise was for - to test cadets in battle and see what they were made of. Those who completed their missions with a satisfactory score would receive their commissions and graduate from the Imperial Military Academy at Cliffside on Carida.

The inner charges exploded with a flash of light. Morley jumped up, shoved the heavily damaged slab of metal to one side, and swore as a blaster bolt bounced off his reflective armor. An ambush? Kyle's worst fears had been realized. A wave of self-pity swept over him. He had joined to get an education, not die on some asteroid. It wasn't fair. Or was it? After all, no one had forced him to attend the Academy, he had chosen to do so - and the men were waiting for an order. Four years of hard, rigorous training kicked in. "Contact! Two grenades - one concussion - one high-explosive."

The words were no more than out of Kyle's mouth than two grenades sailed through the door, exploded, and threw shrapnel in every direction. Morley passed through the hole first, followed by Kyle, Hong, and the members of squad two. Suddenly, Kyle was faced with the harsh reality of what war does to people.

The battle raged on. The Rebs were a diverse bunch. Kyle saw men, women, and a scattering of aliens, some of which he recognized and some he didn't. They came in all colors, shapes, and sizes and fought with weapons as varied as they were. Kyle saw blasters old and new, plus some low-velocity projectile weapons, and at least one pre-Empire vibroaxe of the sort used to board enemy starships. It was an ugly weapon and cut through Imperial armor as if it were constructed from paper. Hong shot the axeman through the head, shot him a second time just to make sure, and led the charge that secured the room and fifty feet of passageway.

With that accomplished, Kyle took a moment to assess the situation. A quick count revealed that the platoon had suffered thirty percent casualties, with the second squad being nearly all killed, the third having lost two men, and the first, which had passed through the locks last, almost untouched. So much for the walkover theory. If this was the Academy's idea of easy, it was a wonder that anyone survived to graduate.

- Taken from Dark Forces: Soldier of the Empire

So as if the training weren't bad enough, cadets do a final exercise which involve them in a real battle. Here is Kyle Katarn in his Stormtrooper days battling against some Rebels on a relay station as a cadet with Stormtroopers which will decide if he's good enough to become a Stormtrooper.

The firing range was deserted when LaRone arrived. Deserted, that was, except for Grave, standing in the booth at the far end with his T-28 propped against his armored shoulder. "Grave," LaRone greeted the other solemnly. "How are you doing?"

For a minute Grave didn't answer. He kept firing, coolly and methodically, completing the pattern the range had set up for him. LaRone watched the monitor as Grave hit crossmark after crossmark with the kind of accuracy expected of stormtrooper snipers.

- Taken from Alliegence

Grave, a Stormtrooper sniper makes hit after hit with his rifle. It's noted that it's the kind of accuracy that is expected of a Stormtrooper.

But LaRone was an Imperial stormtrooper, ruthlessly trained in the arts of combat and survival, and those deeply embedded reflexes knew nothing about ISB mind games. His left hand snapped up of its own accord, slapping Drelfin's wrist and knocking the blaster away from his forehead.

It was probably the last thing Drelfin expected. He stumbled with the impact, snarling a curse as he tried to swing the weapon back on target. But even as he did so LaRone's right hand came up, catching the other's wrist and giving it an extra push. For a single, nerve-racking fraction of a second the blaster was again pointing at LaRone's face; then it was past, overcorrecting and swinging wide to LaRone's left. He swiveled on his right foot, spinning himself halfway around as he held on to the major's wrist, and a second later he had Drelfin hunched over, his arm twisted around, the blaster pointed harmlessly at the ceiling. "What was that about ISB whims being law?" he ground out.

"LaRone, are you insane ?" Brightwater demanded, his eyes bulging.

- Taken from Alliegence

LaRone, a Stormtrooper ruthless trained in combat and survival with deeply embedded reflexes from the cause of that training, swiftly disarms an ISB agent and takes him down.

Duck! The command seemed to come from within, but Luke obeyed it. As he did, a dart whizzed past, skimming his hair as it blew by.

"That was close, Master Luke," C-3PO said worriedly. "We must seek cover before..."

Luke darted to his left, just as another dart streaked past. Something, his instincts, his senses - the Force? - was warning him of the danger a split second before it arrived. But he couldn't dodge darts indefinitely. He had to find a way to help his friends.

They're just unconscious, he assured himself, looking away from their still bodies and pale faces. They can't be...

"You're a quick one," a voice said from behind him. Luke whirled around to find himself face-to-face with a white-armored face mask. "Not quick enough."

The stormtrooper raised a force pike and jabbed him in the chest. Luke's body shuddered uncontrollably as the electric shock blazed through him. There was an explosion of pain, and his legs collapsed beneath him. The massive shock paralyzed his nervous system. He lay on his back, unable to move, staring up at the stormtrooper. Helpless.

Luke prepared himself to die.

The force pike struck again.

More pain.

And then, only darkness.

- Taken from Rebel Force 1: Target.

A Stormtrooper takes down Luke Skywalker using a Force Pike. This being post-Battle of Yavin, so while Luke is still trying to learn the Jedi ways, he was previously able to avoid poison darts, yet unable to avoid the Stormtrooper.

Luke dodged a barrage of fire, diving over a couch. He swore as one of the guards shot the blaster out of his hand, then activated his lightsaber, lashing out with the glowing beam. The stormtrooper darted out of his reach, then fired again. Luke grunted in pain and toppled backward as the laserfire blasted into his shoulder. Han rushed to help - then stopped, as he felt something sharp jab him in the back.

"Drop it," the guard's flat voice ordered.

Han raised his arms, letting his blaster clatter to the floor. Luke groaned and sat up - but a blaster in the face stopped him from going any further. The other two stormtroopers lay on the ground, unconscious or dead. Han grimaced - they'd almost managed to win.

But when blasters were involved, almost didn't count.

- Taken from Rebel Force 1: Target

A couple of Stormtroopers take down Luke and Han, blasting a blaster from Luke's hand, avoiding a lightsaber and blasted Luke in the shoulder before the 2nd hits Han in the back.

I looked back. From this distance the Wookiees and stormtroopers looked like miniature statues only a few centimeters tall. Hundreds of Wookiees flooded the grounds around the outpost. Using optical enhancement, I saw that they had bowcasters. They clearly outnumbered my platoon, and the sheer abandon with which they attacked confused the stormtroopers. The furry beasts seemed unconcerned about blaster fire, and many of them attacked with their paws instead of their weapons.

The Wookiees swarmed into the building from all sides, flushing Captain Janzor and a small band of 15 armed troopers out the eastern door. I could hear the Captain talking over my audio. "Stay tight. You, cover the flank. Fire! Fire! Fire!"

Just as the brown sea of Wookiees seemed to close around the stormtroopers, six rapidly fired bolts made them retreat. A stormtrooper had climbed to the top of the outpost. My goggles identified the hero as First Sergeant Oswald Strepp. Huddled beside a beam just behind the ledge of the outpost, he fired several shots at the Wookiees, drew their attention, then sprinted to a new location and fired more.

"If you can hear me, Dower, " Strepp shouted frantically, "return to the drop site.

That goes for anyone who can hear me. Return to the drop site. "

By this time, the Wookiees had regrouped. The small circle of troopers no longer had any chance of escape. Surrounded and pinned down, they tried to circle back for the shelter of the outpost; but Wookiees had overrun the building and fired on them from the doors and windows. As I watched him fight, Strepp bent down and pulled something up in his hand. Using my optical enhancer, I saw he held a thermal detonator.

"Janzor, " Strepp called. "I am dropping a TD. On my count, hit the dirt, then run for open space. "

I glanced quickly at the soldiers making a desperate stand. Three of the soldiers had fallen. Janzor stood at the head of the circle, firing wildly and still hitting targets.

"Drop!" Strepp called. And at that moment, the outpost lit up in a huge fireball as long streams of fire exploded through the windows and doorways. For a moment it looked as if the outpost would remain standing. Badly shaken, but possibly still alive, Strepp lay on the roof with his left arm dangling over a beam. Then the thatching

I beneath him disintegrated in a column of I smoke, and he toppled into the building. A moment later, the entire roof collapsed as the building turned into a well of flames.

As the vapor cleared from the battleground, I saw the bodies of dozens of Wookiees lying crumpled. Some rolled around wounded, others lay perfectly still.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

So hundreds of Wookiees ambushed a Stormtrooper platoon + 15 others. A Stormtrooper platoon is only 38 troopers, add the 15 that's only 52 Stormtroopers vs hundreds of Wookiees that had ambushed them.

They were surrounded and pinned down, no chance of getting out and yet they fought on before one of them threw a thermal detonator ending the battle.

It was followed by a white-paneled hovercar that swooped into the plaza, scattering the crowds of pedestrians. A squad of stormtroopers leaped out of the back before it even stopped. With military precision the troopers singled out a specific being in the startled crowd. Tash saw that the creature-with its green skin, large purple eyes, and narrow snout-was a Rodian. Four of the troopers pounced on him. The leader of the stormtrooper squad activated a loudspeaker built into his armor:


- Taken from Galaxy of Fear 3: Planet Plague

Stormtroopers single out a specific person through crowds of pedestrians, leaping out of a moving airspeeder before it stopped.

