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Wasn't it Ivan Vanko?

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Well how do you want people to stop it, when some movies dont come in theaters here.Example Shutter Island didn't come, cuz they didnt buy the rights for it.Many other movies also couldnt make it.I watched Iron man 2 on the cinema, and i've pirated lots of movies and will probably do so for the future. You say that pirated movies have bad quality, but you're wrong. If u wait a little they come out in blu-ray, or blu-ray rips. Only the cam ones are bad.Also I watch some movies before i got to the cinema, reason I have some expectations for it, but if it fails to reach them, i've lost my money, if goes beyond them i will watch it  on the big screen. And some countries made piracy legal, Spain, Sweeden( or Finland, not sure which one had a politcal party made of pirates).And if peopel try to bring down torrent sites, they will just move the servers to Spain.
About comics, well how do u expect people to read them in a places where comic books arent popular.I go in a shop from time to time and see the same issues laying there, no1 buys them.And they are translated. If i want to read for an example Civil War i have to order it from the USA, w8 for the shipping and i have to pay a lot of cash just to get it.I do like comics but i dont plan on spending a fortune for them.
Lots of people gonna hate on me, but haters gonna hate

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@Violet-Eyed Dragon said:

"it seems dumb to reject him over that why cant he play both.  no one cared when ryan reynolds (who was the villain in blade) became deadpool (though people were mad when he was the green lantern).   "

he wasn't one of the  villains , he was from the good guys
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@brendon277 said:
" It says that the Captain America role would appear in other Marvel movies. What if Chris Evans was cast as Captain America and he had to appear in a Fantastic Four movie in which Chris Evans already appears in as Johnny Storm. It would be awkward to have 2 Chris Evans Playing in one movie. Sooomabey the people should think about that.  "
IMDB says that Chris Evans will be Cap, bout F4, if they chose Chris they may intend on doing  a reboot of F4 along with the separate Silver Surfer movie
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I had lots of them
Bane,Scarecrow,Batman,Batmobile,couple of spider-mans, had lots of transfromers,power ragers. As i said i had lots but i don't remember all ;/ most of my figures got lost or my mom gave them away

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@Zejeck said:

" Bring in Bats or wonder woman- whichever whatever :P "

this is a quote from the smallville wiki "
Due to character rights issues, Batman and Wonder Woman will not appear in Smallville's Justice League. Also, Bart Allen will not be referred to as The Flash, instead being referred to by his incarnation's original DC Comics code name of Impulse. ....  "
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@ARMIV said:

" I don't really care for Sinestro's GL uniform..."

even if some one isn't reading the comics, and sees him in that uniform, it strikes him that Sinestro gonna be the bad guy or one of the bad guys
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I wonder should people outside the US try,I for one am from Eastern Europe,and I think that its pointless ;/

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Sweet,i liked the movie and the interview.Was he wearing a GL ring ? ;o

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