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Posted by cosmicx

Did they ever make the Dinobots form together to make a super Autobot?

Posted by wmwadeii

In an alternate timeline I believe they did.

Posted by Deadknight

I commend you on this grand undertaking. I've tried to make some headway in adding to some of the Transformer pages as well, but I keep getting bogged down by other pages I want to add to. From what I've seen, you're very thorough in your page additions. Thank you on behalf of all Comicvine Transformers fans!

Posted by wmwadeii

@deadknight: mp, unfortunately since I got back into reading comics and trying to do small reviews on my blog its taken a back seat atm. Once I get caught up, currently reading May's comics, hopefully I can start again. My hope is others see my formatting and decide to use it in not only Transformers but others like GI Joe and other franchises that traded publishers.