Disarming and taking out a Rebel Saboteur and wrecking Rebels at an outpost.

They flattened to the ground and watched.

Han was engaged in a rousing fist fight with one of the scouts -he hadn't looked so happy in days.

- Taken from ROTJ novel.

A single Scout Trooper knocks Han off his feet with one blow and also gives a rousing fist fight. The same Han who won a FFA Gladiatorial torunament at 17, know every street fighting technique, fought a Selonian, took out a group of thugs while holding a conversation and so on.

Blasting R2 out of commission and wounding Leia.

Scout Trooper blasting Leia off her speeder bike, noted that it's a testament to his training that he was able to make such a shot.

Therefore he risked everything to draw his blaster pistol and take aim at Leia. It was a testament to his training that even at high speed he was able to target the bike accurately and hit the rear of the vehicle.

- Taken from Fact File 86

Speeder bikes those in particular can travel up to 500 k/m an hour. Or 310 mph

Speeder bikes serve as excellent scout vehicles because they can reach up to speeds of 500 kilometers per hour.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels

Grave glanced over, quick-holstering his own pistol as LaRone tossed him the T-28. He spun back around, lifted it to his shoulder, and began adding his own deadly sniper attack to the rapid fire spitting from Brightwater's speeder bike.

The raiders never had a chance. The last thing they! could have expected this far from the hub's private security was serious resistance, and the very last thing they could have expected was resistance from Imperial storm-troopers. Brightwater spiraled around the raiders, running deft rings around the more amateur swoopers, keeping them herded together as Grave picked them off one by one.

- Taken from Allegiance

Grave(Stormtrooper) takes out swoop gang members while they ride their swoop bikes.

Swoop bikes being able to achieve speeds of exceeding 600 kilometers or 372 mph.

Swoops are among the fastest ground vehicles with top speeds exceeding 600 kilometers per hour.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels.

And these blast points to accurate for Sand People, only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

- Obi Wan to Luke

They are noted as better shots than Sand People who are capable of tagging and destroying Podracers, as well as make neck/head shots.

Stormtroopers wreck the Rebel Force aboard the Tantive IV, forcing them to retreat multiple times in the engagement before the Rebels surrendered.

Equipment: Helmet

Sir, " I said. I reached down and placed the helmet over my head. The moment it fit into place, the readout appeared in the goggles, identifying the sergeant as First Sergeant Oswald Strepp. Computers in our helmets recognized soldiers by their uniforms and identified them in our goggles.

"Are you reading me clearly?" Strepp asked.

"Yes, sir!" I answered. I could hear his voice clearly through my helmet, more clearly than before I put it on. Sensors in my helmet singled out the transport's engine noise and filtered it out as an unimportant interference.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

Stormtrooper helmets having computer readouts in identifying troopers, they also make voices more clearer and also filter out unimportant interference.

A bright red ring began glowing around my goggles. "What status have I signaled, trooper?" Strepp asked.

"Alert status, sir. " During combat, sergeants and officers signaled different alert statuses by illuminating these lights in our goggles. Red rings meant high alert. Yellow meant caution.

"That will be all, " Sergeant He spun around sharply and moved toward his next surprise inspection.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

The helmets have alert status when sergeants or officers singled in a particular way, the helmets either having Red for high alert and Yellow for caution.

I glanced quickly to make sure my helmet was turned off. Sergeants and officers could monitor communications made through helmets. I'd known more than a few soldiers who said foolish things and got caught by eavesdropping officers.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

Communications can be monitored through helmets.

I turned up the audio feeds into my helmet and listened to the rustling leaves and creaking branches. Using optical commands, I ran an infrared search of the trees around me, revealing scores of rodents and insects, but not much else. Even so, I could hear my own heart pounding inside my armor. So could Strepp. "You surviving down there, Dower?"

"All clear, sir, " I said.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

Having audio feeds also able to do infrared scanning.

And I had the pleasure of leading our band of soldiers, my blaster ready to fire at any moment. I tried to amuse myself by switching my goggles from day-for-night vision to infrared every few minutes. The good thing about infrared was that it would help me spot Wookiees long before they could see me. Unfortunately, the infrared vision caused the ground to look like a wavy mass of gray swirls, and I stumbled when I kept it on too long.

I also fiddled with my audio intakes, screening out the sound of my panting as I trudged forward. Transmissions between foot soldiers buzzed back and forth so quietly that I could barely hear them. Instead, I focused on sounds coming from trees around me. That first Wookiee moved so quietly and spotted me so quickly that I could not afford to wait for my sensors to alert me. The computers in my helmet, however, gave messages from superior officers precedence over my nervous scans. When Strepp contacted me, his voice blared through my helmet.

"You alert up there, Dower?" he asked.

"Sir, I could hear a knobby white spider from 40 meters, " I said.

"We're not looking for knobby spiders, " Strepp said calmly.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

Day to Night vision, more infrared, audio tweeking, able to hearing up to 40 meters.

I looked back. From this distance the Wookiees and stormtroopers looked like miniature statues only a few centimeters tall. As I watched him fight, Strepp bent down and pulled something up in his hand. Using my optical enhancer, I saw he held a thermal detonator.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhiliation

From a distance where Wookiees and Stormtroopers looked like mini statues, the helmet can enhance sight and see a thing as small as a thermal detonator in someone's hand.

Wookiees clearly had sharper senses than we did, but our helmets magnified our vision and let us see at night.

- Taken from Wookiee Annhilation

Magnified vision, able to see at night.

Kyle surprised himself by having the presence of mind to scan the bulletins with the tiny battle holocam built into his helmet.

Dark Forces: Soldier of the Empire

Scanning, a holocam built into the helmets.

"Four-seven-nine: acknowledged," Brightwater said, taking a quick look around as he turned into a wide circle that would bring him back to the rest of the scout troopers still maneuvering their way out of the transport. They'd come in on a ground-skimming course just to the north of a set of low, tree-sprinkled hills, with the edge of their target town a couple of hundred meters away on the far side. Activating his helmet's sensors, he gave the hills a quick but careful scan as he circled back toward the transport. There didn't seem to be activity anywhere, of any sort, which struck him as highly suspicious. The hills included a picnic area, several walking paths, and half a dozen trees that had been patiently nurtured and manipulated over the decades into an elaborate children's climbing structure.

- Taken from Allegiance

More scanning

And that was far and away the trickier half. Stormtrooper helmets included a tongue switch, which had to be tripped before removing the helmet. Otherwise, the comlink would instantly scramble both the frequency rotation sequence and the encryption suite, leaving it all but useless.

For most would-be infiltrators, that was an insurmountable hurdle

- Taken from Choices of One

Includes a tongue switch which needs to be tripped before removing, otherwise the comlink would scramble as would ecryption making it useless.

Marcross nodded and slid the helmet over his head. A few seconds of listening to the palace security chatter was all it took. "Yes, we're in," he confirmed, locking the helmet securely to his collar. "But it doesn't sound like we're on the same system as the gate guards."

"Shouldn't be a problem-you'll be talking to them in person anyway," Jade reminded him, giving each of their shoulder pieces a final check. "Put these two in that storeroom over there to sleep off the sonic-I've already sliced the lock for you. Then plug in your private frequency and make sure Brightwater and the others are in position in case we need a fast breakout. Which of you has it?"

- Taken from Choices of One

Can be on various frequencies including private.

They had gone perhaps ten more meters when Mara caught a glimpse of something ahead. "Hold," she murmured, running through the Jedi sight-enhancement techniques as they stopped. It hadn't been a movement she'd seen, exactly, but something else.

The stormtrooper, with his helmet's own vision enhancements, got it first. "We're looking through the archway into the shield generator room," he murmured back. "That was a reflection from the generator shell."

- Taken from Survivor's Quest

Vision enhancements work faster than Mara Jade's Jedi sight enhancement techniques.

A Stormtrooper's helmet is replete with high-tech gear. Polarized lenes protect troopers from bright flashes such as those caused by explosions and allow them to see in dark or hazy conditions.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Tech

Polarized lenes protect from bright flashes, can see in dark/hazy conditions.

A powerful transmitter allows Stormtroopers to communicate over long distances, while built in sensor arrays can pick up enemy signals and detect nearby life forms. Other helmet features include cellular padding to prevent head injuries, a helmet computer monitors the armor's functions, a Comtech Series IV speaker using three-phase sonic filtering for clear sound, an atmospheric recycling unit, and a complex air intake and exhaust system.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Tech

Cellular padding for head injuries, computer to monitor armor functions, speaker filtering for clear sounds, built in sensor arrays and other things.

Equipment: Body Armor

He glanced through the opening and found a dozen storm-troopers only ten meters away, still coming despite a hail of Tusken slugs. One fell to a hit through the lens, another with a wound through his throat, but most were simply falling as the projectiles splattered against their armor, then popping back up an instant later

- Taken from Tatooine Ghost

Able to withstand hypersonic projectiles from Sand People Cycler Rifles, the same rifles that were taking down Podracers. The hits on the armor just knocking them down, only for them to get right back up.

