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Hey Millar, how bout finishing up titles that you left after three issues before gearing up for another Hollywood blockbuster? 

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I hope it's The Void.

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@Nova`Prime`:  If I actually were to submit a formal letter to Marvel, it would have all those suggestions you gave. I do appreciate the tip however.
Honestly this was more of just a rant I decided to go on one day, trying to keep my writing chops up. At this state I do not feel the need to submit a formal letter to the Co, but that may very well change soon. I am waiting for the Dark Reign event to end before I make any kind of decision about the matter.
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@CATMANEXE: I have a passion for comic books. Sue me. As far as my nitpicking, I feel that nitpicking something that you believe is a nitpick of something that didn't need to be nitpicked in the first place, is a waste of energy. You don't like it? Then don't read it. Much as I don't like what Marvel is doing, so I don't read it. It's that simple. You could learn something. But obviously I made some sort of influence on your opinions, because not only did you actually read the whole letter [and it's comments], you decided to comment on it yourself.
You want to disagree with me, that's absolutely fine. I'm all for it. You could at least do it in some intelligent manner [and thought out grammar] and not just by telling me that my passion and dedication to something I love is child's play and unnecessary.
And about Deadpool, DER! No one was questioning why they were flooding the market with the Merc. We were simply sharing our dissaproval of it.
Visibly not serious? This is a COMIC BOOK FORUM. Therefore this website is EXACTLY where things like this belong. I really like this site and decided to share my thoughts and opinions with other people who are as dedicated to the craft as I am. You obviously have no idea as to what an open letter is all about. I already told Marvel my opinions by my actions, by not buying their books anymore.
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@Mbecks14:  I'll have to agree with you about Deadpool. He IS being overused, but I have absolutely loved that character since the beginning. His dynamic is so awesome. Unfortunately Marvel has a tendency of completely running things into the ground, and beating dead horses. =/
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@Mr. Wilson: Well I'm glad Wade. I don't expect anyone to jump on any kind of bandwagon I may or may not be driving, I am simply imposing my thoughts and opinions about my once beloved publisher.
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I hate that Rogers is coming back, but I freaking LOVE Leinil's work. Simply amazing.

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@The Solis said:
" I would have said Hush "
Hush is definitely one of my top five Batman rogues also.

I like how Milo said, "I have to name someone obscure". You're not supposed to tell people you're lying to sound cool. "It's too current movie". Whatever. Ras is on the top five also.

Way to get his number though Babs. ;)
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Paul Dini is the original Bat Gangster. Long live Mark Hamill's Joker!!

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@Mars_19: Depends on what they are, who signed them, what condition they are in, etc. Too many variables to tell, really. If you're serious about selling them, I'd look into getting them CGC graded. It's a little pricey, but worth it in the end because the value jumps up tremendously. Don't worry about DFE, they're their own company and their stuff isn't ever really worth anything spectacular, but sometimes they get their own variant covers.
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