killing Deadpool? I do not like this thought.

what will happen?

will he really be dead and disappear from solicitations? will he be brought back months later? years? a day? at the end of the arc?

either way, i dont like this

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Screw you Reynolds, i want Deadpool NOW

or should i say NAO?
i dunno...
anyway, Reynolds has almost promised three Green Lantern films in 3 years
that would give him no time to work on Deadpool
i'm getting tired of this
ya, i know Deads called him out, but i feel Reynolds just isnt devoted enough
i feel it's time to get a new actor and really try and push forward with the film

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New to the site

So this will be my first blog. Still confused about alot of things (including these strange quests, if you can help it'd be appreciated). Most of the stuff i do here revolves around Deadpool. Plain and simple. I like Wolverine, Daken, X23, and some others, but Deadpool's tops. So that's it for now .
/end journal