Han fell in alongside the next beast and, struggling to keep pace, reached up and grabbed hold. His feet immediately went out from beneath him, which was just as well since a flurry of blaster bolts came flashing in under the bantha's belly. Most sizzled harmlessly past or ricocheted off his leg armor, but one managed to burn through and scorch his outer thigh.

- Taken from Tatooine Ghost

Armor is able to ricochet blaster bolts.

Fortunately for those guards, the Hand of Judgment didn't kill unnecessarily. Even more fortunately, they'd set up their defensive line well within an E-11's stun range. "Set for stun," LaRone ordered, flipping his selector and squeezing the trigger. The blue rings spread outward and the nearest guard twitched and fell over, his blaster sending a final spasmodic shot into the ceiling. One of the others managed to get two shots off, one of which caught LaRone in his upper chest plate, before they were all down.

"You all right?" Grave asked, leaning over for a look at the blackened spot on LaRone's armor.

"No problem," LaRone assured him, wincing as he moved his shoulder. There was definitely a burn there, but the armor had blocked most of the energy, and the injury wasn't bad enough to slow him down.

- Taken from Allegiance

Helps withstanding against blaster shots, not fully though but enough that one could still move.

Before Fel could even form a protest, Drask had the two of them back on their feet, rapidly retreating behind the stormtroopers' moving defensive screen. They reached the fleet tactical room, and with a quick look inside Drask shoved Fel through the doorway and jumped in after him. A second later, with one final burst of covering fire, the four stormtroopers were inside as well.

"Report," Fel ordered, feeling like an idiot and hoping the effects of the exertion would adequately cover his embarrassment. Getting shot at was hardly a new experience for him, but usually he was in the cockpit of a clawcraft at those times, with a familiar collection of sensors, shields, and weapons at his fingertips. Being attacked in dress uniform had startled him more than he would have expected. "Injuries?"

"No armor damage," Watchman reported. "Those bolts were weaker than standard."

"Comes of using the same Tibanna gas reserves for fifty years, I guess," Fel said.

- Taken from Survivor's Quest

Armor can fully tank with 0 damage, blaster bolts provided of course the Tibanna Gas is old. By a glance this feat may not seem like much, but considering how the gas is just a mere 50 years old and how bullets in Star Wars are outdated by thousands and thousands of years, which really puts into perspective on how bullets are rather useless if a blaster with only a 50 year old gas cartridge can't do damage to the armor, it's impressive.

A hermetic autoseal can be engaged to completely seal the armor suit, which is self contained and has its own small oxygen supply. This feature allows Stormtroopers to brave posionous atmospheres and even the vaccum of space for a short time.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Tech

The armor can be sealed having it's own supply of oxygen.

Aside from the insulating body glove, the Stormtrooper's armor contains sensitive temperature controls that automatically adjust based on prevailing conditions.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Tech

Simple, temperature controls in the armor.

Qorl stood inside the training chamber holding a wicked-looking spear in his black-wrapped left hand. His droid replacement arm gripped the gleaming shaft with enough force to dent the metal. The serrated head of the spear had a long central prong with two side spikes curving up like a dragon's barbed tail.

"You're late," Qorl said. He cocked his droid arm back-and hurled the deadly weapon at Norys with all the strength in his robotic servomotors!

Norys stood astonished as the deadly spearpoint hurtled toward his chest plate. He just had time to cry "Hey!" in a panicked voice amplified by his helmet speakers before the barbed tip impacted squarely with enough force to smash him backward.

Norys slammed into the wall, his helmet ringing against the hard metal bulkhead. His vision sparkled with impending unconsciousness. He expected to see a spear sprouting from his heart and waited for his nerves to send shouts of mortal pain. He wanted to scream that Qorl, his supposed teacher, had betrayed him, murdered him. But a split second later his thoughts cleared enough to hear the clatter as the spear shaft fell harmlessly to the floor. He looked down at his chest in amazement and saw only a nick in the white armor where the spear had struck.

- Taken from Star Wars Young Jedi Knights 4: Lightsabers

Armor can withstand a spear thrown by a powerful droid arm, leaving only a nick in the armor.

The creatures came at him from the front, side, and behind. Norys turned, remembering to think, point, aim, and shoot. He eliminated another creature.

Two more emerged from the ceiling, but Norys swiveled at the waist and forced himself to concentrate. One of the two struck from behind, though its claws skittered off Norys's white stormtrooper armor. He ignored it as he set the second mynock firmly in his sights and shot it.

- Taken from Star Wars Young Jedi Knights 4: Lightsabers

Mynock claws just skitter off the armor.

Able to withstand explosions.

Can withstand electrical discharges powerful enough to illuminate a person's skeleton.

Equipment: Utility Belt/Detonator/Misc

Showing how effective the Thermal Detonator they carry is.

Stormtroopers are usually issued a thermal detonator. Controls set to arming, timing and blast intensity are not labelled so that enemy troops cannot use the powerful explosives if they are captured.

- Taken from Ep 4-6 Visual Guide

Controls aren't labelled so enemies cannot use them.

Standard issue equipment in the utility belt includes power packs, energy rations and a compact tool kit. The belt can carry additional gear such as a grappling hook, comlink, macrobionculars, handcuff binders or other items such as this combat de-ionizer.

- Taken from Ep 4-6 Visual Guide

What the Utility Belt carries.

Every component of a Stormtrooper's armor and equipment is manufactured to the highest standards in the Empire. Their armor lasts indefinitely and may still be found half buried at decades-old battle sites.

- Taken from Ep 4-6 Visual Guides

Armor is made to the highest standards in the Empire, able to last indefinitely.


Star Wars: A look at the Galactic Empire military

Alright so after much thinking, I have decided to finally make this blog! Now while many of you may know the Galactic Empire basic from the movies.....there's a much deeper information and knowledge of the inner workings of the Galactic Empire's military. Some of you may know this, if you're a big Star Wars nut and have read into it, which that is fine too of course!

At any rate folks, let's get into it!


Imperial Ground Forces

Imperial Army Trooper

Army Troopers make up a vast number of the Empire's planet bound fighting forces. These soldiers are trained to only fight, and they do it very well. They are taught all manner of hand to hand combat techniques, blaster pistol, grenade and heavy weapons training are just some of the areas these soldiers are expected to excel in.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Army Troopers are trained in all manner of various things from H2H to Blasters/Heavy.

With the New Order, the Army was completely overhauled. Rigorous training and recruitment programs were re-established and the missions of the Army were expanded. Drop missions into hostile territory were considered to be routine for normal troopers rather than the province of a few elite units. Training for complex assaults was the norm.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

New Order(Galactic Empire) overhauled the Army from the Republic, which before was a poorly organized and trained police force. Training is rigorous, drop missions were routine for regular troops and complex assault training was the norm.

The Imperial Army is highly trained and able to put up a good fight. SpecForce respects the Army's power and skill.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

The Imperial Army(and thus Imperial Army Troopers) are highly trained, even Rebel SpecForce respects the Army's power and skill in combat.

The Imperial Army Academy was on Raithal, in the Colonies. Most of its cadets endured a grueling 1 year long training program that included simulation and live fire drills in drop camps on a variety of worlds.

- Taken from The Essential Guide to Warfare.

1 year long training program, rigorous and on a number of different worlds.


Army Pilots

Like the normal Army Trooper, assault crewmen wear grey uniforms and partial body armor. They receive all the combat training given the Trooper, as well as training needed to operate the ground assault vehicles.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

The Army pilots receive the same combat training as regular troops do ontop of their vehicle training.

The crews that service these war machines are soldiers with training in the operation of a variety of ground vehicles.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Straightforward really.



Encased in protective white armor and wielding the most powerful personal weapons available, Imperial Stormtroopers form the Empire's elite shock troops and are feared throughout the galaxy.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Straightforward really.

Stormtroopers support the two armies of the military, assisting the ground forces and the Imperial fleets, but remain apart and separate from these organizations.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

They support the other branches of the GE military.

One of the most recognized symbols of the Empire, the Stormtrooper legions are the largest elite fighting force in the galaxy.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Straightforward again, just re-iterating they are elite troops.

Stormtroopers are infantry forces. There are no Stormtrooper crewed tanks, no Stormtrooper artillery units. If armor or supporting fire is needed, the Imperial commander assigns such elements from Army units. Stormtroopers perform both space based and ground based duties, perfectly at home with both ship boarding and planetary assault.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Strict infantry forces and they perform just as well in ship boarding as they do in ground assault.

Stormtroopers are a threat to any military force they engage. They do not shrink in the face of death and have taken on suicide missions without objection or comment, although they are known to retreat and rally if taken by surprise.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

They don't fear death and are a big threat to any force they engage.

