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@jrock85 said:
" @xerox-kitty said:

" Conflicting writers.  Some see him as just a killer, while others try to give him some sort of redemption. "

 That's something I forgot to mention. The writers. They should do us all a favor and try to come to a consensus on what he believes in and what he wants out of life. Its kind of annoying seeing him seek redemption for all of his transgressions in one comic, then in another comic say that he doesn't believe he can be redeemed, then in another comic act as if he doesn't care about being redeemed. "
I think this is the gift and the curse of writers - they can irritate you by not being consistent, but sometimes a writer will change a character for the better, who would otherwise be stuck with a phantom-zone sort of personality.
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@ARMIV said:
" Some have been, but realism in comics can be sometimes quite one-dimensional. "
Come now, it must be at least two-dimensional :-)
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir: 
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" Mandarin is the quintessential Iron Man villain. In his inception Iron Man was very much the hero of the Cold War, a cocky capitalist using American ingenuity and technology to take down the Red Menace and few foes were as Red Menacing or more Yellow Perilous than the Mandarin. He even set up another great contrast with Tony as well, originally his rings were supposed to be magic in origin setting up a nice little science vs. magic dichotomy. "

I agree with this one - though it would be nice to see more of Dr. Doom matching wits with Tony Stark.
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I like the changes made in most comic costumes when the heroes are translated onto the big screen.

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Jason Todd by knock-out in the third round. Then he gets a two-by-four in the head from behind, courtesy of Damian Wayne.

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speculative worst wife in comics: A PMS'ing She-Hulk

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underrated? The obvious puns would be Ant Man and The Atom. And thry would also be pretty true.

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The Young Avengers - as toe curling version of watching Justin Bieber look up to  Michael Jackson

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Through the years everyone's favourite son of Gotham has carried around everything but the kitchen sink in his utility belt. But what are the essentials? The best optionals? And what would you really like to see Batman carry around in the utility belt?
For me:
Bat darts 
Bat monitor
Bat tracer
Bat rope
First aid kit
Grapple gun
Night vision goggles
Lock pick
Smoke pellets
Stun grenades

Best Optionals:
Bat light 
Bat line
Kryptonite ring
Listening devices
Belt wish:
Gun with Kryptonite bullets
Sure I've missed a couple obvious ones here....

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It would be weird for an Amazon to be more down to earth - like having them switch from using swords to dialectic feminism as their weapons of choice.