Death Star explained

 Have you ever wondered exactly what was happening on the Death Star? I mean, most of the time must have been spent living on a moon sized construction site, until the five minutes the Rebel Forces spent blowing it to smithereens?

Did the place have good bars? Cool spots to hang out? Did Vader maybe have a hot tub?

And just who the hell were all the guys in helmets running around like disorganised lemmings when the Rebel Forces came charging in to the sound of a good old-fashioned march, performed by a band with an overenthusiastic cymbal player?

Well, maybe these guys can answer some of your questions:

Eddie Izzard on the importance of a good canteen</a>, the importance of having English actors on the Death Star - and the dangers of having too many.  

A bunch of Wookies on what the Feng Shui of the place was likely to be like.

And finally, Sexy Geeks, on just who the hell the crew were and their what their equipment was like.

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