While an individual trooper has his place, the truth worth and power of the Stormtrooper is best demonstrated at the squad, battalion and legion levels. In numbers, Stormtroopers make formidable opponents, trained to work together, they are experts at dealing damage and bringing order to chaotic situations through judicious applications of force.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Sourcebook

Are best demonstrated at squad+ levels, trained to work together and experts at dealing damage.

Weither serving as elite shock troops advancing ahead of Army units or ensuring loyalty of crews in the Navy, their sole loyalty was to the Emperor, and they existed to enforce his will.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Warfare


The Imperial Academy Carida drew the best and bravest Army cadets, with its 2 year long Stormtrooper training program legendary for its brutality. Stormtrooper training not only included grueling physical tests but also extensive indoctrination, which produced unswerving loyalty to the Empire. Very few attempts to bribe, blackmail or seduce a Stormtrooper succeeded.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Warfare

Stormtrooper training took place on Carida, it being legendary for being brutal. They are indoctrinated heavily to have unswerving loyalty to the Empire.

Ultra Battle Droids fought with notoriety during the Outer Rim Sieges, but virtually disappeared after the wars' end. Several hundred units later saw use inside the urban-warfare training zone on the Imperial Academy world of Carida.

-New Essential Guide to Droids

Part of Stormtrooper training, they faced off against the B3 Ultra Battle Droids in the urban warfare training zone, the B3s having been noted as deadly.

One of the several planets in the Caridan system, it was a large high gravity world with a wide variety of terrain. It was the site of the Empire's most important training center.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

As if it wasn't enough, Stormtroopers were trained on a high gravity world. As a note folks, considering their training even before becoming Stormtroopers and then being trained for another 2 years(making it 3) on a high gravity world. I have no doubt, that all Stormtroopers would be peak human.

There are many, many Stormtrooper variants.

Scout Trooper

Lightly armored but highly mobile Imperial Stormtroopers. While traveling a dangerous velocities, scout troopers wore specialized helmets, equipped with built-in macrobionocular viewplates and sensor arrays. These devices fed into a small computer capable of instantly analyzing the surrounding terrain to aid in navigation.

- Taken from Star Wars Encylopedia

Lightly armored but mobile, they have specialized helmets with macrobionoculars and sensor arrays, which feed into a computer that instantly analyzes the terrain.

Scout Troopers were trained survivalists who often carried personal survival kits, portable power units, food, supplies, micro-cords and specialized gear for the local terrain.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

They are trained survivalists.

Scout Troopers were well known for their self-reliance and ability to operate alone and the Empire discovered those traits made the Scout Troopers excellent snipers. Many Scout Troopers were armed with collapsible, long range sniper rifles equipped with powerful scopes and small targeting computers. The Scout Trooper's sniper rifle was deadly and extremely accurate, though it did emit a brief laser sight before firing.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

They are noted to be excellent snipers, armed with long range sniper rifles with powerful scopes and targeting computers, deadly and extremely accurate.

Scouts use explosively fast Aratech 74-Z speeder bikes to perform their missions.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Straightforward, using speeder bikes for their missions.

Stormtrooper scouts are not intended to enter main combat, but they can hold their own in skirmishes.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Not for use in main combat, but can do well in skirmishes.

Imperial Jumptrooper

The direct successor to the Republic's acclaimed jet trooper clones, the Jumptrooper is assigned to the battlefields that have the most treacherous terrain.

- Taken from TFU campaign guide

Successor to the Clone jet troopers.

Expertly trained in the use of his jetpack, the Jumptrooper uses it to maximum effect, aided by a devastating rail detonator gun that enables him to eliminate targets from any angle he chooses. Jumptroopers are known to be deployed in almost any battlefield.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Expertly trained in the use of a jetpack, also use a devastating detonator gun to eliminate targets from any angle.

The Imperial Jumptrooper's long range rail detonator is far more powerful than standard issue Imperial weaponry and has no recoil, allowing the Jumptrooper to discharge the weapon without changing flight path or being knocked off balance.

- Taken from TFU Databank

Their rail gun has no recoil, so they don't lose balance or need to change flight paths.

It is said that for over 10,000 years the ancient citadel of Ehenmal has never fallen before an invader. It took one night and a single company of Imperial Jumptroopers to wipe away that particular distinction.

The attack did not come from the ground, it came from above. Just before dawn a strategic freighter released 85 of the prototype Jumptroopers who floated serenely and unnoticed, down to the Citadel.

They hit the communication towers first, than the ammo dumps, the fuel supplies and finally the hangers to prevent any escape. In each instance, by the time the defenders responded, the Jumptroopers, with a roar of their jetpacks would take to the air. The high walls of the bastion meant nothing.

It took 85 men less than an hour to bring so much chaos and disarray to Ehenmal that the defenders, over 3,000 Rebels surrendered.

- Taken from TFU 2 Databank

Here only 85 Jumptroopers took a citadel that had never fallen to an invader for over 10,000 years and it took them less than an hour.

Zero-G Assault Stormtrooper

The most heavily armored specialized Stormtroopers are the Zero-G Stormtroopers or spacetroopers. These power armored troopers are walking arsenals, each wielding as much firepower as a light tank.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

The most heavily armored variant Stormtrooper, walking arsenals really with enough firepower as a light tank.

Spacetroopers are ussed to board ships and stations without docking. A single squad is able to capture any small capital ship and a platoon is sufficient to capture a ship up to the size of a dreadnought.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Can board ships without docking, a single squad can capture a small capital ship and a platoon can capture a ship up to a dreadnought.

Zero-G Assault troopers or spacetroopers are deadly commandos of the highest order, second only to the Imperial Royal Guard in training, loyalty and destructive capability. When it is nessecary to capture a freighter, space station or other spacefaring vehicles, spacetroopers are deployed to handle the job.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

They are 2nd only to the Royal Guard, can capture freighters, space stations and other space vehicles.

A spacetrooper platoon uses a heavily armored assault shuttle to stage its operations. The assault shuttle is a formidable vehicle in its own right, but the 40 spacetroopers it carries are walking arsenals. Each trooper wears the standard Stormtrooper shell, but then plugs into a full body armor encasing that performs as a personal spacecraft and attack vehicle.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

A platoon is 40 spacetroopers, they use heavily armored assault shuttles and it is a formidable vehicle. Again the spacetroopers are noted as walking arsenals.

Spacetroopers are limited by the amount of power their armor can store(4 hrs of power, 10 hrs of oxygen), but they are trained to employ their armament effectively and complete their mission within a limited period of time. If spacetroopers can't complete their mission within the time, they have orders to return to the shuttle for recharge.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Have 4 hours of power and 10 hours of oxygen, they are trained to use it effectively and complete their missions with a limited time period, if not they return to shuttle for recharge.

Powerful weaponry lined the powersuit armor. Paired grenade launchers were shoulder mounted and magazine fed, and were capable of launching concussion, stun and gas projectiles. On the right gauntlet was a powerful blaster cannon with the left gauntlet featured a miniature proton torpedo hurler.

The gauntlet also supported laser cutters or rotating sleeves allowed the spacetrooper to penetrate armored hulls.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

List of the weaponry, grenade launchers, blaster cannon and mini proton torpedo hurler. The gauntlet also has laser cutters to penetrate hulls of ships.

The Zero-G troops are equipped to disable ships, manipulate satellites, crack station hulls, enable or disable mines.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 1st edition


Several modifications of the suit are possible. Higher armored suits for storm units, special tools for technician units and individual variants for squad leaders, demolition experts and computer specialists.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 1st edition

Can have modifications on the suits.

The Zero-G troopers are the highest trained Stormtroopers, their training includes not only combat and strategy training but also academic skills like ship design and computer hacking.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 1st

Highest trained of the Stormtroopers.

Desert trooper

Sandtroopers wear standard Stormtrooper armor with a heat-reflective coating and advanced temperature controlled body glove. The helmet includes a filtered breathing mask used during sandstorms, polarized lenses and built in comlink.

Sandtroopers carry a long range comlink in their utility belt incase of emergencies.

Along with the standard issue E-11, Sandtroopers utilize a wide range of weapons including concussion grenade launchers and repeating blasters.

- Imperial Sourcebook 1st edition

What their armor consists of and what they carry.

Cooling and moisture reclamation systems have been greatly improved and additional heat dissipation unit run through the armor plates. Underneath the armor, the black temperature body gloves are also modified with additional cooling units.

- Taken from Movie Trilogy Sourcebook

More advanced cooling systems than what regular Stormtrooper armor has.

Instead of depending on machinery that may not function in certain environs, Desert Troopers make use of local transportation. On Tatooine for example, they use Dewbacks in order to travel the burning sands.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 1: ANH

They utilize the local transportation rather than machinery that may not function.

One of these units was formed to operate in the hot, burning desert regions of galactic planets. The criteria was to assemble troopers familiar with survival, tracking and desert lore.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 1: ANH

The criteria for becoming a Desert Trooper.


They are special Snowtrooper units that are successful thanks to their advanced suit. These armored suits contain durable heated pants and shirt. A Snowtroopers helmet includes a breath heater, polarized snow goggles, a wrist comlink and an insulated cape.

