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Here's to the loss of racial diversity 0

Spoiler warning.   And not the kind that you think. This is the issue where, after months of teasing, the new Batgirl is revealed to be Stephanie Brown.   Personally, I have mixed feelings about this issue, and none of them stem from the writing. The book does well in depicting Steph's struggles with maintaining a normal life as a college freshman, versus taking up the heavy mantle of the Batgirl. And it's a struggle where she expectedly makes errors in her effort to the role that fell into her ...

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Possibly the Worst Ultimate Universe Arc Ever 0

Let me be frank. This was bad. Really, really, really bad.  I've never seen Loeb write this terribly, and this is from someone who's been reading his Hulk issues. How a great writer like him could write such entertaining stories in DC, but produce such utter garbage in the Marvel Universe is a puzzle to me, but a puzzle no less confusing than Ultimatum.  I will admit, I liked the pace and flow of the first issue. Everything else from that point was a cascade of escalating filth leading up to thi...

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The Mind is a Complicated Thing 0

This was a very refreshing second issue. This is atypical of so many Legion-related story arcs in that we normally have no understanding of what goes on in Legion's mind. We are usually ignorant spectators only withnessing the collateral side effects of the powerful mutant's madness. In this issue, we see the creepy correlation between the little girl and the "bad men" in the first issue and Legion's fractured psyche. The significance of the doll was a very good touch. It was like a twisted muta...

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Thor Smacks Down Iron Man 0

The title says it all. People. Buy this issue if you hate Stark as much as I do. "Thor vs Iron Man" isn't the right way to describe this issue. That would imply that Iron Man stood something of a chance. He didn't. Okay. Maybe he mussed up Thor's hair for a few seconds. Maybe. But otherwise, it was Thor proving that if didn't bother holding back, the entire Initiative couldn't stop him.This issue is all about the God of Thunder teaching the mortals why he's a god. Finding the first of the sleepi...

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Bugs and Dragons and Adaptoids, Oh My 0

Relatively Spoiler-ProofThis continues the story begun in Annihilation: Conquest#0 and the first issue of the mini. Phylla and Heather are revealed to each be saddled with their own demons as they seek the mysterious "savior." Phylla has to deal with not having fully mastered the quantum bands and the fact that they are losing more power. This is without taking into account the corruptive berserk influence Annihilus left in the bands themselves. There is an excellent summary of Moondragon's orig...

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Depth and Puzzlement 0

While I wasn't anticipating a book centered around Liberty Belle, I'm grateful. She's one of those characters that intrigues you, but later discover that you know very little about them. The book does a great job of telling the reader about the present-day character, her background, her powers, and her motives. Despite the limited space, there's enough of a story to keep readers already familiar with Liberty Belle interested.The history and animosity between Damage and Zoom is well-presented.A ...

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Hulk Smash, Part 3 0

Spoiler warning.With the defeat of all the major heroes, Avengers and FF included, the US military moves in, under the command of Hulk's most classic mundane foe, General Ross. This time though they're armed with ADAMANTIUM bullets and tank shells. How they obtained that much adamantium, or why they stockpiled so much of it in the shape of ammunition, I'm not certain. While the Hulk's under the adamantium barrage, Dr. Strange uses the distraction to force the Hulk into the astral plane, where he...

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