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I've read a friend's copy of this issue.

First, I don't think the rage and controversy made Lobdell deviate from his main plot. He's too confident in himself not to stick to his guns. However, I think it's not too much to guess that he made small alterations in the script and scenes of this reveal issue to make Kori's motives and being more clear and to ease up any remaining controversy. There were a lot of subtle and not so subtle touches that were directed at his critics in this issue that I could see.

Don't get me wrong, if he did make alterations even in indirect response at the criticism, it's a GOOD THING. This will mean a better book moving forward, better character portrayals, and, I hope, greater awareness on the side of Lobdell as to how something as simple as a comment from a character can change the perception of different demographics, especially female readers.

Second, I still think that if he spent more time making the first issue palatable for everyone, male and female, old fan and new, this controversy should never happened in the first place. There are so many small elements that he could have altered or done differently that would still result in the same slow reveal but without the animosity and divergence that the actual comic caused.

That said, I'm glad this is out. I still wish Rocafort would make female poses in this comic something a little less pandering to the lusty young male demographic, but I'm content with Starfire's nature and motivations. I have that at least.

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My fanon is coming true? O_o
Somebody pinch me.

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Interesting note pointed out by a good friend: Said out loud, the name sounds much better if you separate the words as "Black Bat" rather than "Blackbat." Unsure as to why that works, but I'm inclined to agree.

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I've emailed the Batman Inc guys my feedback on the codename. If you hate it as much as I do, please do the same.

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I for one am terribly disappointed in Cass' new codename. That name does not fit her at all. I don't even find it cool.

I don't know about you guys, but I have a feeling Morrison was the one who came up with "Blackbat." After all, he was the one who came up with Emoticon-Man, right? Someone please tell me it was just a radio callsign she used in Batman, Inc. 6 and not her real codename.

There were so many other names he could have used. Heck, she could have picked up "Nightwing" if she wanted to. Everyone else on the team "ascended" and adopted other roles, why not take Nightwing? Maybe a combination? I think even "Nightbat" is better than what she's using. Ugh.

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I'm all for Cass being Nightwing. I've been advocating this transition for over a year. The Nightwing name is now an intrinsic part of the Bat family legacy and Cass deserves to be part of the main family. I would love to see her and Steph fighting side by side again.

And besides, you've seen what an awesome figure she has. That ass must never be hidden behind a cape again.

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Look, so many superhero universes already have so many exotic power sources that don't rely on fossil fuels. Kryptonian sun crystal is more efficient than any terrestrial solar cell. Stark uses a still unexplained repulsor tech (or arc reactor tech, in the movies) to power his devices "indefinitely." So many alien or terran mad genius tech runs on cold fusion, antimatter, gravitic inversion or supercompact energy cells. And yet their worlds still use gasoline. 
It's a simple matter of writers not realizing that technology have applications other than stealing stuff, destroying lives and property, saving lives in immediate (not long term) peril or fighting the bad guys. They're too caught up with making action and drama stories without adding a subtext of how their tech or abilities can alter world paradigms. 
To put it in another way, most writers write superhero universes like this: Our world, but with guys in costumes. 
Stark's idea is something that's too long in coming. HEY REED, YOU MIGHT BE A GENIUS, BUT YOU'RE ALSO AN IDIOT. PAY ATTENTION.

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Yes. Too many. I don't mind modified "clones" created from multiple genetic donors, like with Superboy or X-23, but an absolute clone? Especially one who has a miraculous memory dump directly from the original? Too much. Overused. As if it was easy to make a memory synched clone in the first place.

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They're a cheap trick used to generate false death/injury tension and to maintain a status quo that they're deathly afraid of changing. The way they toss those things around you'd almost expect them to be available for $19.99 at a Best Buy.

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 Yep. She loves Bruce. 
There should be a good balance between scenes where she's the glorious defender and scenes where she's just being a lady, preferably a fun-loving, casual lady. If she could have a romantic tension with Bruce being Bruce and her being Diana instead of them being Batman and Wonder Woman, that would be awesome. And don't say it can't be done. 
The hero-civilian balance of the last Blue Beetle series comes to mind as a good example.
But seriously, she should lighten up. She DOES come across as so noble and stuffy, no one can relate to her.

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