The entire suit is powered by a power cell located on the trooper's backpack. Snowtroopers can service up to 2 weeks even in the harshest frozen worlds or moons.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 1st edition.

Armor protects them from even the harshest frozen worlds or moons.

Cold assault troopers or Snowtroopers are able to operate with impunity in temperatures as low as -100 degrees.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Can operate in temperatures as low as -100 degrees.

Snowtroopers carry the E-11 blaster rifles as standard, but are also trained to use the heavy E-web repeating blaster and other heavy weapons.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 1st edition

Trained in the use of the heavy E-webs and other heavy weaponry.

They hit planets fast and hard, crushing opposition quickly and completely. Efficient, fast and deadly, Snowtroopers are one of the most feared combat units in the Imperial military.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition.




Imperial Navy Trooper

To protect its vast number of capital ships without relying on the help of the Army, the Navy has created a corps of troopers to act as soldiers. These men, trained in traditional combat skills, also learn the skills needed to survive aboard the mighty vessels that patrol the galaxy in the name of the Emperor.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Navy has it's own combat force to protect the capital ships.

These soldiers dressed in all black are deadly warriors, but they serve all other functions aboard Imperial ships. They act as security, handle hanger traffic control, monitor sensory arrays and other duties when their combat skills aren't required.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

They are noted as being deadly and also do other functions aboard Imperial ships.



Gunners are a special sub-unit of the Imperial pilot corp. Any Imperial military vessel larger than a one-man TIE fighter makes use of these weapon masters to handle the high-tech arms employed by the Empire.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

They man weapons on any vessel larger than a TIE fighter and are noted as weapon masters.

Most Gunners are either pilots in training or pilots who failed to make the grade in all the skills necessary to fly a vessel. Nonetheless a Gunner must have a keen eye, superior reflexes and a rapport with the specialized equipment.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Gunners need a keen eye and superior reflexes to operate the equipment.

Gunners are trained to handle everything from a single light laser cannon up to turbolaser battery emplacements and even the now destroyed superlaser that was the main weapon of the Death Star battlestation.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Trained in all types of cannon emplacements up to even superweapons.

In addition to their hands on training, Gunners learn to work with specialized helmets that not only offer protection but are equipped with macrobioncular viewplates and sensor arrays to assist with targeting fast moving fighter craft.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Have helmets that help track fast fighter craft.

While operating large laser cannons and other large artillery, gunners worked in teams to ensure the weapons did not overheat or malfunction.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

They work in teams to make sure the weapons don't overheat or malfunction.


Navy Pilots

The top pilots in the galaxy are found in the Imperial Navy.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition


TIE pilots form an elite group within the Imperial Navy. Each candidate for admission into the rigorous TIE training program must undergo a strenuous screening and testing process.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

TIE pilots are an elite group, the training is rigorous for those that pass through the screening and testing process.

In turn those chosen for Death Star duty underwent an even more difficult selection process, ensuring only the cream of the crop would make it.

- Galaxy Guide: A New Hope

Death Star duty, only the best pilots were selected.

Imperial Fighter pilots form an elite group within the Imperial Navy. Only 10% of those accepted into training graduate with commissions.

- Taken from Episodes IV-VI Visual Dictionary

Only 10% actually become pilots.


Special Forces

Imperial Army Special Mission Trooper

There are several special mission squad types. The most common type is sharpshooter squads, comprised of troopers with finely honed aim. Another is the engineering squad, the only Imperial tech support squad directly involved in combat.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Just going over the squad types.

Sharpshooter squads are intended to reach out and touch the enemy at a distance, while special engineering squads are trained to creatively apply explosives to nearly any situation and occasionally fix an uncooperative piece of equipment.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook


The platoon is the basic unit of special mission operation, able to perform a short term mission with minimal assistance.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Again straightforward.

A common special mission platoon configuration includes 2 sharpshooter squads, an engineering squad and veteran heavy weapons squad. The heavy weapon squad is not trained to be special missions, but can keep up through dint of experience and firepower.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

A common special missions platoon.

A special missions platoon is a flexible organization, and frequently cross attaches its squads into appropriately sized tactical units.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

They are flexible.

A special missions company has a standard configuration of 3 special mission platoons, with an augmented scout platoon consisting of 4 lances with 20 biker scouts, a lieutenant and seargent major. This veteran scout unit is used to reconnoiter mission sites and battles(the biker scouts are NOT Scout Stormtroopers, just Army Scouts)

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

A company has 3 platoons with a scout platoon, using them to recon sites and battles.

When the Army needs to have a military assassination performed, they used a special missions squad.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook


Storm Commando

The Storm Commandos are used in siege breaking operations, extractions, sabotage and pre-assault invasion and Base Delta Zero targets.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Used in a number of different things.

Storm Commando armor was coated with an advanced polymer called reflec that bent away light and sensory energy away from the trooper.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

Unique armor that keeps them hidden.

Selected from the finest Stormtroopers, the Storm Commandos are experts at guerrilla warfare. They have a reputation for ferocity that few other units can even hope to approach.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

Selected from the finest Stormtroopers, experts in guerrilla warfare and have a great reputation.

The elite units have been trained for special terrain, including, but not limited to, radiation conditioned areas, underwater and space operations. As such they often face smaller scale missions, such as commando raids.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim.

Trained for different types of terrain.

One quarter of Storm Commando units have the standard skills and attributes and are designated "Line" units. Another quarter are "Assault" units. Another quarter are designated "Saboteur" units. The final quarter are "Tech" units. Combinations of these 4 unit types are able to perform practically any small scale mission on any planet in the galaxy.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

They are separated into different types and together they can perform pretty much any small mission on any planet.

Assault units carry 2 concussion grenades as well as the unit commander's choice of heavier weaponry(where speed is of the essence, light repeating weapons and/or grenade launchers may be used to retain mobility).

Saboteur units will have supplies of detonite(often 3 satchels for every other trooper) and may occasionally use thermal detonators. Saboteurs are particularly resourceful(even for Stormtroopers) and the success of many missions has been assured by a Saboteur with a spare charge booby-trapping the objective's escape vehicle.

Tech units are generally equipped with sophisticated communication gear, computer probes and tools for assisting sabotage and computerized surveillance of targets.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

What they carry as additional equipment.

Imperial Royal Guardsmen

An elite force of bodyguards, warriors, assassins and executioners fanatically loyal to Emperor Palpatine. Each elite member of the Royal Guard was personally selected from the ranks of only the most successful Stormtroopers.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

They are an elite force, chosen only from the best Stormtroopers.

Training for membership required 1 year of grueling, painful work on the planet Yinchorr. There candidates perfected the fighting art Echani. Failure in training often meant death.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

1 year of grueling training, failure means death, so no one leaves, you either pass....or die training.

Of the more than 40 students in a given training year, only a handful survive for their final test before the Emperor himself- a battle to the death against one's own training partner.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

Only a handful survive for their final test and even then that number is dwindled down at the final test.

The Royal Guard is composed of an elite Stormtrooper unit, trained well beyond the standard of any other military force in the Empire.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

They are trained beyond any other force in the Empire.

The entire Royal Guard is never sent on combat missions. A few small elements of the Guard are sent into combat on rotating basis to keep them fighting trim. On such missions, Guard members usually dispense their ceremonial uniform and don the armor worn by other Stormtroopers in the operation. The Guard members are always apart of the same unit and never dispersed among the ordinary Army units.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Small portions of the Guard are rotated on a basis in combat, they keep together in the same unit.

Royal Guards wear grab consisting of flowing red robes, red battle armor and red helmets. Although ceremonial, the red armor does not hamper Guardsmen in regards to movement or fighting. The armor is derived from a pair of similar designs, the uniforms of the Death Watch and Sun Guard. That armor that resembles those units with such ferocious reputation is no accident and the red glint of Imperial Royal armor inspires fear even in the hardest of men.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

The Guard wears fully functional red battle armor, taking designs from the Death Watch and Sun Guard, their mere appearances gives fear even into the hardest of men.

The best elite Stormtroopers have a chance to become Royal Guards, the personal protectors of the Emperor. They receive the best training and only a hand picked group of a few Stormtroopers makes it to Imperial Royal Guards. Although trained in the use of a number of different weapons, the Royal Guards typically wielded two meter force pikes.

They also kept heavy blasters and combat armor concealed beneath their robes and were masters of unarmed combat.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 1st edition

Again only the best are chosen, they receive the best training, trained in the use of different weapons, carrying Force Pikes, heavy blasters and were masters of unarmed combat.

Troopers selected as potential Guards were screened for intelligence, strength, dexterity and in particular, loyalty. Once accepted, a trooper was exhausted in many forms of combat. Individual Guardsmen as a matter or practice, were rotated among various Stormtrooper units. However their true tests as guardians of Emperor Palpatine. From preventing attacks on Palpatine to performing covert assaults and assassinations, the Royal Guardsmen were always on guard.

