Dan Ketch v. Johnny Blaze

Ghost Rider is one of my favorite heroes ever. I know Blaze is the original but I grew up knowing Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider. Just because i was born in the 90's. I am wondering who people think is the better Ghost Rider? Who would win in a fight? Who stands out more for you as the Ghost Rider? Noble Kale or Zarathos?
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Posted by ka385385

they fight in ghost rider last stand of spirit of vengeance ,win in a fight? why should ,they fight a lot to each other because they are brother(well...not such mature  ,aren't they),but if you really want to know while Johnny and Danny racing,Johnny was shot by a helfire shotgun with Kowalski (a cop who later became new vengeance),than Danny take Johnny's power away ,Who stands out more for you as the Ghost Rider?Noble Kale or Zarathos?for me neither ,it's Johnny Blaze,but i like Danny Ketch too  .
Posted by Big

Johnny Blaze and Zarathos. Two bad-asses that ride a Harley and shoot hell-fire, YEAH!
Posted by 3cclark

I've just been finding out why there are two ghost riders, I always like the originators,  Johnny Blaze and Zarthos

Posted by redhood21

I also grew up with Danny and he is my favorite ghost rider too. Johnny might win in a fight, but it would be very close.