- Taken from Movie Trilogy Sourcebook

Screened for various things, exhausted in many forms of combat, they also protected Palpatine, did covert assaults and assassinations.

While the Royal Guardsmen are fully trained with blasters, their primary weapon is the force pike. A modest weapon by most standards, in the hands of a Guardsman it is quite deadly.

- Taken from Movie Trilogy Sourcebook

They wield Force Pikes as a primary weapon with deadly effect. Although of course, they can wield other weapons or fight unarmed too.

Echani is a martial arts style that become the official technique of Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard. Palpatine had experts modify the original techniques to make them more deadly. The brutal Echani style is full of jabs, chops, kicks and other quick dangerous strikes, focusing on deadliness over finesse.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

The Royal Guard has a modified version of the Echani martial art, it being more deadly. It's the only noted martial art, but they more than likely are trained in others too.

They mastered every conceivable weapon(including their weapon of choice, the vibro active force pike) and every known means of hand to hand combat(not the least of which was the terrifyingly fast martial art of Echani).

- Taken from Fact File 33

They mastered every weapon and every known means of H2H combat. This would include not only Echani, but Teras Kasi and all other martial art.

Stormtrooper Commander

These leaders are given training based on the ARC troopers of the Clone Wars, thereby allowing a greater latitude of judgement than the average Stormtrooper.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Given training based off of the ARC Clone Troopers.

Highly trained Imperial soldiers who continue the reputation established by the Clone Wars' fearsome ARC troopers. Stormtrooper commanders patrolled the front lines, leading their troops into fierce combat on dangerous worlds.

With razor sharp minds and steely resolve, commanders were clearly visible in their uniquely defined armor. Stormtrooper commanders were entrusted with command over the Empire's elite shadow troopers, with authority to call in reinforcements and trigger ambushes without authority from Imperial High Command.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

Highly trained continuing the reputation of the ARCs, sharp minds and resolve, they have command over Shadow Troopers, can call in reinforcements and do ambushes without Imperial High Command.

The commanders confront such savage enemies like the felucians with deadly blaster cannons equipped with a devastating stun setting. They are rewarded for their loyalty with specialized armor, equipped with an internal shield generator that can block nearly any attack, save for a lightsaber.

- Taken from TFU Databank

They wield devastating Blaster Cannons and have an internal shield generator that blocks just about any attack save for a lightsaber.

Shadow Trooper

The Shadow Troopers form an elite squadron of Imperial Stormtroopers who have been assigned experimental cloaking armor that allows them to disappear in virtually any environment. - Taken from TFU Databank

Experimental cloaking armor, enabling them to disappear in any environment.

The unit's standard weapon is a light repeating cannon, because of the cannon's energy requirements, it must be powered by the trooper's energy cells within the armor. And thus can only be fired when 'uncloaked'. In combat the Shadow Trooper's strategy is to fire a quick burst, then cloak and move to a new position.

- Taken from TFU Databank

Light repeating cannon, must be fired uncloaked, but strategy is them firing a quick burst and then recloaking to move.

The Shadow Trooper's armor is laced with durasteel fibers, making it much more resistant than standard Stormtrooper armor against physical and energy based attacks. - Taken from TFU Databank

Stronger armor than regular Stormtrooper armor.


Annnnd, I'm done folks. All this typing really has gotten to me, so....enjoy all the work I done.

This is of course, not EVERYTHING that the Galactic Empire has. But it's a good deal of info.


Star Wars: A look at the Black Sun

So...this is gonna be a thread, instead of a person or people, it's gonna be about an organization. Specifically the Black Sun, which probably many have never even heard about...or maybe they have due to SotE or TOR games...or maybe they have delved deeper in past the movies.

At any rate, I figure this would be a most interesting thread to make and therefore...let us begin, shall we?


Prince Xizor, leader of the Black Sun


The Black Sun dates back all the way to the Old Republic, it being involved in every manner of illegal operation, from gambling to smuggling, to gun running, to assassination, political corruption and so on and so forth. It has embedded itself within the Star Wars Galaxy, it has been crippled at times, however no matter what it always comes back from total destruction, for it is everywhere. The reach of the organization has expanded for millennia, working in the shadows to further interest the organization, few outside the underworld has heard of the Black Sun.

It wasn't until however a Fallen named Xizor came along and took control, with his charismatic ways, wealth and power he was fully able to cement the Black Sun as the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy.


"Do you wish Black Sun destroyed utterly?"

"No. One day it might prove useful to me, For now it must be thrown into disarray so it cannot threaten our designs."

- Darth Maul and Darth Sidious

(Couldn't find the scan for this one)

So here even Sidious acknowledges the power that the Black Sun has, stating it has virtually limitless resources do anything they wish and he is right. Instead of them having to be destroyed, Sidious wants to keep it around due to usefulness and even says that they could be a threat to Sidious' plans.

When you have the Dark Lord of the Sith stating something like that and sends his apprentice to cripple you....that is rather impressive. In fact Maul's disarray of the Black Sun shouldn't even be taken as a low showing for them, just because of this fact. This alone really speaks volumes of the power the Black Sun has...and in that time, it wasn't even at it's peak.

Black Sun maintains thousands of agents and spies within the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, planetary and local governments large and small, other criminal organizations and law enforcement agencies.

- Taken from Rebellion Era sourcebook

Thousands of agents....pretty much everywhere you could think of, even the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

The organizations is involved in every illegal activity in the galaxy be it gambling, gunrunning, smuggling, political corruption, assassination, bribery or spice running, from the Corporate Sector to the Outer Rim.

- Taken from Rebellion Era sourcebook

Straight forward really, does every illegal activity known.

Black Sun operates primarily in busy, cosmopolitan areas where a large number of people are available to be exploited. Whereas the Hutt crime families spend most of their time on remote, Outer Rim worlds, most Black Sun agents focus their efforts on planets that have both a high population and high crime rate.

This strategy makes it easier for Black Sun agents to blend in with other criminals, thus avoiding drawing attention to the syndicate and also provides a breeding ground for potential organization members.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

They operate on high populated/high crime worlds to blend in and avoiding attention to the organization while also possibly getting new members.

Black Sun operates in a variety of crime fields. Each Vigo(high ranking member) typically specializes in a particular crime or vice. Example one Vigo might specialize in extortion and thus would be in charge of a massive protection ring on Coruscant. Another might be a former assassin and be in charge of the syndicate's band of galaxy roaming professional killers.

Black Sun agents deal in everything from confidence scams, gambling rings, and extortion rackets to high level thievery, corporate espionage and terrorism. For the right price, Black Sun is willing and able to do perform any task outside the law.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Again really, they operate in a number of different crime fields with specialization with the Vigos and for the right price they are willing to do any task outside the law.

Black Sun is highly capable and equally ruthless. Crossing a Black Sun agent is a good way to ensure misfortune will come your way. Crossing a high ranking operative usually earns the offender a one way ticket to a block of carbonite at the bottom of a Mon Calamari ocean. Black Sun is also willing to take out its own members when they displease the Vigos or Underlord. Many well known criminals have been found dead as a result of infighting between members of the Black Sun syndicate.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Highly capable and just as ruthless, best not to cross them.

Black Sun teaches its members how to take advantage of the weak, the innocent and corrupt for their own benefit. The Black Sun demands that its agents be stronger, faster, smarter and more perceptive than the agents of other criminal organizations and failure usually results in severe punishment.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Their agents need to be better than any other agents of any other criminal organization or face severe punishment.

Pike Sisters, this deadly and beautiful duo are prime examples of the kind of operatives Xizor hires, well trained, among the best in their field and with no ties whatsoever to the Black Sun. The Epicanthix twins Zan and Zu Pike are professional fighters in the remote Pacanth Reach, a small cluster of stars in the Outer Rim Territories.

The sisters are masters of the Bunduki martial art Teras Kasi since they were young quickly raising through the ranks of the other Teras Kasi students, receiving many honors from their teachers.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire sourcebook

To give an example of operatives that the Black Sun employs, they have hired the Pike Sisters who are masters of the deadly martial art Teras Kasi

Anyone who says the Hutts are the leading example of crime have never heard of the Black Sun. Black Sun differs from the Hutt criminal syndicate chiefly in that, not being a sovereign state, it operates covertly and does so with the tacit approval of the Emperor. Black Sun deals in information much like the Bothan Spynet, but Black Sun acquires it in a much more aggressive and ruthless fashion.

Through blackmail, coercion, intimidation and sometimes assassination, Black Sun learns what others would rather keep secret, then uses those very same techniques to turn information into credits.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

The Black Sun operates with the approval of the Emperor(which if anyone knows Sidious, that's a big deal) and they deal with information much like the Bothan Spynet only in a more ruthless fashion. Taking note the Bothan Spynet...has mastered the art of information/espionage.

What Imperial Intelligence cannot discover for itself, Prince Xizor's operatives often can garner with ease. Because Black Sun frequently gathers information, it has informants not only within the Rebel Alliance, but also the Corporate Sector, Hutt space and even the Unknown Regions

- Taken from Hero's Guide

What Imperial Intelligence cannot find, they go to the Black Sun. Take note folks, the Galactic Empire's Imperial Intel network is galaxy spanning and they themselves are able to gather a ton of information, utilizing their own highly trained agents and high technology.

Yet even they sometimes go to the Black Sun when they cannot gather the information.

The only other organization that the Black Sun hasn't infiltrated is the Bothan Spynet, it's only real competition in terms of galactic intelligence. Which again...that's not a low showing.

Like the Bothan Spynet, Black Sun conducts its business in secret. Its members might be well known but they lead double lives and their real agenda is only known to the Black Sun.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Straight forward, much like the Spynet, Black Sun does business secret, members have double lives.

To increase his standing, he constantly plots and schemes Darth Vader's downfall, just as Vader plots Xizor's. Emperor Palpatine meanwhile plays one off against the other, perhaps to keep the two from allying against him.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Again this really goes back to what was spoke before, Sidious knows how dangerous Xizor and thus the Black Sun really is and so he plays Xizor against Vader to make sure they don't ally against him.

No one has ever managed to 'resgin' from the Black Sun. Membership is for life and leaving the Black Sun especially following some sort of transgression is an effectively a request for execution. Some members have tried to run and hide, only to discover Black Sun agents can find and kill nearly anyone, nearly anywhere.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

You don't resign from the Black Sun....EVER, you try to 'resign' you die.


Well I think i'll stop here, I'm sure many will have a good idea just what the most powerful crime syndicate in the Star Wars Galaxy is capable of.


List of Respect Threads

Figure this way it could be easy for those who wanna view my respect threads, here is a list of them all!

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Thoughts about Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc

Figured seeing as I did a thread about Walt Disney, why not about Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc, right?

Alright so if Walt Disney and his theme parks gave the world imagination, then Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc

Chuck Jones

Mel Blanc

Than these 2 gave us laughter with their work, most people know these guys from Looney Tunes and most have grown up watching the show and having a good laugh about it. They made the Looney Tunes a timeless show, in matter what age, anyone can sit and watch the show and enjoy it, heck they are still showing the old Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network today! All the characters of the show are well written, they are funny, each of them have their own personality and that is something that even today you can't just pull out of a hat and throw it on screen.

They did so well even, that Bugs Bunny got himself on the Hollywood walk of fame, being the 2nd cartoon character after Mickey Mouse and TV guide listed Bugs as the #1 out of 50 greatest cartoon characters.

Ontop of all this, Mel Blanc did a fantastic job in voicing all the different characters, giving them their own voices, their personalities and hitting it right each time. No one can ever replace the great Mel Blanc, though other voice actors have done a fine job with voicing the Looney just isn't really the same without Mel behind it.

The Toons miss you guys!

On top of this, Mel Blanc also has done other great voice over work. Being the voices of Fred and Dino from The Flintstones, Cosmo Spacely from The Jetsons, Secret Squirrel, Speed Buggy and Captain Caveman. Mel Blanc truly is the man of 1,000 voices! He also did vocals effects in Tom and Jerry, even voicing Toucan Sam in the early Froot Loops commercials

Chuck Jones meanwhile has worked on the famous TV Dr. Seuss animated movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a classic. He has also gotten academy awards for several of the Looney Tune shorts and and some of his shorts even got into the National Film Registry, meaning that Looney Tunes will never be gone and shall always be around.


Well there ya have it folks, just wanted to share with everyone the greatness that is Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc and showing what they gave to the world.


Thoughts about Walt Disney and Walt Disney World.

So we all know....

This guy, Walt Disney created something that in my opinion. Is one of the greatest things ever in the history of humanity, this isn't a joke's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Walt gave the world Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and so on....but more importantly folks, Walt gave us imagination and wonder and being honest here I can't really imagine my life without Walt Disney and all of what he created.

He also gave the world, DisneyLand/Walt Disney World(of course for Disney World he died before that had opened) and it further expanded on this wonder and imagination for both kids and adults. To spend time with one another as family and do things together, I remember being a kid going to Disney World just about all the time and loving every moment together with my just felt magical. The characters were lively and it was a great time, even though said people in costumes probably didn't like it too much considering the heat and their costumes...but still!

It really is a shame that Walt is gone, the guy was really a dreamer and very imaganative, creating something for everyone to enjoy. To make people laugh, to have heart warm feelings and to make children and their families happy.

We need another guy like Walt Disney folks. With that...I leave to you some quotes from the man himself.

Enjoy folks!


Loonatics Unleashed respect thread!

So now folks, I already foresee getting a lot of laughs and saying the show was bad and so on, so forth. However I'm doing this because...

1. I actually liked the show for what it was.

2. It's my opinion

3. These guys actually have some pretty nice feats.

4. I'm bored lol.

Weither folks wanna admit it or not, these guys were Superheroes, had legit powers and have pretty nice feats. So...I'm doing it, for those who don't know what this show was or has any is a ref picture.

From left to right: Rev, Duck, Tech, Ace, Lexi and Slam.

In short folks, it's Looney Tunes + Superheroes. Show was pretty nice for what it was(least imo), sucks it got just two seasons though.

Anyway here I am to showcase some pretty nice stuff for each member, so let us begin with the leader of the team!

Notice: Spoiler tabs show lots of gifs, so try not to open them all at once! May want to have it all fully load before viewing!


Ace Bunny

Powers/Abilities: Agility

Ace shows that he is highly agile with his movements, being able to dodge a number of attacks.

Powers/Abilities: Laser Vision

Along with his agility, his super power is Laser Vision! You can look at him like Cyclops only he doesn't need shades/visor as he can control his vision.

Being able to melt through the hull of a ship.

Able to cut through a large piece of ground that was torn out.

Able to stalemate a super villianess' powers.

Stalemating again another villain, who later completely destroyed a large steel door using that sword. He also overpowered Slam with that same attack.

Being able to destroy meteors quick as they are falling, accuracy.

Being able to free Duck of his cuffs, without hurting him, accuracy.

Being able to blast apart robots easy.

Being able to push back a rock monster, these guys were crashing through rock walls and punching the ground apart and this one in particular was even giving Slam a hard time.

Powers/Abilities: Martial Arts/Sword

Even before getting super powers, Ace was already a skilled martial artist.

Here Ace fights against former General Deuce of the planet Freleng, being stripped of his position he planned to take over the galaxy with his robot army. He is suppose to represent a dark reflection of Ace, Ace is the only one who is able to take him on in combat, due to their martial arts being pretty much on the same level.

Side Note: They do fight again, however couldn't make a gif set. Their last fight is them using swords though.

Here Ace shows to be able to block/deflect laser shots, also moving his blade so fast to make afterimages.

Shows that Ace can separate a train by cutting it.

Able to easily slice through robots.

Able to cut apart very quick a rock monster.

Just showing more use with his sword.

Powers/Abilities: Strength

Ace does have some nice strength feats.

Destroying a wooden box with a kick, sending the remains to form a barrier around Duece. You could also look at this as an accuracy feat with the way he kicked.

Destroying a rock with a single kick.

Able to kick back a rock monster, same one that was crashing through walls and giving Slam trouble.

Able to trade blows Gunnar the Conqurer without being knocked/pushed back, despite the former being more than 2x Ace's size.

Able to knock down an ice viking with one punch.

Misc: Training

Ace seems to be the one of the team that trains the most. This just shows all his powers/skills.

He also seems to be able to use staffs, though we never see because Lexi stops the training.

Misc: Guardian Strike Sword

The Guardian Strike Sword, is the sword that Ace wields.

These two show the sword being able to lift/slam/throw others.

Can stop someone right in their tracks.

Can be used as a grappling device.

Side note: Deuce stole the sword, hence why he is using it, it does belong to Ace.

It can also form barriers, but for some reason couldn't make a gif out of it.

Along with of course the other things shown above, cutting power and so forth.


Lexi Bunny

Powers/Abilities: Agility

Lexi like Ace, shows to be very agile.

Powers/Abilities: Brain Blast

Being able to blast back an ice viking.

Able to destroy meteors as they fall.

Can destroy cliffs.

Can collapse/destroy ceiling rock.

Can take out rockets.

Can destroy ice balls that were freezing the city, also accuracy.

Able to take out the support wire holding the bridge, accuracy.

Powers/Abilities: Sonic Hearing

With her sonic hearing, she can hear a good distance away.

Powers/Abilities: Martial Arts

Lexi too has shown some martial arts ability, though she mostly relies on her brain blast. Last one could be a strength feat, as she kicks away two large robots.


Danger Duck

Powers/Abilities: Quantum Quack

Duck is able to teleport around a good distance, he uses this very well during combat. The 2nd and last are also strength feats, as he tackles down an ice viking in the 2nd and the last he rips off part of a rocket.

Powers/Abilities: Power Orbs(also called "eggs")

Power orbs can range from a tar like substance...

To boulder size..

To explosive.

Powers/Abilities: Aqua Dense

When in or near water, Duck is able to not only use his orbs in water but can also control the flow of it. Can also emitt continous blasts.

Moving himself and a boat over the water, away from a whirlpool.

Using the water to fire orb blasts, he actually kept this going after.


Slam Tasmanian

Powers/Abilities: Super Strength

Slam is the strongest of the Loonatics and thus has super strength.

Tearing the arm off a rock monster and then batting it away with it.

Smashing said rock monster through a wall and slamming into another.

Destroying falling meteors with his fists.

Lifting a lot of weight.

Lifting even MORE weight.

Powers/Abilities: Tornado Maximizer/Thunder Mode

Slam like Taz can spin in a tornado like fashion, only his is much stronger.

Melting a giant iceberg and also heating up the entire city, melting ice.

Even frozen he is able to spin to destroy the ice block that froze the team(except for Duck who teleported out.)

Just spinning through some enemies.

Able to spin even bigger, can also suck in things.

Just trashing through some robots.

Slam can also form tornados out of his arms to attack enemies.

Using a tornado punch to destroy a ship.

Freeing himself from underneath a bunch of rocks.


Rev Runner

Powers/Abilities: Super Speed

Rev can move far faster than other Roadrunners at supersonic speed. He can move fast enough to leave behind blurs of himself, run on water, outrun gun fire, run on walls, etc.

Despite Sypher stealing Duck's powers, he still cannot catch Rev even when teleporting.

Dismantles 2 robots quickly.

Rev can also type and think really fast.

He also talks very fast too.

By compairson here is how fast his parents move.

Powers/Abilities: Flight

Thanks to his speed, Rev can also fly unaided at super speed. He can also augment his kicks to be stronger as shown in the last gif as he kicks a rocket.

Powers/Abilities: Global Positioning

Rev has a 6th sense, it is primairly used so that he doesn't crash into things while moving at super speed. Though he can also use it to locate other beings/hostiles, he can also see in the dark using it.

Powers/Abilities: Intelligence

Rev is quite intelligent, being the only one able on the team to understand Tech's academic talk in regards to tech, he also at times has worked with Tech on inventions, however his intellect is more than likely the result of his brain functioning faster than the others. Though Rev is nowhere near as smart as Tech is.


Tech E. Cyotote

Powers/Abilities: Super Intelligence

Like Wile E., Tech is super intelligent even before the meteor hit granting him super powers he was a student at the acmetropolis university and was actually tutoring another smart person. Since the meteor he has worked on a number of gadgets/tools for the team, also being able to use enemy tech against the enemy among other things.

Powers/Abilities: Gadgets/Tools

Space ship built by Tech, called the Space Stream 8,000

Intercosmic space suits, to protect the team from the hazards of space.

Mobile Magma Mover, able to drill through any kind of rock, including the rock monsters that the team fights.

DNA De-Scrambler, able to return to normal any being that has had their DNA altered.

Gluco-Gel 9,000 able to trap targets in cubs of gel making them immobile.

Atomic Phase Departiculator which can turn anything solid into a liquid and liqud into gas.

Zoommatrixes, motorcycles for urban transport, can also transform to fly and form together to form a platform capable of launching missiles and distruptor discs.

Among his other inventions he created are...

- Nano-Bionic Armor, Loonatics lost their powers so Tech built 6 suits(in 5 minutes) to replicate each of their powers and also deflect them. Though when they got their powers back, they were redesigned with none of the additions and used as space suits to replace the other ones.

- Metalo-Converter- A cannon able to disintergrate metals.

- Molecular Deconstructor- Able to shrink or grow objects

- X3000 Automated Weapons System, as it says it's a planetary defense system with missiles, and a deflector shield. It was able to wreck Melvin the martian's space station and was able to hold off his attack for a short while(Tech stated that martian tech was 10,000,000 million years ahead of Acmetropolis, saying they could even do a few things that he couldn't.)

There are more inventions folks, but I think you get the idea...Tech is a super genuis.

Powers/Abilities: Magnekinesis

Simple really, Tech can manipulate/control metal and scramble electronics. The 3rd one is when they were wearing the Nano Armor, but seeing as Tech designed the armor to mimic their powers he should be able to do what he does here regularly. He can also as shown in the 4th gif, being able to make a shield.

Powers/Abilities: Molecular Regeneration

Straight forward, Tech can regenerate his body at a molecular level.


Well it's done folks(again) at last...didn't take me as much time as last time, but hopefully the format works better than the last one did.


Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers: A comparison

Alright so because I am bored, and because these guys are my two fav slashers I would figure I might do a comparison on them in terms of killing ability, combat ability, and powers/abilities. This will just include the movie versions, ain't taking comic ones into account mostly because I haven't seen/read any scans of Michael in comics, so lets begin with!


Killing Ability: Jason Voorhees

Jason has used just about anything and everything as a weapon, these include...

1. His bare hands

2. Ice pick

3. Needle

4. Machete

5. Throwing Knives

6. Glass bottle

7. Pitchfork

8. Knives

9. Harpoon

10. Meat cleaver

11. Flares

12. Rocks

13. Axes

14. Weed wacker

15. Hammers

16. Scalpels

17. Wire

18. Chains

etc, etc so on.

Jason has also been able to sneak up on his victims, killing them effectively and almost effortlessly and sometimes using the dead bodies to scare other victims using psychological tactics.

Killing Ability: Michael Myers

Now Michael has been known to use a few things aswell which include...

1. His bare hands.

2. Scalpels

3. Kitchen Knives

4. Pitchforks

5. Garden hook/hoe?

6. Shotgun(as a stabbing weapon)

7. Wire

8. Surgical Machete

Like Jason, Michael too is known for sneaking up on people and killing them in just about the same manner, effectively and effortlessly. He also has used some psychological tactics upon his victims.

Verdict: While Jason has used more to kill, Michael has been in a similar boat just with fewer things. With that, I am gonna call this a tie.


Combat Ability: Jason Voorhees

Jason while slow just seems to tank whatever is thrown at him, his fight with Julius(if you could call it that), Tina, the android from X and of course Freddy. However while slow, he was able to still tag and damage Freddy despite the latter being faster and able to dodge a lot of his blows. Jason has also shown dead accuracy with throwing weapons, as noted he can use throwing knives and even throwing his machete to hit a target.

Combat Ability: Michael Myers

Michael is faster then Jason, however it doesn't seem to be much of a huge gap. He also has tanked a few things, such as when Brady hit him with a 10 gauge shotgun(this is hard wood and steel mind you) and just shrugged it off, along with taking a punch from Brady with ill effect, around the second hit you see Michael bring up his hand(rather quick too) to grab at Brady and crush the hand. However...Michael has still been shown to get tossed around still in Resurrection.

Verdict: Jason takes this, the speed difference between the two as I see it isn't all that big also the fact that Jason has tagged Freddy who is faster then Michael in combat showings.


Powers/Abilities: Jason Voorhees

Super Strength: Able to punch clean through someone's body, throw people several feet, able to punch off heads, cut clean through 3 people with one swing, crush skulls, twist heads and so forth.

Durability: Jason has tanked bullets from pistols/shotguns and kept coming, being electrocuted, a roof falling ontop of him, a boat propeller, a house exploding, toxic waste, and so forth.

Healing Factor: Jason has been stated to have a healing factor in X, while it wasn't shown in the movie it was implied that the gov't tried everything they could think of but nothing worked so they chose freezing him until a solution could be found. Should be noted however in FvJ, he is shown to having 2 eyes then , in X he has both eyes too....theory I have on this being dragged to Hell gave him this power.

Throwing ability: Jason has shown several times throughout of being pretty accurate with throwing weapons.


Powers/Abilities: Michael Myers

Super Strength: Able to lift people up effortlessly, break necks, crush hands, and tearing off throats.

Durability: Able survive being hit by cars/trucks, getting hit by blunt force, surviving electrocution, being lit on fire and so forth.

Verdict: Jason, while Michael has been seen to survive similar things to Jason, Michael has been put into comas and having to heal for a time whereas Jason has tanked those things and just kept on coming. Among also the other things that each have done.


Intelligence: Jason Voorhees

Jason has shown to have some intelligence, to the extent of waiting for the right opportunity to make a move, able to use a variety of things to kill, using psychological tactics against his victims to instill fear in them. He also seems to know enough to travel away from Camp Crystal Lake and travel back as shown in Part 2 where he found Alice, despite the fact where he didn't know where she lived and then he was able to travel back all the way to the Camp grounds.

Intelligence: Michael Myers

Michael has been shown the knowledge to drive cars throughout the series, and does pretty much the same things that Jason has done. He also has switched clothes at one point, after muting a paramedic so that Laurie would kill him instead of...well him.

Verdict: Michael Myers, while Jason and Michael have done similar things in terms of killing, Michael knows how to drive, among also evading his own death.


Overall: Tie: 1, Jason: 2, Michael: 1

Conclusion: Well folks I hoped y'all enjoyed reading this comparison, I think that it is a fair one but disagree or agree I just did this mostly out of boredom and they are my 2 fav slashers lol.

I was gonna include some videos for this, but would seem too much of a hassle.

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